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Sister Organics sustainable wedding dress and bridal separates collection: simple, timeless, feminine designs


Sister Organics sustainable wedding dress collection

Introduction to the Sister Organics sustainable wedding dress collection

Sister Organics design and make wedding dresses and bridal separates from beautiful organic and sustainable fabrics, including organic hemp silk mixes and exquisite cotton laces. We’re sharing some of our favourites from their sustainable wedding dress collection, which features their simple, timeless, feminine designs. This collection focuses on laid-back style and comfort, idea for outdoor, down-to-earth, and elopement weddings. 

Natalie, the designer/maker behind Sister Organics tell us: “When I got married, there was no question that I would make my own dress. But I realised there was nothing for me in bridal shops – I hated the synthetic fabrics and strapless style with skirts full of stiff tulle that was popular at the time. I thought there has to be a better way.

Inspiration from fabrics and the differing shapes and sizes of women’s bodies

“I usually start the design process with a new fabric that I’m excited to use. I have an obsession with fabrics and when I start a new collection, I find it very difficult to stop! I am always on the look out for new fabrics. Customers usually buy from the collection, sometimes with a small adaption to the design, which I am very happy to do. I usually also make a couple of bespoke dresses each season.”

Natalie has a passion for creating bridalwear that is flattering, comfortable, and have beautiful movement in them. She also likes to create pieces that are special enough for a wedding but can be worn again.

“I try to make my designs transient to age and accommodating to different sizes. I am very conscious that women come in all shapes and sizes and brides come in all ages and I try to design garments that are simple, flattering to the female body and have a relaxed feel to them. It’s also really important to me that the clothes are comfortable, move beautifully and feel special.

I try to create pieces which are special enough to wear for a wedding, but can be worn again after the event. I think the separates are especially good for this and most of the dresses are easily adapted by being shortened or altered slightly. Most of my dresses and skirts have pockets and are lined with organic cotton, so they are comfortable and feel fabulous to wear.”

Sister Organics is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

Sustainable bridal lace top by Sister Organics

Eco credentials

Natalie tells us: “I have a love for natural fabrics – organic cottons, organic silks, linen and regularly use hemp/silk a lovely, blended fabric.  Hemp is thought to be one of the most eco-friendly fabrics there is, it grows really fast without pesticides and puts nitrates back into the soil. Blended with silk it is a great weight for bridalwear, it hangs really nicely and has a beautiful shine and lustre.”

Luckily for contemporary brides it’s no longer tricky to find sustainable fabrics, and what’s more there’s lots of choice: “It’s great to find organic and sustainable fabrics much easier to source these days. There really has been a big change in the availability of  these fabrics in the last 10 years or so. It’s a delight to work with some of the beautiful organic laces I use. Most of my lace dresses are lined with certified organic cotton or the hemp/silk. I am also introducing some garments made from vintage lace fabrics this year.”

As you take a look through Sister Organics sustainable wedding dress collection you’ll notice a lot of exquisite laces: “Some of the laces are organic cotton, made in France. I also use a lot of cotton lace which is made in England by a small family business, using traditional lace manufacturing methods. There’s very little fabric manufacturing left in the UK now (and people with the skills to do it), so I feel it’s important to try to support what there is (the laces are also completely gorgeous!). Lots of the laces are made with a tiny bit of synthetic, which is generally thought to be necessary to give the lace strength and stability when it’s made.”

Made to order

One of the main ways that the Sister Organics sustainable wedding dress collection maintains its eco-ethical ethos is by making all items to order: “We make everything to order, which minimises waste and over production. Customers can order by set size or by providing their own measurements. We then order the fabrics and cut and make the order, which takes 3-10 weeks, depending on the style. Like most small businesses we are naturally frugal – we re-use or re-purpose off-cuts and remnants.”

