One of the best things I’ve done on the blog is to open it up to other real brides to share their wedding planning experiences – this year I’ve already had six fabulous girlies become my TNWC Real Brides.  As we head towards the autumn and their wedding days, I am looking for some new TNWC Real Brides to start blogging around September 2013.

From this year’s experience I am looking for another group of brides-to-be who’d like to share their plans for a natural, eco-friendly, seasonal, vintage and homemade wedding.

Each of this year’s TNWC Real Brides had a personalised illustration created of them and their Mr-to-be with a decorative border reflecting their wedding plans – I’m hopeful that my sister Izzy Burton who designed these will be up for doing them for my next TNWC Real Brides too!

Izzy Burton illustration

To get an idea of what it might like to blog as a TNWC Real Bride take a look at the blog posts from our six current brides-to-be…

Who are this year’s TNWC Real Brides?

There’s Emma and Chris who are planning an outdoor festival style wedding in Cornwall.  Nik and Chris are creating a relaxed coastal farm wedding in Wales for their family and friends.  Myfanwy and Tom and their dog Arthur are planning an autumn vintage wedding full of creative touches.

The lovely Sarah and Lee have been busy crafting a homemade child-friendly wedding in Nottinghamshire.  Now married, Caroline and Gareth shared the details of their laid back eco-friendly wedding on their farm in Nottinghamshire.  And last but not least we have our US couple Stephanie and Justin who are planning a homepsun vintage fiesta wedding by the sea this coming September.

Just some of the DIY projects from this year’s TNWC Real Brides

So, who am I looking for?

I’m searching for someone planning a 2014 wedding who is…

  • Early on in their wedding planning stages or just starting out
  • Planning a wedding that is all about natural, eco-friendly, seasonal, vintage and homemade touches
  • Happy to write candidly about their wedding planning experiences
  • Able to take pictures of any details they’re making and explain how they made them
  • Happy to write something after their wedding day about how it all turned out

P.S. Although I’m a UK based blog I am happy for entries from brides all around the world.

Izzy Burton illustration

How to get in touch and apply

What I’d love is for you to write me what would be your first blog post – a great introduction to who you are and the wedding you’re planning.  So in about 500-1,000 words please…

  • Tell us all about the feel you want for your wedding
  • Tell us about any ideas you have for things you’re going to make and DIY
  • Include your wedding date and location (or your plans for these)
  • Attach a photo of you and your Mr and a bit about how you met
  • If you’ve already made a few handmade details please attach a couple of pictures (no more than 5)
  • Describe your wedding in five words
  • I’d also love to know why you’d like to be TNWC Real Bride and share your experience with my readers

If possible, please write you blog post entry in a Word document.

More beautiful DIY projects for our TNWC Real Brides

Send your emails to…

Emails should be sent to with the subject line TNWC Real Bride and have attached your Word document blog post and any pictures.

The deadline

Please get your email in by 2nd September 2013.  Any questions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the box below or email me.


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