Fairytale woodland wedding inspiration with a bridal cape, floral birdcage veil and tweed suit // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Today’s inspirational shoot is like something out of a fairytale, a laid-back modern fairytale but a fairytale woodland wedding nonetheless. Think little red riding hood, with a touch of Hansel and Gretel and a whole dose of an intimate love story to rival any Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.

Set in a secluded forest, this stunning Austrian shoot provides an abundance of autumnal and winter wedding inspiration, with gorgeous shades of green, berry and cream, incredible fashion and a to-die-for candlelit first-dance.

Here’s the film from the shoot to give you a little taster of just how beautiful it is:

Stefanie who created the shoot told us: “Summer might be a classical time for a wedding but in autumn, when it’s cooler outside, a wedding can be equally beautiful. With furs, blankets, candles and fire bowls the wedding party can easily spend unforgettable hours outside. Natural materials, homemade cakes and other sweets turn the party in something unique and personal.”

A romantic fairytale woodland wedding with autumnal wedding inspiration // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

A romantic fairytale woodland wedding with autumnal wedding inspiration // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

A romantic fairytale woodland wedding with autumnal wedding inspiration // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Vintage wedding dessert table with seasonal autumnal flowers // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Autumnal and winter wedding inspiration with fairy lights and candle light // Waldkind Fine Art Photography // Styling by Mademoiselle Fee // The Natural Wedding Company

Stefanie of Mademoiselle Fee explains the dreamy vision behind the shoot: “Our idea was to accompany a newly wed couple on a romantic walk through an autumnal forest. The two have just exchanged vows,  maybe in a chapel close by.

What we wanted to show was a couple, close to nature and grounded, spending this most beautiful day where their hearts are drawing them – to the forest with a little secluded house.”

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Tamsin and Alex's relaxed eco-friendly wedding with woodland hand-fasting ceremony and the best cake ever // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Eco-friendly wedding with handfasting ceremony

What a beautiful way to welcome in the New Year with this down-to-earth, relaxed eco-friendly wedding of Tamsin and Alex. Captured by the lovely Emma of Emma Stoner Photography (and second shooter Heather Birnie), who can be found featured on the Photography + Film page of our directory, this wedding is bound to inspire you. Plus it has my new all-time-favourite wedding cake and wedding hair!

Tamsin and Alex got married in September at Middle Coombe Farm in Devon, where they fell in love with “it’s wonderful inhabitants and beautiful sprawling woodlands.” Here at TNWC we recently fell for the charms of Middle Coombe Farm and are delighted that you’ll now find them on the directory too.

Over to Tamsin to tell us more…

Tiered Victoria sponge wedding cake with flowers, ferns, berries, and yellow raspberries // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Woodland hand-fasting ceremony at Middle Coombe Farm in Devon // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Wedding rings // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Hand-fasting ceremony in a woodland // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Woodland animal themed wedding table names // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Woodland wedding ceremony // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Seasonal late summer bridal bouquet in shades of blue and white // Flowers by In Bloom Devon // Photography by Emma Stoner // The Natural Wedding Company

Middle Coombe Farm for a woodland wedding

“[We wanted] a relaxed and rustic [feel], with lots for everyone to do and an eclectic take on decorations and as eco conscious as I could make it. We chose Middle Coombe Farm after finding out about it’s wonderful inhabitants and beautiful sprawling woods. The accommodation was also spot on, with a place for campers, a campervan, family and close friends and little ones! It advertises itself as an eco venue too so we were very sold!

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The Crafted Garden book review by The Natural Wedding Company

Rustic autumnal wedding decor inspiration from The Crafted Garden

You know how fond we are of a crafted, hand-made project here at The Natural Wedding Company, and a crafted project made with natural, seasonal materials either foraged or homegrown, well that ticks every box in our eyes. It is wonderful projects such as these that you will find in The Crafted Garden: stylish projects inspired by nature a beautiful book by Louise Curley that we are sharing with you today.

We also have a special reader offer for those who’d like to buy the book – you’ll find all the details at the bottom of the post.