Natalie sews all of the dresses and bridal separates herself alongside another talented local dressmaker: “I work with a very talented local dressmaker who is wonderful and helps me a lot. I cut the patterns and garments and sew some of the samples and orders. My mum taught me to sew when I was a child and I later honed my skills at the London College of Fashion. I love creating and making things and have always found sewing completely immersive and almost therapeutic. Alongside the bridalwear we also make nightwear and pyjamas in pretty organic cotton prints, which works really well and helps keep us busy in the quieter season.”

Introducing the wedding dresses and bridal separates

Below you’ll find details and photos of our top 10 dresses / bridal separates from the Sister Organics sustainable wedding dress collection. If you have any questions about the collection, please contact Sister Organics directly via their contact page.

The Elodie Dress

What Sister Organics says about the Elodie wedding dress: “This long V-neck dress is handmade to order in a beautiful cotton lace fabric and lined in a tea rose coloured organic cotton jersey. [The neckline is] finished with trimming lace, fitted to a high waist band, with loose sleeves. It has an open back which buttons at the back of the neck and waistband with rouleaux loops and little covered buttons. It is lined in a soft organic cotton jersey, which makes this dress feel incredibly comfortable to wear. 

Made from 95% cotton lace made by a small family business in Derbyshire, UK, and lined in organic cotton jersey.

Elodie sustainable lace wedding dress by Sister Organics
Views of the Elodie eco lace wedding dress
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Unique eco wedding rings that tell your story from Eco Wood Rings


Unique eco wedding rings with wood, flat steel 5mm with oak diamond dust, purple agate, amethyst, turquoise and sand

Unique wedding rings from Eco Wood Rings

Having partnered with Eco Wood Rings since they started out in 2011, we’ve always loved the way that their custom wedding rings offer a connection to the land and how couples can choose materials and design features that make their rings unique and personal to them.

Adding materials from special places or even treasured possessions is a hugely original way to encapsulate your love story. Eco Wood Rings have worked with a wide range of materials with personal meaning, ranging from a childhood swing to a trophy skateboard, as well as shells, sand, rocks and other materials from significant beaches, mountains and rivers around the world. You can be as wild and wonderful as you like with your ideas.

9ct white gold and oak wedding ring

Here we look at some of the many meaningful features that can be included in an eco wood ring, along with real life customer stories showcasing beautiful (and often highly sentimental) examples. We hope that you will feel inspired to create your own unique and beautiful custom wedding rings which perfectly tell your story.

Eco Wood Rings is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

The Wood – choices for your unique eco wedding rings

Log pile

Whilst Eco Wood Rings have their own extensive stock of woods, sustainably sourced from across the UK and world, many of their custom wedding ring designs are made using customer-supplied woods with meaning.

One wonderful example of this is Ben’s bentwood wedding ring. He decided on a Welsh ash ring (where he’s from) with inlays of willow (their surname is now Willows) and the pièce de résistance – oak, hand sourced by the Eco Wood Rings team, from a tree growing beside the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, where he and Jess first met!

Oak by Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

Find out more and see the finished ring here: A Little More Than Music

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Top tips on getting the best from your confetti moment by Shropshire Petals


Creating your best confetti moment

Creating an incredible confetti moment will not only fill you and your guests with pure joy on the day, but also create a lasting memory encapsulated in a single snap. We’ve got some amazing tips for you, straight from family-run flower farmers, Shropshire Petals. They’re on a mission to save the world from paper or metallic confetti, and believe in creating epic weddings without compromising sustainable values.

Shropshire Petals is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

Here at Shropshire Petals we are 4th generation farmers who diversified into growing flowers to make biodegradable petal confetti for weddings across the UK. We grow a variety of flowers during the summer months, including delphiniums, cornflowers, calendula, sunflowers and many more. The flowers provide food and a safe haven for insects and animals, boosting biodiversity in the area.

Once the flowers are in bloom, they’re handpicked and dried onsite to keep their beautiful colour and shape for months and even years. Our confetti is natural, dye-free and completely biodegradable, making them the perfect choice for an eco-friendly wedding.

