Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

On Mother’s Day my partner’s mom and stepdad joined us for lunch.  For our table I created this simple but beautiful centrepiece using a large jar, a bunch of lilac hyacinth and some structural brown twigs.  I love this kind of rustic simplicity, and that it is something you can easily put together yourself, but looks gorgeous, and is inexpensive to create.

This would be ideal for a rustic, spring, country wedding. The combination of lilac, green and dark brown would make a stunning theme to carry subtly throughout the rest of your wedding day.

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

How to create this rustic hyacinth centrepiece

To create your own, you will need:

  • A large glass jar or vase
  • A bunch of lilac hyacinth (there were 6 in my bunch)
  • A couple of interesting twigs

Fill the jar half full with water.

Cut the hyacinth to the right height, so the flowers start an inch to two inches above the rim of the jar. If you need to, fasten the bottom of the bunch with an elastic band to help the hyacinths stay in place.

Put the bunch in the jar and gently arrange.

Lastly, place the twigs in amongst the hyacinth flowers to create a natural display.

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

If you wanted, some raffia tied around the rim of the jar would look lovely too. You could make these centrepieces double as table names by sticking a rustic sign into the centre of the flowers with your chosen table name written on it.

Flowers were from Blossom in Manchester who stock lots of seasonal, British flowers. For florists and flower growers supplying seasonal wedding flowers check out the Flowers category in our eco wedding directory.


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