White tulip and hyacinth bridal bouquet

Today I have some gorgeous spring arrangements from TNWC recommended florist Campbell’s Flowers based in Sheffield.  Owner Tracey sent me pictures of these exquisite arrangements she’s done, all of which would be available during the spring months (just ask your wedding florist or flower grower to check specifics).

Seasonal spring white bridal bouquet

I’m not usually a fan of all white bouquets, but these are pretty stunning and have completely won me over to the idea.  The bouquet above is a simple but heavenly arrangement of white tulips and white hyacinths.  If you’ve ever bought or been given a pot of hyacinths you’ll know the incredible fragrance they give off, so just imagine carrying a bouquet with them in – wow!

Spring bouquet tied with lace

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spring wedding flower symbolism

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I know I ought to be showering you all with romantic, heart-shaped, red rose inspired ideas.  I’m hoping that because you are here, reading this blog, you know that I like to try and go about things a bit differently.  I’m not hugely into Valentine’s Day and all the fuss that comes with it, so I was quite delighted when an email from Rachel at Catkin Flowers dropped into my inbox about the romanticism and language of flowers.

I shall hand you over to Rachel from Catkin Flowers

Since antiquity, flowers have accompanied us in every major event in life -birth, marriage, holidays, illness, and death and are intimately woven into our culture and traditions. 

Flower symbolism began with ancient religions where many flowers were originally linked to ancient deities and Medieval gardens were often created with both the symbolic meaning of flowers and spiritual symbolism in mind.  Even Shakespeare liked to use flowers and plants as images to illustrate his ideas.  Almost 200 different flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees are mentioned in his plays.  He mentions roses more than 100 times and lilies nearly 30 times.

the language of flowers

It was during the Victorian times that the use of the symbolic meaning of flowers to represent emotions was developed to a high degree.  Due to the strict protocol of the times, emotions, wishes and thoughts were not openly expressed between men and women. Instead, an elaborate language based on flower symbolism was developed.  Gifts of either single flowers or bouquets conveyed clear messages to the recipient.

So have red roses always been the flowers of love?

Valentine's Day red roses

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I have been trying to decide what I want my bouquet tied with.  Perhaps an offcut of lace from my dress?  Or simple and earthy raffia?  I don’t want anything too fussy or elegant – something soft and old-fashioned.  When I came across this beautiful spring bouquet of pastel shades simply tied up with different coloured ribbons I was in love!  It has been quickly emailed off to the lady doing my flowers and she’s off to find some nice ribbon to compliment my bouquet.  Image: Tec Petaja via Once Wed

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Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

On Mother’s Day my partner’s mom and stepdad joined us for lunch.  For our table I created this simple but beautiful centrepiece using a large jar, a bunch of lilac hyacinth and some structural brown twigs.  I love this kind of rustic simplicity, and that it is something you can easily put together yourself, but looks gorgeous, and is inexpensive to create.

This would be ideal for a rustic, spring, country wedding. The combination of lilac, green and dark brown would make a stunning theme to carry subtly throughout the rest of your wedding day.

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

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