Ethical Engagement Rings & Wedding Rings

Here you'll find an excellent selection of ethical engagement rings and ethical wedding rings. All our UK jewellers source fairtrade gold and silver, recycled precious metals, and sustainably sourced gems. You'll also find eco wood rings and eco diamonds.

Svendsen Jewellery

Svendsen Jewellery works with you to create ethically-minded wedding rings that marry a Scandinavian ethos with your unique wants, needs, and ideas. Designer Stine Ingvoldstad Svendsen grew up in Norway and its dramatic landscapes - deep forests, snow-covered mountains and serene fjords - inspire her designs.

Daniel Darby Jewellery

Daniel Darby’s beautifully hand-crafted designs combine a modern aesthetic with timeless style. His ethical wedding and engagement rings take inspiration from vintage jewellery and art deco design, to create stunning streamlined pieces that can be worn day to day, in a style known as Modern Deco.

Jacqueline & Edward

Handmade ethical wedding rings with a twist, perfect for couples who want more than a ring, they want a story on their finger. Their eco-friendly gold wedding rings are enhanced by natural river gold gifted from their family collection or for the adventurous pan for your own gold in the wilderness of Scotland.

Audrey Claude Jewellery

Audrey Claude offers elegant modern classic designs and bespoke fine jewellery, engagement rings and wedding rings. They believe that luxury can be sustainable. They use 100% reclaimed gold or Fairtrade gold, ethically sourced traceable gemstones and are committed to low impact environmental practices.

Glasswing Jewellery

Ethical engagement and wedding rings handmade by Kate Pearse in her workshop in South Devon. Kate uses 100% recycled and fair trade precious metals, ethically sourced gemstones and recycled diamonds as well as genuine sea glass and other reclaimed materials.

Shakti Ellenwood Precious Jewellery

Ethical rings rich in ritual and romance, each with their own story to tell. Handcrafted fairtrade gold engagement and wedding rings, made with conflict free diamonds and precious stones. Each ring is crafted as a wearable blessing known as 'little gold prayers' which Shakti hopes will become a family heirloom.

Ingle & Rhode

At Ingle & Rhode they are passionate about creating beautiful bespoke jewellery. They create custom-made engagement, wedding and eternity rings from Canadian conflict-free diamonds and certified fairtrade fairmined gold from Bolivia and Peru.

Slade Fine Jewellery

Handmade engagement and wedding rings from 100% eco gold and silver. Inspired by her rustic rural Welsh surroundings Jemma’s jewellery has an earthy feel to it. Beautifully handworked often textured gold and silver is encrusted with natural and sometimes rough cut gemstones.

Lilia Nash Jewellery

A unique collection of fine ethical gemstone jewellery including engagement rings and wedding rings, all handmade in ethical, recycled platinum, 18ct gold and sterling silver. Taking inspiration from nature and modern life, Lilia creates timeless pieces that combine natural and contemporary lines.

Lisa Rothwell-Young Ethical Fine Jewellery

Designer and goldsmith based in Scotland making ethical wedding rings. Modern and contemporary designs inspired by the natural world. Made from Fairmined and recycled metal, alongside responsibly sourced gemstones and diamonds. Lisa can also remodel your heirloom jewellery into something new.

Lebrusan Studio

Lebrusan Studio offers fairtrade gold wedding rings, bespoke services and beautiful statement jewellery for the eco-friendly couple. She uses responsibly sourced, recycled, fairtrade and ethical materials in her designs. They work with and support artisans in small Spanish villages.

Eco Wood Rings

They offer beautiful, handcrafted wedding and engagement rings, lovingly crafted from salvaged and sustainably grown wood. Their unique, ethical and eco-friendly designs aim to capture the spirit and warmth of the natural materials. A custom design service is available to create truly unique wood rings.

April Doubleday

April Doubleday's jewellery is unique, bold and beautiful. All of her wedding and engagement rings are made bespoke for you using materials that are ethically mined, sourced or recycled. April's designs are inspired by the sea and coastline around her Devon home.