vintage bottle shaped candles

There are some truly wonderful and, in my opinion, sheer genius, ideas out there – these candles that have been shaped to look like a variety of old bottles and jars are one of those genius ideas.  Made from beeswax to give that golden yellow honey colour (and an equally beautiful smell when lit), I think they would be a beautiful alternative to floral table centrepieces, especially on long tables where you could arrange them with their varying heights.

The downside?  They don’t seem to be available to buy anymore!  They are created by Anthropologie (creators of many a beautiful, and expensive, item) but I they don’t appear on the website any longer.  It is a travesty.  I hope someone else starts making and selling something similar, preferably in the UK please!

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acorn cap floating beeswax candles

Etsy is a treasure-trove of wonderful goodies, I can’t tell you how much I love it.  I spotted these tiny floating candles, made from beeswax filled acorn caps, and just thought they would be beautiful for an autumn wedding.

In bowls of water, perhaps like below with addition of colourful autumn leaves, they would look simply stunning on your reception tables.  What a genius idea they are – what do you think?  They’d go really well with this idea for place cards made from oak leaves.

floating acorn candles autumn wedding ideas

They are available from Etsy seller Green Baboon Designs.

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For all those brides and grooms planning an autumn or winter wedding who are in need of some inspiration when it comes to decorating – look no further.

From red berries to dried ferns, maple leaves scattered on tables, abundant fir cones and gourds, ivy coiled around willow hearts, and beeswax candles – this wedding shows how beautiful natural decorations can be when you look to what nature can provide.

With the help of a few vintage pots and metal jugs and a little bit of imagination an autumn or winter wedding can be just as beautiful as any summer wedding with its pick of flowers.

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