The Natural Wedding Company stall at the Eco Wedding Fair

On Saturday I shared Jennie Hill’s lovely photos from the Eco Wedding Fair (you can see it all here), and today I’ve got my pictures of my stall and a few more details about how I decorated it. Perhaps you’ll find some inspiration for your wedding or just an autumn or winter celebration you might be planning.

We arrived at Riverstation in Bristol at about 9am and first we had to: unpack a number of boxes of what at first glance probably looked like a pile of junk, carry two heavy buckets of sand up a flight of stairs, and manoeuvre a bundle of 7ft long bamboo canes.  I was so pleased that the other exhibitors had equally quirky bootfuls for their stalls!

Rustic wedding decorations

My mom and I had two hours to set up before visitors started arriving, so here’s what I did with the mottley collection of items.  I used a pair of curtains to cover my table – they are a rather fun botanical print style curtain with what looks like horse chestnut leaves on them, and they ended up working in perfectly with that autumn feel I was going for.

Autumn leaf curtain tablecloth

The two metal buckets of sand went either side of the table and they held some of my bamboo canes – apologies this is the best picture I have which shows the bamboo canes and bunting

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vintage jelly mould tealights by Tom Gloster

I told you I had some beautiful finds and inspiration to share with you – just think I’ve been keeping these things to myself all this time!  Aren’t I terrible?  When I spotted these stunning handmade jelly mould tealights it was love at first sight and I will be most definitely treating myself to a couple in the near future.

They are handmade in clay by potter Tom Gloster in his workshop garden shed in Wales, where he also runs a charming looking coffee and craft shop called Pethau Melys with textile designer Myfanwy Griffiths.  When I saw them I instantly got in touch with Tom to find out more about these endearing little tealights.

Pethau Melys

Tom told me how the jelly mould tealights came about.  “I like to find things that have one use and change the use by making them out of clay.  The jelly molds are a line of work that have been inspired from vintage metal jelly moulds, which I found when helping my mum.  

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vintage jelly mould tealight holder

Welcome to my second New Wives Club post!  Today’s idea for reusing wedding finds in your home is my own idea, rather than one I’ve found online and recreated at home.  I have a soft spot for collecting vintage jelly moulds, the metal kind – I think it is something about the soft shapes and the worn brushed silver colour.  Anyway, just before Christmas I realised I’d got rather a lot and they were looking forlorn piled up in a corner of my office.  Somehow I decided I would use them over Christmas, upturned and filled with tealights – the glow they cast is so pretty and I was delighted with the result.

vintage jelly mould tealight holder

Obviously, this won’t work with the rabbit shaped moulds I have as they aren’t stable upturned, but any that sit flat when turned upside down are perfect.  One day I dream that I’ll have a large space on a dresser to display them all (and dread the day I have to dust them all), but until then I will be using mine to bring a pretty glow in the evenings to our home.

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