Vintage bottle shaped candles for your wedding table centrepieces


vintage bottle shaped candles

There are some truly wonderful and, in my opinion, sheer genius, ideas out there – these candles that have been shaped to look like a variety of old bottles and jars are one of those genius ideas.  Made from beeswax to give that golden yellow honey colour (and an equally beautiful smell when lit), I think they would be a beautiful alternative to floral table centrepieces, especially on long tables where you could arrange them with their varying heights.

The downside?  They don’t seem to be available to buy anymore!  They are created by Anthropologie (creators of many a beautiful, and expensive, item) but I they don’t appear on the website any longer.  It is a travesty.  I hope someone else starts making and selling something similar, preferably in the UK please!

Image: Anthropologie via Pinterest


ruth on 29. January, 2012

are these candles still being made or not. the vintage bottles


CharlieB on 29. January, 2012

Hi Ruth, I don’t believe they are as I couldn’t find them on the Anthropologie website – it’s such a shame as they are so great! Would love to know if anyone has found them or similar ones.

Nova on 30. January, 2012

These candles are actually made by Pollen Arts and they have a shop on Etsy (see: ). I’m pretty sure they ship to the UK. I love them!


CharlieB on 30. January, 2012

This is fantastic – thanks so much Nova for sharing these details!! You’re a star xXx

Tiffany on 13. April, 2012

Found them on the Anthropologie website, maybe they’re seasonal? Yay!

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