Here’s our top tips for achieving your dream confetti moment…

Top tips for your confetti moment:

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Introducing the Metamorphosis Bridal Collection from Medusa London


Introduction to the Metamorphosis bridal collection

Medusa London create wedding dresses that are the epitome of sustainable luxury, handcrafted in London using only the finest 100% organic silk and a carefully curated selection of sustainable materials. We’re sharing with you their brand new capsule collection of sustainable and ethical modern bridal wear.

The Metamorphosis Collection is made entirely from transforming and readapting materials, patterns and off-cuts of their existing collection, reducing waste and working with existing resources. They say “We believe in giving bridal wear a new meaning, 0% waste, 100% cool.”

Brides are invited to embrace their individuality and personal style using their dresses as blank canvas to customise and express their personality on their special day. Their collection offers a refreshing take on traditional bridal wear, seamlessly blending individuality, coolness, and elegance.

Medusa London believe choosing a wedding dress should be a journey of self-expression, where you let your emotions and sensations guide you to finding the perfect gown. They’re also passionate about comfort, which is why they’ve designed their dresses to be unstructured, free from constraints, and feel like a second skin.

Medusa London is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

Medusa London designer Agnese Petraglia

Eco credentials

Medusa London’s dresses are the epitome of sustainable luxury, handcrafted in London using only the finest 100% organic silk and a carefully curated selection of sustainable materials. Their expert artisans, with a deep understanding of couture techniques and wedding dresses, bring each piece to life with strategic seams that flatter your curves and highlight your natural beauty.

“We believe that fashion and sustainability can coexist. Our commitment to using sustainable materials and practices is unwavering, and we are always looking for new and innovative ways to minimize our impact on the environment. We care about our products, and we care about the people who make them. After all, there’s no fashion to be made without a healthy planet to live on.”

Introducing the dresses and bridal separates

Below you’ll find details and photos of the full Metamorphosis collection from Medusa London. If you’d like to book an appointment to view and try any of these dresses, please contact Medusa London directly via their booking page.

Athena – Separate

What Medusa London says about the Athena separate: “Make a bold statement on your big day with our minimal Athena separate. The top with chiffon detail, asymmetrical neckline, and A-line skirt create a youthful and modern look that is perfect for the bride seeking a unique style. The organza tie at the back and peplum detail at the waist add a touch of romance to the look.”

Made of 100% GOTS certified organic peace silk and 100% organic bamboo viscose.

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Kirei Collection of ethical wedding dresses and bridal separates from Rolling in Roses


Introduction to the Kirei Collection

Rolling in Roses are a small-scale British bridal label with a focus on thoughtful design and high-end craftsmanship. They have launched a new collection of wedding dresses and we’re delighted to showcase some of their stunning creations, designed for those brides “who walk to the beat of their own drum.” 

They use fabrics that are gentle to the earth, dressmaking techniques that are traditional and refined, and their designs are a blend of the classic and the avant-garde. “We are not fast fashion.”

The new Kirei Collection of wedding dresses and bridal separates from Rolling in Roses is inspired by designer Hayley’s honeymoon in Japan. “I fell in love with how the peacefulness and tranquillity of Japanese design can be seen in everything, from ceramics and print to gardens and architecture. The intention to keep things as simple as possible with no unnecessary or frivolous detail and let the basic form and essence of things speak for themselves.”

If you are looking for modern, ethical bridalwear that doesn’t compromise on style or sustainability, are a vegan bride, or planning an eco-friendly wedding, we are sure you’ll love this new collection.

Rolling in Roses is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

Rolling in Roses designer Hayley Neil

Ethical credentials

Rolling In Roses pieces are distinguished by their standard of workmanship and luxurious eco-friendly fabrics. Hayley and her team are proud to maintain traditional couture techniques and contemporary design, for brides who are looking for an alternative to mass-produced, mainstream bridalwear.

