Pigeon & Quill illustrated wedding map

Regular readers might remember this fantastic competition I ran recently to win an illustrated wedding map from Pigeon & Quill.  Well, this week I get to share the two maps from the lucky winners!  Alexandra from Pigeon & Quill has certainly been busy, and the maps are just beautiful. Do check back later this week to see the other map she created.

The winner of the competition was Myfanwy and Tom, who are getting married next October – Myfanwy and Tom run Pethau Melys, a cafe and craft shop in North Wales – you might remember I featured Tom’s lovely clay tealight holders inspired by vintage jelly moulds.

Competition winners
Myfanwy and Tom in their cafe and craft shop with Arthur their mini Dachshund

Myfanwy kindly told me her reaction when she found out they’d won:

“On the day the competition was announced we were at work and had a queue come 5pm – I opened the blog quickly just to see who’d won, I couldn’t believe it when I saw our names!  I said to Tom ‘oh my god we won!'”  

Alexandra then worked with Myfanwy and Tom to transform their wedding plans into a beautifully illustrated map: “Alexandra was an absolute pleasure to work with – she asked all the questions and I gave her as much detail as I could.  The final map is just marvellous, it captures what we expect the day to be like just perfectly.”

Here’s the final map Alexandra created based on Myfanwy’s description of their wedding:

Pigeon & Quill illustrated wedding map

Here’s some snippets from Myfanwy’s competition entry describing their wedding plans:

“We’re getting married October 2013, it’s that far away because we’re self employed as we own a coffee/craft shop in North Wales, I’m a textile designer and my to-be-husband is a potter so we need that length of time to save!  We’re getting married at Penarth Fawr a 14th century medieval house!  Our reception is then going to be in the field in front of my in-laws house in a wedding tipi from Event in a Tent looking towards the sea complete with fire pit, lanterns and small chill out tent full of cushions and bean bags.  

We’re planning to feed our guests a selection of pies served to each table so they can help themselves, and the starter is to be pumpkin soup with locally made bread.  We’re not really wine drinkers so we’re thinking of pitchers of cider at each table.

We’re both a bit quirky so I’m looking at wearing a 1950’s dress and arriving on my grandfathers old red Fergi tractor which in the family is known as ‘tractor taid’ (granddads tractor in Welsh), we’ll then be leaving the ceremony to the reception on this tractor!  Tom is a keen cyclist and is threating to turn up in Lycra…this is yet to be confirmed!  Our dog Arthur (a mini Dachshund) will be my ring bearer!  Arthur plans on wearing a pretty blue bow tie for the occasion.”

Myfanwy even sent me a couple of pictures of the map in its beautiful packaging: “It arrived in such great packaging – Alexandra had drawn all over the paper with little Dachshunds – and it was a real treat to open and a complete surprise as we had no idea how the final map would look.”

Pigeon & Quill illustrated wedding maps

I wanted to find out whether Myfanwy and Tom’s had a favourite illustration on the map: “We really love ‘tractor Taid’ which means so much to  me.  It’s captured just right and now will definitely be sporting a ribbon in the day!  Obviously Arthur [Myfanwy and Tom’s mini Dachshund] is another great illustration but to be honest we love them all!”

And what are Myfanwy and Tom planning to do with their beautiful wedding map?  “We plan on getting it copied for all our guests.  The original map is going to be framed in a vintage wooden frame and be on display at the wedding, and obviously an amazing keepsake of our day.”

This beautiful illustrated wedding map is made by Pigeon & Quill – do get in touch with Alexandra at to discuss your own wedding and make sure you tell her you heard about her on The Natural Wedding Company.


Annabel - Love My Dress on 18. September, 2012

LOVE this! I adore illustrations and these are just fabulous! Great find Charlie xx

CharlieB on 18. September, 2012

Thanks so much Annabel, aren’t Alexandra’s illustrations so beautiful 🙂

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