Eco Wood Ring Boxes

Handcrafted wood ring boxes & pillows, made from rustic & sustainably grown wood

Who are we...

We’re Steve and Laura and we love inspiring couples to plan their special occasion in a more eco-friendly and natural way. Our passion is matching up our eco wood rings with the fab couples who use The Natural Wedding Company. We look forward to hearing from you.

Eco Wood Rings offer beautiful, handcrafted ring boxes and ring pillows, lovingly crafted from sustainably grown wood. Our wooden ring boxes and pillows are handmade from rustic pieces of oak and applewood and are all finished with linseed oil.

Being made from natural materials, no two pillows or boxes are the same. However, we always select beautiful, rustic looking pieces of wood.

In addition to wood ring boxes and pillows, we also create beautiful handcrafted wood rings – view our listing in Wedding Rings.

At Eco Wood Rings we are committed to producing eco-friendly, ethical jewellery, with the least impact possible on our environment.

Our materials

  • Inlays – many of the inlays we use in our wooden rings are supplied by our customers. Those that aren’t such as turquoise are all from Fairtrade sources.
  • Wood – we only use wood in our rings that has been salvaged, recycled, sustainably grown or supplied by our customers.
  • Metals – all the precious metals that are used in our rings are either from Fairtrade sources or wherever possible, recycled.
  • Gemstones – we only use Fairtrade or recycled gemstones or laboratory produced moissanite in our rings.

Our office

In the Eco Wood Rings office, we seek to minimise our impact on the environment by:

  • Working from our home office, eliminating the need to commute.
  • Reducing our energy usage.
  • Recycling as much as we can and minimising the amount of waste we produce.
  • Operating a paper free office environment.
  • Working with like-minded companies.

Charlie Says...

“These beautiful wood ring boxes and pillows are both rustic but elegant. I can’t imagine a more thoughtful way to carry and present your rings on your wedding day.”

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