Rustic autumnal table display with pumpkins, dried flowers and leaves // The Natural Wedding Company

Book review of The Crafted Garden

I was a excited to receive this book based on the brief synopsis and beautiful cover alone, and although I will admit I was a tiny bit sceptical that it wouldn’t offer anything more than what I could find scouring Pinterest, I will say straight away now that my scepticism was unfounded!

The Crafted Garden winter squash vases // The Natural Wedding Company

The book has been cleverly put together and Louise clearly has a passion for the great outdoors and how you can incorporate it in your home, for a celebration or as a unique gift idea.

I approached the book from a wedding point of view (whilst also already planning how I was going to use each one some how in my home) and excitedly flicked through the pages thinking how each craft could be used or adapted for wedding décor, accessories, gifts and so on and how all the ideas could be adapted through the seasons.

Dried autumn leaf 'Mr & Mrs' wedding garland // The Natural Wedding Company

Although some of the projects may seem simple or obvious, I was surprised at how I hadn’t ever thought of doing them before and it really makes you look around and consider the natural resources you have around you.

The Crafted Garden foraging // The Natural Wedding Company

The book offers 50 crafting projects all inspired by nature and whether you are a crafting amateur or gardening pro it contains a plethora of information beautifully presented to make it easy to read and follow. Broken down into seasons, not only does it provide instructions on craft ideas but really useful tips such as guidelines for foraging ethically, how best to dry flowers (great for after your wedding if you wish to preserve yours) and the best seasonal flowers.

Rustic twig picture frame for an autumn wedding // The Natural Wedding Company

Autumnal wedding craft projects

To give you a little insight into a few of the fab craft ideas in the book we tested a few of the autumnal projects out to hopefully offer a bit of seasonal wedding decor inspiration.

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Why you should choose seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding // The Natural Wedding Company

Choose seasonal blooms for your autumn wedding

In the UK we are pretty lucky to have such defined seasons, and when it comes to weddings I think it means your quite spoilt – it also makes it harder to choose which time of year you want to get married in!

This week we are supporting our many flower farmer florist friends across the country for British Flowers Week, and the best thing I think I can do is just inspire you with what’s available throughout our different seasons (here’s our posts on winter, spring and summer flowers).

The autumn months – September, October, November – still offer an incredible selection of British grown blooms and foliage (as you will see below), and so shouldn’t always be overlooked in favour of summer.

Do remember that there are variations year-to-year and across the country. Here’s to being inspired for an autumn wedding

Cosmos, rosehips and blackberries

Autumn wedding bouquet of Cosmos, rosehips and blackberries by The Garden Gate Flower Company // The Natural Wedding Company
The Garden Gate Flower Company

Zinnias, snapdragons and grasses

Seasonal autumn wedding bouquet of Zinnias, snapdragons and grasses by Mayfield Flowers // The Natural Wedding Company
Mayfield Flowers

Leaves, scabious and cosmos

Autumn wedding bouquet of Leaves, scabious and cosmos by PYRUS // Kitchener Photography // The Natural Wedding Company
PYRUS (photo by Kitchener Photography)

Delphiniums, ammi and verbena

Autumn wedding bouquet of Delphiniums, ammi and verbena by BareBlooms // Owen Howells Photography // The Natural Wedding Company
BareBlooms (photo by Owen Howells Photography)

Dahlias, ammi and ivy

Autumn bridal bouquet of Dahlias, ammi and ivy by Wild Bunch Flowers // The Natural Wedding Company
Wild Bunch

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What a treat we have for you today!  A lovely post from TNWC Real Bride Myfanwy who’s sharing all the details of her beautiful autumn wedding to her mister Tom – don’t miss the tractor wedding ‘car’ and Arthur the dachshund in his very smart suit!

Don’t forget you can catch up with all the posts from our brides under the TNWC Real Brides category, and we are looking for 2014-15 brides who’d like to be guest bloggers so if you’re interested full details can be found here.

