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It’s been a little while since we had an update from one of our TNWC Real Brides, it’s been a busy summer with three of them (Caroline, Nik and Emma) now married!  Don’t forget we’re looking for the next TNWC Real Brides who are getting married in 2014 to become our new bloggers – full details here if you’re interested.

Today we have Myfanwy back with us, who is having an autumn wedding, and has been busy preparing her reception site, turning a piece of driftwood into table centres, and kitting out Arthur the dachshund with a smart new coat!

Over to Myfanwy

Since the summer has started and all this amazing weather I’ve been finding it a little hard with working and daily trips to the beach to sit down and get some wedding stuff done!

So I thought I’d blog about our reception location first which is really looking great!  We wanted our reception in a tipi, some friends of ours had theirs in a tipi and it truly was a memorable wedding, we love being outside which could largely be because we work indoors all day.

We chose a field in front of Tom’s parents home (my parents live on a hill so that ruled their house out!) and the farmer has kindly agreed we can use the field.  The lovely people at Event in a Tent have been to see the field is suitable (it is phew!).

We will be having tents similar to these…

Giant tipis

We met Charlie at Event in a Tent’s open day last year when we where viewing these beauties!

From Tom’s parents garden to the field the farmer is allowing us to create a gate way in the garden wall, this will mean we can all mingle in the garden before heading straight into the tipi. This has turned into quiet a big job!  Including a new patio that Tom’s dad has been busy laying (I’m told he was going to anyway so I feel a bit less guilty!)

Below is a picture – here will be the gateway and behind is our lovely field with a distant sea view.

Old wall and fence

The view…

Myfawny and Tom's wedding reception site

The new patio being laid…

Laying a new patio

Arthur making sure its suitable…

Arthur the dachschund checking out the new patio

We live within walking distance to a beach as do Tom’s parents, weather permitting we hope to have some beach photos on the day.  We recently walked down to the beach where we found a washed up tree, perfect!  We quickly set about getting the chain-saw to cut the table centres.

Sawing up driftwood into wedding table centres

Here is a pic of Tom looking very much like my dad!  Tom could only cut so many before the tree was stuck on the pebbles.  He had an idea to turn it into a bench.

Driftwood bench

Then with some exceptional chain saw skills he carved this into the seat!  And they say romance is dead!

Wood carved initials

Arthur the dachschund checking out the driftwood bench

Another something special that arrived this week is Arthur’s wedding coat!  His coat is by an American company call Noodle and Friends who specifically make coats for dachshunds, he already has a woolly winter coat from Noodle but he felt he needed a new outfit also!

He’ll have a buttonhole to match everyone else which I am currently making.  Our friends terrier Nelly will also be attending the wedding as Arthur’s guest!

Isn’t that a happy face….!

Arthur the dachschund's wedding coat

Our RSVP date is very soon so then I’ll be able to get on with buttonholes, place names, table plans and finalising things with the caterers and tipi hire which will all be blogged about next, after we’ve enjoyed some more sun?!

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2 – 11) Brides own pictures


Emma on 13. August, 2013

Omg Arthur just looks too cute in that coat!!

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