All their gowns are individually made to order by a tiny team of seamstresses in York, where every single piece is designed, drafted, cut, and constructed.  This small-scale production means they can always guarantee the exceptional finish of their dresses and achieve artisan quality workmanship with all its divine hand-finished details.  No production lines or faceless factories here; each dress is made from start to finish by one expert artisan who knows the bride’s name and wedding date, and who personally takes care of every last detail. 

“I’m over the moon to say that 94.8% of the fabrics used in this collection have sustainable certification; whether that’s organic, closed-loop, vegan, biodegradable, compostable, or recycled, meaning our materials are produced in ways that protect the environment, are low-carbon, protect natural resources like forests and water, and are cruelty-free and ethically made. And even the 5.2% of fabrics we use without certification are natural biodegradable fabrics, so we’re incredibly proud.” – Hayley Neil, Rolling in Roses designer.

Introduction to the wedding dresses

Below you’ll find details and photos of our top 10 dresses from the new Rolling in Roses ethical wedding dress collection. If you’d like to book an appointment to view and try any of these dresses, please contact Rolling in Roses directly via their booking page.

The Bureiku Dress

What Rolling in Roses says about The Bureiku Dress: “This striking gown is both showstopping and comfortable. Sophisticated long sleeves extend past the wrist and are crowned by pleats at the shoulder to match the folds at the neck and hip. The fabric has a slight stretch which helps it mould to the body and flatter the figure without restricting movement.”

Made from luxury heavyweight organic Italian crêpe, which is a perfect vegan alternative to silk.

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Handmade eco paper wedding flowers from Cooper Floral Design


If you’re considering or searching for an alternative to fresh wedding flowers, then Cooper Floral Design’s handmade eco paper wedding flowers might just be what you were looking for. We’re sharing a selection of her beautiful wedding bouquets that combine her delicate tissue paper flower creations alongside dried foliage and flowers. We’ll also be hearing more about how she creates her flowers, including dying the paper herself with natural plant dyes.

Sharon has an incredible skill for creating incredibly delicate and realistic flowers from plant dyed papers, and then arranging them into exquisite bouquets alongside dried foliage, flowers and seedheads. Hers is a small eco-friendly wedding business that I get really excited about.

Cooper Floral Design is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

Bespoke wedding bouquets, buttonholes and arrangements

Sharon of Cooper Floral Design handmakes all of the paper flowers used in her floral wedding creations. These are beautiful, unique paper flowers dyed in a subtle palette of natural colours (read more about this below). She has a real talent for combining her handmade paper flowers into exquisite bouquets, buttonholes and arrangements alongside dried flowers, foliage and seedheads.

Bouquets and arrangements are made to order based on your specific wishes, so time is needed to plan and create your wedding flowers. Most of the bouquets featured here on the blog range in price from about £80 to £150. They will last a long time after your wedding too, and I love the idea that you can continue to receive a lot of joy from displaying the flowers in your home long after your wedding day.

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Choosing wedding suppliers whose ethics match your own by Erika Tanith Photography


Are you struggling with where to start when considering your wedding suppliers? What are your own ethics and are you concerned about compromising on them for your wedding day?

We have vegan wedding photographer Erika Tanith – one of our TNWC Recommended Suppliers – with us to share her thoughts on some of the things you might want to ask or consider. She’s got lots of recommendations and thought-provoking questions to help you determine how best to choose the wedding suppliers that fit with your personal ethics.

Erika Tanith Photography is a TNWC Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about her here.

Choosing Wedding Suppliers Whose Ethics Match Your Own

Wedding planning is all about choice. The choices we make in our wedding suppliers is how we make a wedding our own. It’s not just about the colour of the flowers, but the artistry that goes into making the bouquet. The style of the cake is important to the aesthetic of your day, but the taste and the ingredients are also key. Similarly, the suppliers’ values and ethics matter.

