New Wives Club #2: using vintage jelly moulds as tealight holders


vintage jelly mould tealight holder

Welcome to my second New Wives Club post!  Today’s idea for reusing wedding finds in your home is my own idea, rather than one I’ve found online and recreated at home.  I have a soft spot for collecting vintage jelly moulds, the metal kind – I think it is something about the soft shapes and the worn brushed silver colour.  Anyway, just before Christmas I realised I’d got rather a lot and they were looking forlorn piled up in a corner of my office.  Somehow I decided I would use them over Christmas, upturned and filled with tealights – the glow they cast is so pretty and I was delighted with the result.

vintage jelly mould tealight holder

Obviously, this won’t work with the rabbit shaped moulds I have as they aren’t stable upturned, but any that sit flat when turned upside down are perfect.  One day I dream that I’ll have a large space on a dresser to display them all (and dread the day I have to dust them all), but until then I will be using mine to bring a pretty glow in the evenings to our home.

Here’s a picture of how they were used at our wedding – we decorated the table where people dropped their cakes off with a big bunch of Lupins from The Garden and Plant Company and some of my jelly moulds:

wedding cake table vintage jelly moulds

Does anyone else have these pretty old fashioned jelly moulds in their life?  Have you found any other uses for them that you’d like to share?

Images: The Natural Wedding Company (I hope my pictures aren’t too shabby!  I am so scared sharing my own bad snaps when I usually post such lovely beautiful pictures); our wedding cake table by Mark Tattersall Photography


ellen on 30. January, 2012

i love these jelly moulds. ive been on the lookout for a biggish one, i want to drill a hole in the bottom and then use it as a lampshade for the light in my kitchen! they just seem to be so hard to come by nowadays (or silly expensive). Just gutted i didnt pick them up when i saw a load of them on a brocante stall in france last summer! love them as tealights :)

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