Fairytale woodland wedding inspiration with a bridal cape, floral birdcage veil and tweed suit // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Today’s inspirational shoot is like something out of a fairytale, a laid-back modern fairytale but a fairytale woodland wedding nonetheless. Think little red riding hood, with a touch of Hansel and Gretel and a whole dose of an intimate love story to rival any Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.

Set in a secluded forest, this stunning Austrian shoot provides an abundance of autumnal and winter wedding inspiration, with gorgeous shades of green, berry and cream, incredible fashion and a to-die-for candlelit first-dance.

Here’s the film from the shoot to give you a little taster of just how beautiful it is:

Stefanie who created the shoot told us: “Summer might be a classical time for a wedding but in autumn, when it’s cooler outside, a wedding can be equally beautiful. With furs, blankets, candles and fire bowls the wedding party can easily spend unforgettable hours outside. Natural materials, homemade cakes and other sweets turn the party in something unique and personal.”

A romantic fairytale woodland wedding with autumnal wedding inspiration // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

A romantic fairytale woodland wedding with autumnal wedding inspiration // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

A romantic fairytale woodland wedding with autumnal wedding inspiration // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Vintage wedding dessert table with seasonal autumnal flowers // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Autumnal and winter wedding inspiration with fairy lights and candle light // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Stefanie of Mademoiselle Fee explains the dreamy vision behind the shoot: “Our idea was to accompany a newly wed couple on a romantic walk through an autumnal forest. The two have just exchanged vows,  maybe in a chapel close by.

What we wanted to show was a couple, close to nature and grounded, spending this most beautiful day where their hearts are drawing them – to the forest with a little secluded house.”

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When I spotted these wedding tables decorated with colourful mason jars of flowers, vintage crockery and simple white tapered candles, I really wanted to share them for their simplicity.

They seem to beautifully combine a kind of homespun chic with vintage charm in a way that could be easily recreated for your own wedding day – no over-the-top extravagant and complicated ideas here.  Yes, over-the-top extravagant and complicated wedding table decorations put together by a stylist can be incredibly beautiful, but I want to remind brides-to-be they can do it themselves and in simple but pretty ways.


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Natural looking wedding tables covered with rustic hessian cloths

For me, creating a welcoming wedding reception table for your guests to dine at is an extremely important part of a wedding.  I love touches such as flickering candles, a sprinkling of fresh flowers, and soft fabrics.

If I was still planning my wedding, this image above would definitely have been added to my inspiration folder when it came to dressing our tables.  I love the natural hessian/linen cloth draped over the table, the collection of mason jars emitting their soft candlelight, and those jolly looking menus that along with the floral colour break up an otherwise quite neutral palette.

The way these tables have been decorated captures that rustic but elegant look that I wanted to achieve for my own wedding, and I hope you find some inspiration from it too.

Image: Ellie Grover via Green Wedding Shoes

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Winter wedding reception tables with ferns and candles

There are some ideas I see that get me really inspired, ideas that I think I’ll hang on to and maybe try and recreate one day in my own life.  This simple collection of artfully arranged ferns and flickering candles for winter wedding reception tables is one such idea that I think I’d like to steal and do one year at Christmas.

Fern winter wedding table decoration

Sometimes with weddings it’s all too easy to get swept up into thinking we need to do and create loads to make them look beautiful – but this idea shows that with a few simple ingredients – ferns and an assortment of candles – you can make something stunning.

Images: Leo Patrone via Once Wed

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Greenery and candle Christmas chandelier

This natural and simple looking Christmas decor is exactly the kind that I love – made from just a few ordinary items, yet beautiful when finished.  Whilst this lovely festive candle chandelier doesn’t come with ‘how to’ instructions, I thought I’d share my thoughts on how I’d recreate something similar – and if you have any tips (perhaps you’ve made something similar) then do leave you advice in the comments box below.

Candle chandelier ‘how to’

For the simplest version, I’d simply create two circlets of different sizes from wire – I’d make sure to choose fairly robust wire and to wind it round a couple of times to ensure it wasn’t too flimsy. Next I’d take my fir boughs or other greenery and using thin wire twist them into place around the wire circles.

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Autumn wedding table decoration

Just a little bit of autumn wedding table decorating inspiration on the blog today.  I love this design with it’s autumnal coloured checked tablecloth and simple display of pine cones and candles – it’s such an achievable look and I think that’s fab.

There are some incredible ideas out there for decorating your wedding tables, but sometimes I find them a bit overwhelming – I’m sat there wondering how on earth I would be able to recreate something similar to these elaborate designs on the scale of a wedding (they only ever show one table done up) and also how much it would cost!  I completely understand that they’re there to provide inspiration and that you can just pull certain elements, but I do like seeing the occasional idea that looks totally do-able.

Pine cone and candle wedding table decoration

I think this look would be even more beautiful if you used those soft golden beeswax candles – and the smell is beautiful!

Image: Sweet Something Designs via Pinterest

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Natural wedding

I look at a lot of weddings, and whilst I don’t think it’s my place to say if I don’t like one as much as another (after all, it’s someone’s special day and everyone’s entitled to choose what makes them happy), there are those weddings that I come across that I just fall head-over-heels in-love with.

Ceremony space with fir cone heart

If I stop to try and work out what it is that makes me have those feelings – you just know when you see them, I’m sure you have the same reaction when you come across inspiration for your own wedding – I think it’s perhaps the way of life they evoke in my mind, a blissful and down-to-earth place that I dream of in my imagination.

Natural flower crown

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