So why are your suppliers’ values important and how do you figure out if they align with your own?

Why it’s important

Ultimately, you want your hard-earned cash to go to people who will use that money wisely. If you yourself are someone who diligently recycles then you wouldn’t give money to someone who sends their waste to landfill, especially if that waste were generated at your behest. If you believe in LGBTQIA+ rights, you wouldn’t give money to an openly homophobic organisation.

Our values are a big part of our lives and personalities, so making informed choices on who you have at your wedding is key to maintaining integrity and the joy you’ll feel on your big day.

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New ethical wedding dress collection from Indiebride London 2023


Introduction to the collection

Indiebride London are a well-established and sought after sustainable UK bridal brand who have launched a new collection of wedding dresses. We are delighted to bring you the full collection, showcasing this beautiful selection of bohemian and romantic ethical wedding dresses.

Indiebride London says “The gowns are designed to be worn with confidence at natural, rustic and bohemian-style celebrations.”

As with each collection at Indiebride London, the dresses are simply inspired by the materials that are available to source at that moment in time, offering an authentic, alternative and honest approach to bridalwear.

Started in 2008, Indiebride London has developed over the years, transforming from a
ready-to-wear brand before establishing itself as the go-to bridal studio for heirloom quality gowns with a sustainable edge. Now run by Miina (who began as the brand’s first ever intern, acting as seamstress and production assistant), Indiebride London are renowned for their exceptional quality, handmade dresses, with comfort at the very heart of their businesses.

Indiebride London is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

Eco credentials

From sourcing materials to the alterations, every element of the wedding dress making process is carefully considered and delivered with exceptional customer service. Their exquisite laces, silk, bamboo and Tencel lyocell used throughout their designs are manufactured and sourced locally in the UK. Indiebride London wedding gowns are made-to-order, avoiding any unused dresses held in stock, with any off-cuts actively recycled and reused.

Introducing the dresses

Below you’ll find details and photos of each dress from the new Indiebride London ethical wedding dress collection. If you’d like to book an appointment to view and try any of these dresses, please contact Indiebride London directly via their booking page.

Clover dress

What Indiebride London says about the Clover dress: “Handmade in London, the ‘Clover’ gown features statement triangular sleeves, with a subtly flared skirt that has the most graceful movement imaginable.”

Using lace made in the UK and lined with soft organic bamboo.

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Favourite Unique Natural Weddings: from a hiking mountain biking bride to a small city back garden ceremony


Favourite Unique Natural Weddings: from a hiking mountain biking bride to a small city back garden ceremony

Welcome to the fourth instalment of our Real Wedding Favourites mini series. So far we’ve covered our favourite natural wedding styles, natural wedding spaces, and natural wedding details. Today we’re taking a look at some of our favourite Unique Natural Weddings.

We’ve done our  Favourite Unique Natural Weddings category a bit different to the others in our Real Wedding Favourites series. Instead of categories, we’ve just chosen some of our favourite weddings that we thought were a little bit different and unique.

A Homemade Eco Friendly Wedding in Wales

Unique Natural Weddings: A Homemade Eco Friendly Wedding in Wales

All the weddings we feature have some element of an eco or ethical ethos behind them, but for this category we wanted to choose one who had a really clear commitment throughout all aspects of their wedding.

Jenny and David’s eco ethical wedding stemmed from their love of plants and the Welsh countryside, and they filled their wedding day with elements that reflected that. They chose a fab eco wedding venue, decorated their tipi reception with potted plants, had bouquets of buttons donated by friends, ‘living’ succulent buttonholes, and made their wedding stationery from recycled card.

Unique Natural Weddings: A Homemade Eco Friendly Wedding in Wales

Unique Natural Weddings: A Homemade Eco Friendly Wedding in Wales

View Jenny and David’s botanical Welsh wedding. Photography by Emma Stoner Photography.

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