Ice flower bowl

I don’t know about where you are, but it’s flipping freezing here!  With these frosty days in mind, I wanted to share with you these beautiful ice bowl creations made by Anne-Marie at Forage For (she also grows flowers in her Suffolk garden for weddings so do check her out if you’re getting hitched in that part of the country).

Anne-Marie has been making these wonderful frozen ice bowls using her seasonal British flowers to decorate them.  I love this idea and it’s so simple to create (just scroll down for the instructions) and could be made at any time through the year.  Whether you made them for your wedding or for a party, I’m sure they would cause a bit of a stir!

Bowls made from frozen flowers

Can’t you just imagine these as focal points on a dessert table filled with ice cream or a larger version could even keep your drinks cool.   Anne-Marie filled this yellow chrysanthemum ice bowl with lemon sorbet to show you how they can be used.

Ice cream bowl made from ice and flowers

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Daffodil centrepiece

These pretty little miniature daffodils are making an appearance in local florists at the moment, so I couldn’t resist but make them the centre of attention in this month’s creative project.

There is just something so uplifting about a pot of jolly yellow daffodils after a long, cold, bleak winter.  Simply wrapped up with brown paper and tied with pale raffia they make ideal decorations or centrepieces – or just to make your home look nice.

You should be able to pick up these small pots of daffodil bulbs from most florists or garden centres.  You will find that some of the pots available have only just sprouted so will take longer before they flower – if you keep them well watered and in a warm room it should encourage them to flower.

Daffodils and brown paper

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Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

On Mother’s Day my partner’s mom and stepdad joined us for lunch.  For our table I created this simple but beautiful centrepiece using a large jar, a bunch of lilac hyacinth and some structural brown twigs.  I love this kind of rustic simplicity, and that it is something you can easily put together yourself, but looks gorgeous, and is inexpensive to create.

This would be ideal for a rustic, spring, country wedding. The combination of lilac, green and dark brown would make a stunning theme to carry subtly throughout the rest of your wedding day.

Rustic hyacinth centrepiece

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