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We are Jacqueline and Edward…ohh and Ronnie, our dog. We love all things gold, all things adventure, all things environmental and all things natural. We fuse river gold with ethical gold to bring provenance and uniqueness to your wedding.

Jacqueline & Edward are a family business based in Yorkshire who create stunning ethical handmade wedding and engagement rings with a twist, perfect for environmentally conscious people who want more than a ring, they want a story on their finger.

Our eco-friendly gold rings are enhanced by natural river gold gifted from our family collection which has been acquired by two generations of intrepid gold prospectors using sustainable methods (Mark and his father). Mark is a trained Geologist, Chartered Environmentalist, Chartered Scientist and a Goldsmith.

We have gold from many different areas across the United Kingdom and beyond, the location of which often ties into a place of meaning to our Clients from nearby a favourite memory, or even the wedding venue itself.

Alternatively, if you are an adventurous soul, then we offer an excursion into the wilderness of Scotland to pan your own gold, which we will then incorporate into your wedding rings. If you want input on their design, we’d love to make that happen for you too.

Each ring is presented in a hand carved box using wood which is found washed up along the shorelines or riverbanks of the United Kingdom or has fallen from the canopy of an ancient woodland during a storm. Along with the box comes a certificate of provenance that contains information about the commission, photographs of the ring making process and information about the geological origins of gold used to add provenance to the rings. All our rings are hallmarked at Edinburgh Assay office.

We offer various services that help you find your perfect ring including a remote ring sizing service where you can find your exact size from the comfort of your own home.

The river gold we use is respectfully panned and is replenished year on year through natural processes. Often we remove rubbish, plastic litter or harmful pollutants such as mercury during our gold panning trips which betters the environment within which we live.

The recycled gold we alloy our natural gold with has been 100% recovered via traceable processes into fine gold with none of the associated human or environmental problems that can sometimes be associated with mining making our creations sustainable and eco-friendly. We believe there is enough precious metal already in circulation to create an endless stream of wedding rings, whether it be copper wire from an old circuit board, or a necklace donated from a Client’s grandparents.

We also love working in other recycled precious metals and ensure that any gemstones or diamonds we use in our rings are ethically sourced.

“Mark is as passionate about his rings as he is his clients wishes. We met Mark at the family burn and panned for gold. The final rings were everything we had hoped for, much admired and the story has charmed so many of my new wife’s family and friends.” – David – Scottish Highlands

“Fantastic craftsmanship, great advice and listened to everything I asked for. You won’t find this on the high street!” – Max – Bacup, UK

“Rings are gorgeous (and fit perfectly). Communication was great and the shop was super helpful in figuring out sizes. Really a wonderful experience and we will be so pleased to wear these when the time comes!” – Kristen – Massachusetts, USA

Charlie Says...

“I was immediately captivated by Jacqueline & Edward’s beautiful natural designs and use of recycled gold. Their offering to couples of an excursion to Scotland to pan for gold that can be incorporated into their wedding rings is particularly unique.”

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