White tulip and hyacinth bridal bouquet

Today I have some gorgeous spring arrangements from TNWC recommended florist Campbell’s Flowers based in Sheffield.  Owner Tracey sent me pictures of these exquisite arrangements she’s done, all of which would be available during the spring months (just ask your wedding florist or flower grower to check specifics).

Seasonal spring white bridal bouquet

I’m not usually a fan of all white bouquets, but these are pretty stunning and have completely won me over to the idea.  The bouquet above is a simple but heavenly arrangement of white tulips and white hyacinths.  If you’ve ever bought or been given a pot of hyacinths you’ll know the incredible fragrance they give off, so just imagine carrying a bouquet with them in – wow!

Spring bouquet tied with lace

Tracey from Campbell’s Flowers also created this arrangement in a small cut glass jug of a single white tulip and hyacinth stem – so simple and yet with a few of these gathered in mismatched cut glass vases they would make a beautiful reception table decorations for a spring wedding.

Spring arrangement of white tulips and hyacinths

What are you favourite spring flowers?  Have you considered the month or season you’re getting married in and looked into what kind of flowers are growing locally and seasonally? Perhaps you’ve even picked a specific time of year to get married just because you want certain kind of locally grown, seasonal flowers – I did this!

Images: Jess Petrie (recommended supplier of The Natural Wedding Company)


Layla Mayville on 21. February, 2013

Such a pretty combination! I just love the way hyacinths smell!

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