Gold leaf crown

There has been so much love for flower crowns over the past year or so, and I am all for wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day, it’s just nice to see alternatives to the big statement flower headpieces once in a while.

When I saw this idea for a gold leaf flower crown (and that it comes with a DIY guide so you can make it yourself) I thought it would be perfect for a winter bride.  Spraying foliage gold takes me back to my childhood, but this is a much more chic version than anything I created as a kid.

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An unsusual autumn wedding bouquet of dried leaves, golden wheat and delicate oats

I really love a bouquet of locally grown seasonal wedding flowers, but this unusual bouquet caught my attention when I spotted it on the Instagram feed of fellow eco wedding enthusiast EcoBride (all the way over in Sweden!). Could you get much more seasonal for an autumn wedding than an exquisite bouquet of roses made from leaves and sprinkled with golden ears of wheat and trembling oats?

For any brides-to-be who fancy making a similar bouquet, I found a great tutorial over on Design Sponge for making your own autumn leaf bouquet.

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Autumn leaves and brown twine for a rustic seasonal table setting

Oh I so love autumn! Who else is with me? This is definitely the season I would have got married in if it were not for my love affair with the month of May. In fact, I think all of our distinct seasons have something truly beautiful to offer when it comes to a wedding, it’s just about letting yourself be guided by what’s out there on display from mother nature.

I am all about simple but beautiful, quality not quantity, and this idea for a place setting is all of those. Autumn leaves and twine to jolly up your napkins at your wedding reception tables – and a great job to delegate to someone else!

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Hot chocolate spoon wedding favours dipped in edible gold glitter

One of last year’s TNWC Real Brides, Nik, made these brilliant hot chocolate wedding favours for her wedding. She customised mugs and had these beautiful vintage teaspoons stamped with a message for each of her guests.

On the evening of their wedding guests were able to fill their mugs with hot milk and stir in a wooden spoon coated in chocolate. What a neat idea and a great way to have wedding favours that really get used as opposed to just taken home and forgotten about.

For an autumn or winter wedding in particular (but lets face it, hot chocolate is great at any time of the year!) I think the idea of hot chocolate wedding favours couldn’t be any more perfect. Here you have two options – hot chocolate spoons or jam jars of hot cocoa mix.

Hot cocoa mix wedding favours

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Sweet pea and ranunculus bouquet

As it’s British Flowers Week, we thought it would be the perfect time to share another feature in our ‘an ode to’ floral series, and this time it’s the turn of a quintessential British summer flower: the fabulously fragrant sweet pea.

When we moved into our first house, my mum gave us a pot of sweet pea seedlings she had nurtured from a packet seeds and we had flowers all summer long. The more we picked, the more they kept on blooming and we ended up with flowers to decorate every room. Now, even if we grow nothing else, (which is usually the case!) we always make sure we have sweet peas for summer.

Pink sweet peas in a vintage tea cup

Charlie’s written several of these lovely ‘an ode to…’ posts dedicated to one flower (previously featuring, spring blossom, snake’s head fritillary, old-fashioned roses and dainty violets) so if you’re a spring-time bride looking for inspiration, do have a look at all her gorgeous ideas.

I must admit that the idea of using a seasonal flower ‘en masse’ and making it a feature is something that really appeals to me, purely for it’s beautiful simplicity.

A tablescape of purple sweet peas from Paul Thomas

I’ve put together this feature with the help of some of the wonderful businesses listed on the directory. We have a creative bunch of florists and flower farmers up and down the country who are always ready and willing to share their knowledge and ideas. Sweet peas are in natural abundance from from June to early September in the UK so they’re a great choice of seasonal bloom.

Here are a selection of ideas including aisle decorations, miniature bottles, bouquets and flower crowns that you could easily incorporate into your summer wedding.

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In celebration of British Flowers Weeks: if there's one thing you do this week, choose British blooms for your wedding

This week it’s all about British Flowers Week, a “week-long celebration of the wealth and variety of the Best of British cut flowers and foliage.” At The Natural Wedding Company we have been passionate about supporting British flower farmers since we started out in 2007, and seven years later we feel no different.

If you’re a bride-to-be or family/friend helping with wedding plans and you haven’t yet booked your wedding florist, this week commit to choosing British grown flowers. It’s that simple. And there is so much choice and so many inspiring florists out there dreaming up the most incredible arrangements.

British Flowers Week 2014

Today we are here to give you a round-up of how we can help you to find that perfect British flower farmer or florist. I’m often told that The Natural Wedding Company directory helps brides to match the perfect suppliers for their wedding day: “All enquiries I get from your website are just my perfect customers – they share the same taste for natural and wild things floral”.

Coming up later in the week we will have a celebratory feature on British grown sweet peas and how you can incorporate them into your summer wedding – think lots of beautiful ideas for bouquets and arrangements.

Choose British blooms for your wedding

We have over 60 flower farmers and florists listed on the directory – and in order to show you all in one place what you can expect we’ve put together collages to showcase all of those businesses…

Seasonal British wedding flowers on The Natural Wedding Company

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Blackberry and pale peach rose flower crown

For a long time now I’ve been a fan of blackberries in bouquets, ever since I came across this one back in 2011 (old skool!) and I’ve even shared a blackberry bridal flower crown before, but I couldn’t help but feature this one because it’s such a beauty!

I think it’s something about putting together blackberries that are wild alongside the formal garden roses which is so appealing.

Blackberry and pale peach rose flower crown with ferns

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