Daffodil centrepiece

These pretty little miniature daffodils are making an appearance in local florists at the moment, so I couldn’t resist but make them the centre of attention in this month’s creative project.

There is just something so uplifting about a pot of jolly yellow daffodils after a long, cold, bleak winter.  Simply wrapped up with brown paper and tied with pale raffia they make ideal decorations or centrepieces – or just to make your home look nice.

You should be able to pick up these small pots of daffodil bulbs from most florists or garden centres.  You will find that some of the pots available have only just sprouted so will take longer before they flower – if you keep them well watered and in a warm room it should encourage them to flower.

Daffodils and brown paper

Pretty daffodil and brown paper table decorations

You will need:

Pots of miniature daffodils
Brown paper
Plastic bags (optional)

You will need to roughly measure out and cut out squares of brown paper big enough to wrap round the pots.  This doesn’t need to be exact or even that neat – once you gather them round the pots you won’t notice any wonky cutting.

To make the pots easier to water once wrapped in paper, cut out smaller squares from old plastic bags – these can be placed between the pot and the brown paper to protect the paper.

Cut a length of raffia ready to secure the paper.

Place a square of plastic on top of the square of paper and place a pot in the middle.  Gather up the paper round the pot and wrap the raffia around the pot tightly before tying in a knot.  Finish the pot off by tying the raffia into a bow.

Daffodils and Brown paper

And that’s it!  They are quick to make but look stunning when placed around your wedding venue or ceremony location.  At work we use these all the time at events to brighten up a room and everyone always comments how lovely they are.



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