Lavender encased tealight holder

Such a sweet but simple idea for a summer wedding (or instead you could use sprigs of rosemary for a winter wedding) – use fragrant lavender cuttings to decorate a small glass tealight holder and secure with a ribbon.  I imagine you might need to glue the lavender in place, or perhaps use a thin strip of double-sided sticky tape round the glass holder to keep them secure.

Lots of these placed along long trestle tables, or a cluster in the centre of round tables, would make simple but very pretty centrepieces.  The idea could be used for any number of woody herbs that last well out of water, such as rosemary or bay.  I’d also like to think that as the candle burnt that the fragrance from the lavender or herbs would be gently released.

Image: Rylee Hitchner via Once Wed

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Apple floating candles

For all of you dreaming of a rustic natural autumn wedding then I think you might just love this idea for creating a bit of atmosphere.  Fill up some rustic containers – earthenware pots and tin baths – with water and float with lots of apple candles.  If you want some guidelines on how to carve out an apple to hold a tealight there’s an easy ‘how to’ here.

Done on a smaller scale and float some lovely autumn leaves in amongst the apples and you’ve got alternative centrepieces.  I think it would also be a lovely way to decorate your home for a party. If you want some more ideas and isnpiration for using apples then check out this blog post from last year.

All this week I’m celebrating autumn weddings with lots of ideas and inspiration – so check out all the ideas in my natural autumn wedding special.

Image: via Dreamy Whites

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Starry tealight holder

Whether at home or your wedding, I think lighting plays an important role in creating atmosphere. I love low, soft, romantic lighting – flickering candles, warm glowing lamps, or a crackling fire.  This project from Wild Olive for creating a starry candle wrap is simple to recreate and would be fun for either your home or wedding – I can just imagine a cluster of these casting a pretty glow.

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Vintage funnel candle holders

This makes me feel Christmassy – how about you?  These old metal funnels are the kind of thing I see at carboot sales, and whilst I love the tarnished metal and each dent that hides a story, I never know what I would do with them at home other than hoard them.  Poor Mr Rigg, now I have an idea what to do with them!

Turned upside down with a candle stuck in the spout, they make quite striking and beautiful candle holders.  I love candelight at the best of times, but even more so when the nights begin to draw in and especially at Christmas.  I think if I can source a few of these, they would look beautiful along side my vintage jelly mould tealight holders.

Any other suggestions for new uses for old domestic items such as these?  Have you found any other ingenious items that make great candle holders?

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Tiny jam jar lanterns

It’s images like this one that make me want an excuse to get married all over again.  For me there is something really magical about candlelight, I love lanterns lit around my house and it was something we tried to incorporate into our wedding in different ways – like lining the church aisle with tealight filled jam jars, and on our dinner tables.

I love this idea of having a display of tiny jam jar lanterns (take a look here for a ‘how to’ guide on how we made ours), one for each guest hung with a tag with their name on it.  To help them find their table, you could either write the table number or name on the label, or like in the image above onto the jar itself.

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vintage jelly mould tealights by Tom Gloster

I told you I had some beautiful finds and inspiration to share with you – just think I’ve been keeping these things to myself all this time!  Aren’t I terrible?  When I spotted these stunning handmade jelly mould tealights it was love at first sight and I will be most definitely treating myself to a couple in the near future.

They are handmade in clay by potter Tom Gloster in his workshop garden shed in Wales, where he also runs a charming looking coffee and craft shop called Pethau Melys with textile designer Myfanwy Griffiths.  When I saw them I instantly got in touch with Tom to find out more about these endearing little tealights.

Pethau Melys

Tom told me how the jelly mould tealights came about.  “I like to find things that have one use and change the use by making them out of clay.  The jelly molds are a line of work that have been inspired from vintage metal jelly moulds, which I found when helping my mum.  

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vintage jelly mould tealight holder

Welcome to my second New Wives Club post!  Today’s idea for reusing wedding finds in your home is my own idea, rather than one I’ve found online and recreated at home.  I have a soft spot for collecting vintage jelly moulds, the metal kind – I think it is something about the soft shapes and the worn brushed silver colour.  Anyway, just before Christmas I realised I’d got rather a lot and they were looking forlorn piled up in a corner of my office.  Somehow I decided I would use them over Christmas, upturned and filled with tealights – the glow they cast is so pretty and I was delighted with the result.

vintage jelly mould tealight holder

Obviously, this won’t work with the rabbit shaped moulds I have as they aren’t stable upturned, but any that sit flat when turned upside down are perfect.  One day I dream that I’ll have a large space on a dresser to display them all (and dread the day I have to dust them all), but until then I will be using mine to bring a pretty glow in the evenings to our home.

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