What a treat we have for you today!  A lovely post from TNWC Real Bride Myfanwy who’s sharing all the details of her beautiful autumn wedding to her mister Tom – don’t miss the tractor wedding ‘car’ and Arthur the dachshund in his very smart suit!

Don’t forget you can catch up with all the posts from our brides under the TNWC Real Brides category, and we are looking for 2014-15 brides who’d like to be guest bloggers so if you’re interested full details can be found here.

Over to Myfanwy…


Married! What an adventure it was! August to October 5th was a whirlwind! We had planned no days off and to shut the shop 5 days before the wedding, that plan went to pot! Tom’s stag do and birthday was 2 weeks before the big day, the summer had been so busy that when he came home from the weekend we agreed to close the shop, we had so many final details to organise and were so tired that you have to live to fight another day.


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It’s been a little while since we had an update from one of our TNWC Real Brides, it’s been a busy summer with three of them (Caroline, Nik and Emma) now married!  Don’t forget we’re looking for the next TNWC Real Brides who are getting married in 2014 to become our new bloggers – full details here if you’re interested.

Today we have Myfanwy back with us, who is having an autumn wedding, and has been busy preparing her reception site, turning a piece of driftwood into table centres, and kitting out Arthur the dachshund with a smart new coat!

Over to Myfanwy

Since the summer has started and all this amazing weather I’ve been finding it a little hard with working and daily trips to the beach to sit down and get some wedding stuff done!

So I thought I’d blog about our reception location first which is really looking great!  We wanted our reception in a tipi, some friends of ours had theirs in a tipi and it truly was a memorable wedding, we love being outside which could largely be because we work indoors all day.

We chose a field in front of Tom’s parents home (my parents live on a hill so that ruled their house out!) and the farmer has kindly agreed we can use the field.  The lovely people at Event in a Tent have been to see the field is suitable (it is phew!).

We will be having tents similar to these…

Giant tipis

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The one thing all our TNWC Real Brides have in common is that they are all creating handmade or homemade weddings to some extent, whether it be designing wedding invitations, sowing wildflower seeds around their ceremony site, making bridesmaid gifts, or brewing up elderflower champagne.

One things for sure, of all our brides-to-be Myfawny is the one whipping up a sewing storm of beautiful items for her autumn wedding to Tom.  Today she shares some of her many wedding related sewing projects – from embroidering motifs onto their napkins, to personalising vintage hankies – and I’m sure that you’ll find some inspiration here for your own wedding.

Over to Myfanwy…

Vintage Tablecloths

Over the winter we did a lot of our planing and preparations including a lot of collecting.  This is something we have done ever since we set the wedding date and decided on the venue.

We are not white tablecloth people!  Mainly because one of us will spill something on them before the big day!  We did not want round tables covered in perfect white tablecloths, at some weddings it looks great, just not ours.

Vintage tablecloths

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Our lovely TNWC Real Brides are really planning some most beautiful things for their weddings, and today Myfanwy is no exception as she tells you about the stunning wedding favours they are making (wish I was a guest at this wedding!).  

This week we just have the one TNWC Real Bride post but will be back next week to hear from Caroline who is into the final countdown to her wedding which is a week on Saturday!  I can’t wait to hear what’s her and her Mr-to-be Gareth are up to in their last week.

Over to Myfawny to tell us about these gorgeous wedding favours her and Tom have been making…

Handmade mini ceramic jug wedding favours

Within a few days of being engaged we’d decided on our favours, Tom tells it differently, he says I told him about the favours… I’m sure he volunteered!

Tom is a potter and has been for nearly 10 years now, his style is very unique and exceptionally fine pottery for hand thrown work.  His normal range is exquisite kitchen ware.  When we opened our tea shop Tom decided to make a range of new jugs that we could use and sell in the shop, serving milk to customers in them.

These have proven extremely popular, I personally use them as mini vases for flowers.  Everyone enjoys these jugs so much and Tom told me they were relatively easy make so we’ve decided these will be our favours!

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For those of you keenly following the TNWC Real Brides feature you may have noticed we skipped a week last week.  That’s my fault as I had become a bit disorganised following a rather nasty cold over Easter, and as such didn’t get ready in time – so apologies!  I am delighted that we are back on schedule this week and have two lovely guest posts from Myfawny and Sarah.

I’ve also made it easier for you to track down all your favourite TNWC Real Brides stories, simply click on their names and you’ll be taken through to all their guest blog posts: EmmaNik, Myfawny, Sarah, Caroline and Stephanie.

Today Myfawny is sharing details about the designs for their tea towel invitations (how great do they sound!) and making confetti – the picture of Arthur their dog helping them stamp out confetti from old books is not to be missed!  Happy reading…

Easter has come and gone the season is upon us and our shop is now open six days a week until July and then seven days a week until we close five days before the wedding.  The realisation that we may have bitten off more than we can chew is slowly sinking in but we are not to be defeated!  So during the last month we have concentrated on invites and confetti.

Tea Towel Invitations

We wanted some unique invites – we had been lucky enough to win the TNWC competition for a personalised hand painted map of our day by the wonderful Pigeon & Quill.  Alex really was a pleasure to work with and the map is truly fantastic and incorporates all the elements of our day.

Pigeon & Quill illustrated wedding map

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It’s that lovely time of the week when we get to hear from one of the TNWC Real Brides.  Today, Myfanwy is sharing details of the homemade elderflower champagne that her and her Mr-to-be Tom have been brewing up for their wedding.  She’s also done a great ‘how to’ guide for these pretty origami flowers she’s been making from old book pages.

If you’re new to the TNWC Real Brides feature, you can read Myfanwy’s first guest post here on her plans for a creative vintage-inspired wedding.  I hope you enjoy Myfanwy’s latest update…

It’s been a busy few weeks finalising the bid decisions for the wedding, the catering, the dress, the DJ!  These are things we wanted to get done over the winter before our shop re-opens at Easter.

So now the major details are pretty much done this leaves plenty of time for us to make and prepare the little handmade details that we feel are important to us.  We’ve made a list (got to love a list!) of tasks to do each month.

Making elderflower champagne

February’s list included starting off the elderflower champagne and making origami paper flowers.  We have decided to have a drinks reception when we arrive the tipi’s for people to help themselves.  We thought of having some bottles of local beer, the inevitable Pimms and really wanted something else a little bit different.  Our friends had made some elderflower champagne a couple of years ago and we’d rally enjoyed it.  It’s lucky we looked into making it so early on, we hadn’t realised that once bottled it needs to stand for 3-4 months!

Equipment was really easy to get hold of in fact Dorset Homebrew sell and elderflower champagne making kit with a recipe and all the equipment you need to get started on you first brew.  Or of course the River Cottage recipe is really easy to get hold of online – we plan on trying this one when elderflower is in bloom.

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Another week and another two TNWC Real Brides to introduce to you.  If you missed last week’s features, do check out the details on Emma and Chris’ outdoor festival wedding and Nik and Chris’ relaxed coastal farm wedding – they sound fab!

Today I my next TNWC Real Bride to introduce you to, her name is Myfanwy and she’s marrying her Mr-to-be Tom in North Wales, not to far from their cafe and shop Pethau Melys.  So over to Myfanwy to tell you all about how she met Tom and what they are planning for their wedding…

Myfanwy + Tom: 5th October 2013, North Wales

This is us…Tom and Myfanwy, we met in 2008.

Myfanwy and Tom

I’d just finished uni in Liverpool and had moved home to North Wales to decide what to do next.  I had two choices, to start my own business right at the beginning of a recession or move to London to work for a big fashion house.

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