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Ethical rings rich in ritual and romance, each with their own story to tell

Who are we...

I’m Shakti Ellenwood, I create earthy, organic designs that fuse an ancient feel with a contemporary aesthetic, incorporating diverse influences including the sacred symbolism of amulets and talismans, the sentimentality of the Victorian era, folklore and ancient civilisations, as well as my own travels across the globe. “To wear my jewellery, in the fast speed of our daily lives, is to add something comforting not only to the body, but also to the heart.”

Exquisite Craftsmanship. Exceptional Ethics.

Behind every artisanal wedding and engagement ring is my passion for responsible design.

I work only with 18ct Fairtrade gold. This gold supports artisanal miners and their communities without harming the environment.

My diamonds and precious stones are ethically sourced and include CanadaMark diamonds and Montana and African sapphires, all of which are fully traceable. This commitment to ethical practices ensures each design offers a unique mix of integrity, beauty and authenticity.

All precious jewels are handcrafted in my Ashburton studio boutique, they offer a welcome antidote to the mass-produced, cookie-cutter styles you can find everywhere.

I believe that the sacred union of marriage deserves to be honoured with ethical rings that are rich in ritual and romance with the hope that they become family heirlooms cherished for generations, each with their own story to tell.

I am committed to only using certified 18ct Fairtrade gold in my handcrafted rings, each of which comes with a Fairtrade mark to ensure authenticity.

Small-scale mining communities in Peru supply all my gold. Buying Fairtrade gold ensures that dangerous chemicals have not harmed the local environment and its wildlife. It also guarantees that the artisanal miners are paid a fair price for their gold and a 10% premium which is used to create schools, health centres and improve safety conditions within the mine.

My CanadaMark diamonds can be traced back to their mine in Canada’s Northwestern territories. The diamonds are produced responsibly with respect to the local people, the environment, and its animals. My coloured sapphires are traceable back to Malawi, Montana and Madagascar.

My sustainable packaging is made with Gotland wool from The Little Grey Sheep Company, which owns a small farm on Surrey and Hampshire’s borders. This women-led farm rear their sheep in a non-intensive way, with a commitment to preserving the environment and enhancing biodiversity.

I have been running my Giving Back project for several years and last year, I gave away 2% of my sales to environmental causes.

The studio is free of toxic chemicals and I use 100% renewable energy plus I offset my carbon emissions through the company

“We got our beautiful rings in the mail yesterday! They are an absolutely perfect. They fit perfectly and are more beautiful than we could have imagined. Thank-you for making our rings with love and for encouraging us as we start our life together.” – Heather

“Shakti was absolutely fantastic to work with. She was incredibly responsive and helpful over the 2 months it took for me to decide to purchase. She custom designed the Celine ring – 4 mm with stones 360 degrees around. It’s the perfect compliment to my rose gold engagement ring. I could not be more pleased.” – Elizabeth

Charlie Says...

“I love Shakti’s earthy designs which have an almost otherwordly and ancient feel to them. Every ring looks like it should be touched with its warm lines and organic shapes.”

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