Eco Wood Rings

Handcrafted rings, lovingly crafted from salvaged and sustainably grown wood

Who are we...

We are Steve and Laura Sutherland. We delight in helping couples that want to do things a little differently, create naturally beautiful rings, which reflect their planet-friendly values and tells their unique story.

Eco Wood Rings relish helping others that want to do things a little differently create something naturally beautiful, which reflects their planet-friendly values and tells their unique story.

Everyone has a story, every couple has a tale; moments that matter, places to treasure, awesome adventures, people to remember. With our custom design service we delight in helping you capture your story in a ring for someone you love.

With an Eco Wood Ring you can do things a little differently without compromising, knowing that your beautiful handcrafted ring won’t cost the earth. Choose from our collection of pre-designed rings or create a custom ring. Each ring is one-of-a kind, lovingly made to order from our own sustainable materials or those supplied by you.

At Eco Wood Rings we are committed to producing eco-friendly, ethical jewellery, with the least impact possible on our environment.

Our materials

  • Inlays – many of the inlays we use in our wooden rings are supplied by our customers. Those that aren’t such as turquoise are all from Fairtrade sources.
  • Wood – we only use wood in our rings that has been salvaged, recycled, sustainably grown or supplied by our customers.
  • Metals – all the precious metals that are used in our rings are either from Fairtrade sources or wherever possible, recycled.
  • Gemstones – we only use Fairtrade or recycled gemstones or laboratory produced moissanite in our rings.

Our office

In the Eco Wood Rings office, we seek to minimise our impact on the environment by:

  • Working from our home office, eliminating the need to commute.
  • Reducing our energy usage.
  • Recycling as much as we can and minimising the amount of waste we produce.
  • Operating a paper free office environment.
  • Working with like-minded companies.

“Wow! Just wow. From everything to communication, product, support and delivery everything went smoothly with Eco Wood Rings. It certainly is very different idea and so many people complimented us for our matching Devon oak (where we got married) titanium wedding bands. Thank you again so glad we found you!” – Carolina & Harry

“I just wanted to let you know that the ring is amazing and that my girlfriend last week accepted my proposal! She LOVES it and it is universally admired. It also fits like a glove and she says it is ridiculously comfortable. Thank you so much for a fabulous job.” – Tom

Charlie Says...

“These unique weddings rings crafted from wood are simply stunning. The option to incorporate your own pieces means you can create something that’s very meaningful and personal to you.”

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