Rustic plant markers made from bamboo canape forks

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last New Wives Club post, mainly because as I’ve said before I’m really picky about the ideas I share on this feature, and consequently I find it a challenge to find something blogworthy each Sunday.

I came across this fab idea for using bamboo canapé forks/sticks as plant markers.  By coincidence, I have rather a lot of these exact bamboo canapé forks as I bought a bulk amount for a dinner party my mum had a couple of years ago.  They seem endless, and now I know what to use them for!

Plants labels from

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DIY masking tape magnets

Hi everyone, I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday!  It’s been a while since I posted a New Wives Club feature, I’m really sorry about that but I do try to find ideas to share that I really love rather than any old crafting project – and as such, I don’t always find enough to do one a week at the moment.

Colourful masking tape (also know as washi tape) – don’t you just love it?  What a wonderful invention, taking some that’s practical and mainly used by boys for DIY and transforming it into something so pretty.  I recently bought myself a pack which contained a couple of different block colours, but there are so many designs out there with all kinds of patterns, spots, florals and so on that I would like to get a few more.

I must admit though, they are one of those things I find myself collecting and then wondering what I’m going to do with them.  Well here’s one thing you could do with those lovely rolls of masking tape – turn them into magnets!  My fridge is in desperate needs of being covered with some photos but I don’t have any magnets that I like…perhaps this is the solution?

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Old magazines turned into a stool

Are you like me, and do you refused to throw away or recycle your old magazines?  I am an absolute hoarder, in my case it’s Country Living magazines – it’s like I want to hold onto these day dreams of how life might be one day, with this great stash of magazines that I can dip into and drift away to a peaceful country life.

I have used them to raise up my computer screen in the past, but this idea is much cooler and puts all those hoarded magazines to great use.  Unfortunately there isn’t a DIY tutorial on how to make the above stool, it is in fact a product you can buy.  But knowing what a crafty bunch you are, I thought there were some of you (or your Mr’s) who could easily knock up something similar.

Such a genius idea – a small wooden base, the magazines making up the bulk of the height, and topped with a cushion that is strapped in place with leather straps (perhaps old belts would work just as well?).  I hope it inspires you too, and if you like this idea do check out the rest of my New Wives Club posts.

Image: NJUStudio via Apartment Therapy

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DIY floral fabric hangers

Now with my New Wives Club posts I like to try and find craft projects that use up something you might have collected for your wedding, but I’m pretty picky when it comes to what ideas I think are worth sharing, which makes it more tricky.

Today’s DIY craft project is based on the idea that you might likely have some fabric scraps leftover from your wedding – perhaps you were busy sewing yards and yards of bunting – but I’m sure most of us who like to do a bit of crafting have a stash of fabric.

DIY floral fabric hangers

This idea is to transform those dull white plastic coat hangers into pretty floral ones, simply using a bit of tape and strips of fabric.  In the tutorial it mentions something call ‘floral jelly roll’, which I’ve not heard of, but I’m pretty sure that something like double-sided sticky tape would work just as well.

Don’t forget, there’s lots of lovely DIY ideas that have been features in the New Wives Club so do have a look and see if there’s any other you fancy having a go at.

Images: Mayholic in Crafts

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DIY lace necklace

As the weekend rolls on it’s time for a little Sunday ‘crafternoon’ reading with today’s New Wives Club post, and I wanted to share something a little different from the usual home and garden projects.  I came across this great idea for using up scraps of old lace by transforming it into a pretty necklace.

Whether you’ve got some lengths of lace left over from your wedding, a box of scraps that never seem big enough to do anything with, or if you spot some lace at an antique fair or carboot then here’s what to do with it.  With a few easily gathered extras you can make your pretty piece of lace into a rather lovely necklace.

Stitching DIY lace necklace

It’s been a long time since I tried making jewellery – probably the last time was when I made a beaded necklace at University for a ball I was going to – but as a lover of antique lace this idea appeals to me.  Have you ever tried your hand at making your own jewellery?  If you like this idea, I also found a similar one using crocheted doilies here.

Have a wonderful Sunday and if you’re looking for more ideas or inspiration like this for your home, garden or yourself, do have a read of some of my other New Wives Club posts.

Images: Kittenhood

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Vintage suitcase bedside table

I think there must be lots of couples who end up with old ‘vintage’ suitcases lying around following their wedding – they have become so popular in recent times whether simply used as props to decorate your venue, or to collect cards and gifts in.  But what do you do with them after ‘the big day’?

Well this is one fun and useful way of using them – pile a couple on top of each other (in ever receding size order if you are lucky enough to have them) and hey presto! you have a neat bedside table.

You don’t need to top it with a mirror, but it does look rather smart, plus you could always fill the suitcases up with all those other bits you have lying around after your wedding so they don’t clutter up some other part of your home.

Have a wonderful Sunday and if you’re looking for more ideas or inspiration like this for your home, do have a read of some of my other New Wives Club posts.

Image: Cupcakes and Cashmere

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DIY cork stamps

Following your wedding day you are bound to have lots of corks from all those bottles of wine and champagne – don’t just bin them when you can turn them into little stamps.

I spotted this idea over on The Simple Things blog, and when I first read the title I assumed it would involve carving into the corks themselves.  But it doesn’t – you simply glue little wooden embellishments to the corks which act as the stamp base.

These kind of little wooden decorations are the kind of thing you spot, think they look sweet, and then wonder what you’d do with them.  Well here’s one solution!  Do check out the ‘how to’ for these Homemade Cork Stamps if you’d like to know more about how to make them.

Image: via The Simple Things

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