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The one thing all our TNWC Real Brides have in common is that they are all creating handmade or homemade weddings to some extent, whether it be designing wedding invitations, sowing wildflower seeds around their ceremony site, making bridesmaid gifts, or brewing up elderflower champagne.

One things for sure, of all our brides-to-be Myfawny is the one whipping up a sewing storm of beautiful items for her autumn wedding to Tom.  Today she shares some of her many wedding related sewing projects – from embroidering motifs onto their napkins, to personalising vintage hankies – and I’m sure that you’ll find some inspiration here for your own wedding.

Over to Myfanwy…

Vintage Tablecloths

Over the winter we did a lot of our planing and preparations including a lot of collecting.  This is something we have done ever since we set the wedding date and decided on the venue.

We are not white tablecloth people!  Mainly because one of us will spill something on them before the big day!  We did not want round tables covered in perfect white tablecloths, at some weddings it looks great, just not ours.

Vintage tablecloths

We’re having a very rustic homemade/homespun wedding so we decided to collect loads of vintage embroidered tablecloths to place diamond shaped on our long wooden trestle tables.  We managed to get quiet a few off the trusty Ebay and also charity shops locally.  It is also nice that both out mothers are letting us borrow some of their tablecloths so some will have a few childhood memories for us and our friends.

For some sharp blasts of colour we’ve also collected come seersucker tablecloths that remind us of childhood picnics.

Vintage tablecloths

Embroidered Napkins

I defiantly didn’t want disposable napkins!  In certain scenarios obviously there is nothing better.  When we where searching for caterers and we explained our venue they all seemed to suggest disposable napkins.  So before we found our caterer (who’s lovely ndm I’m sure would provide proper napkins) I decided to make some, not really realising this could involve making 80 odd…

Some of our collected tablecloths came with some matching napkins which are great, so taking inspiration from these I bought some heavy cotton fabric and cut as many napkins out as I could and then using the scraps and some checked fabric I made up some other squares.

Embroidered napkins

I then decided on some motifs to embroider onto each napkin in the bottom right corner, I choose some cake designs, heart motifs, birds etc.  I’m also fortunate to own a digital embroidery machine which I used to embroider bicycles, teapots, teacups and some more traditional deigns.

This all took a fair bit of time (most of my Christmas holidays!) and I then had to hem them all which was an incredibly laborious task.

Knitted Napkin Rings

We also thought about napkin rings for each napkin – I’ve recently got into knitting (on a very simple scale at this point) so with the help of my mum we have knitted all the napkin rings which we think give an autumn rustic feel.  Each napkin ring is closed with a button.

Knitted napkin rings

Personalised Handkerchiefs

When we first looked at invitations, as well as the tea towel invitations that we chose to do (by the way, they’ve gone down a storm with our guests) we came across personalised handkerchiefs.  When I looked into it further, they seem to be something a lot of brides do as gifts.

We really liked the idea, so we bought some vintage floral style handkerchiefs and then using some t-shirt transfer paper (which is available to buy in WHSmiths), I created a design just using a pretty font and printed it on to the paper using a household printer (don’t forget to print it in mirror image so the font is backwards).

Personalised vintage wedding hankies

Once the ink is dry you just cut around the design and simply iron onto the fabric.  It then becomes completely washable and permanent!  A very quick way to personalise fabric and really cost effective.  I’ve made handkerchiefs in both English and Welsh.

I’ve also sewn a small vintage fabric scrap and button to each handkerchief.  I’m planing on putting the handkerchiefs out on the first couple of rows at the ceremony for emotional family members…(maybe myself!)

That’s all for now, I have so many more DIY tasks on my to do list to get through over the summer and to share soon.

A huge thank you to Myfawny for another lovely crafty blog post – you can read all the other beautiful projects she’s been making for her wedding here.

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2 – 6) Brides own pictures


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