Over to Myfanwy…


Married! What an adventure it was! August to October 5th was a whirlwind! We had planned no days off and to shut the shop 5 days before the wedding, that plan went to pot! Tom’s stag do and birthday was 2 weeks before the big day, the summer had been so busy that when he came home from the weekend we agreed to close the shop, we had so many final details to organise and were so tired that you have to live to fight another day.


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Wedding flower styling with garden roses, hawthorn, and autumn fruits by Fletcher & Foley

I can hardly believe that Christmas is so near now!  This year has gone by in such a whirlwind for me what with having little Tilly at the end of the summer, and I imagine all of your brides- and grooms-to-be who are getting hitched next summer will be feeling like it’s not long now once the New Year is upon us.

Today I have another lovely treat from one of our recommended wedding suppliers.  This guest post has been put together by Joanne of Fletcher & Foley (a fab Manchester based florist) using the same selection of flowers and foliage, but in three quite different styles: Rustic, Vintage, and ‘Wedstival’.  I love the selection of old pots Joanne’s used for the vintage styling, but I most like her use of colour for the ‘Wedstival’ theme, perfect for all of you inspired by summer festivals for your wedding day.

Over to Joanne…

Colourful festival inspired wedding flowers by Fletcher & Foley

Autumnal festival style wedding flowers by Fletcher & Foley

Get the look

Getting the styling right for your wedding can be a daunting prospect.  So much to think of.  In fact writing this blog I’m a little worried myself  as to where to start.  Ok, let’s start with a little inspiration, and this can come from anywhere.  Without rambling too much, a visit from my mother-in-law means a whole heap of glossy magazines will be left behind.  A trend piece in Vogue.  It screams autumn.

Inspiration for wedding flowers from magazines

Using key words may help.  For this little project I’m going to break it down into three wedding trends.  Rustic, Vintage and Wedstival.

See what we’re doing here?  Building up a picture of the overall feel for the big day by taking it slowly. Not getting bogged down in too much detail. No micro managing. Giving yourself a break so you can enjoy it.

The flowers

From a florist’s viewpoint, it doesn’t matter if you know nothing about flowers.  Give us some idea of colour and seasonality or if you prefer a particular flower and let us do the work.  Or even just tell us what you don’t like. That can often guide us in the right direction too.

Hydrangeas and ferns in vintage pots by Fletcher & Foley

I used the following flowers and foliage for the three wedding themes: Amaranthus, Dahlia, Free Spirit and Coffee Break Roses, Sedum, Hydrangea, Elder Berries, Nigella (Love in the Mist), Rosemary, Aster, Cornflower, Eryngium, Hawthorn, Scabious Seed Head, Mokara orchid, Rowan, and Virginia Creeper.

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Jewel toned autumn wedding cake with edible flowers and berries

Today we have a mouth-watering guest post from P-J Parker of Emily Harmston Cakes, with a gorgeous autumn inspired wedding cake that features such beautiful rich purple colours. When we first saw these cakes we fell in-love with the use of edible flowers and petals – why not take a look for yourself?

Don’t forget we have a regular feature on wedding cakes called Cake Love, so do check out the link if you are after more wedding cake inspiration.

Over to P-J to tell us more about these stunning creations…

Purple and red autumn wedding cake with edible flowers and berries

We have just seen the end of a glorious English summer but it brings an abundance of our beautiful berries that rival any array of the fruits that are imported. The colours and choice are breath-taking; it’s almost as if all summer long the sun has become concentrated to give the sumptuous jewel colours inside our blackberries, blueberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and damsons.

I really wanted to capture the beauty of this season.  The three tiered cake I made here incorporates two white chocolate and raspberry cake tiers at the top and bottom with a double layer of blackberry and raspberry cheesecake in the middle.  All topped off with fresh edible Dahlias and handcrafted blackcurrants lollipops.

Raspberry cheesecake wedding cake with edible flower petals

Edible flowers and petals for an autumn wedding cake

Slice of raspberry cheesecake with edible flowers and berries

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