TNWC Real Brides: Myfanwy and Tom’s handmade mini milk jug wedding favours and woollen heart place names


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Our lovely TNWC Real Brides are really planning some most beautiful things for their weddings, and today Myfanwy is no exception as she tells you about the stunning wedding favours they are making (wish I was a guest at this wedding!).  

This week we just have the one TNWC Real Bride post but will be back next week to hear from Caroline who is into the final countdown to her wedding which is a week on Saturday!  I can’t wait to hear what’s her and her Mr-to-be Gareth are up to in their last week.

Over to Myfawny to tell us about these gorgeous wedding favours her and Tom have been making…

Handmade mini ceramic jug wedding favours

Within a few days of being engaged we’d decided on our favours, Tom tells it differently, he says I told him about the favours… I’m sure he volunteered!

Tom is a potter and has been for nearly 10 years now, his style is very unique and exceptionally fine pottery for hand thrown work.  His normal range is exquisite kitchen ware.  When we opened our tea shop Tom decided to make a range of new jugs that we could use and sell in the shop, serving milk to customers in them.

These have proven extremely popular, I personally use them as mini vases for flowers.  Everyone enjoys these jugs so much and Tom told me they were relatively easy make so we’ve decided these will be our favours!

Currently they come in three colours…

Mini jugs by Tom Gloster Ceramics

But recently Tom has been experimenting with dipping glazes, so this might be something we see in the final wedding favours.

Tom Gloster Ceramics

Tom normally signs each jug with his name or the name of the shop but the wedding jugs he’s been putting a small heart motif on the bottom of each jug.

Mini ceramic milk jugs by Tom Gloster Ceramics

Mini ceramic milk jugs by Tom Gloster Ceramics

I thought as these would be on each table I should also use them as place names.  To save Tom stamping everyone’s name into each jug – which would look great but if we run out of shop stock over the summer we may need to dip into the wedding stock to sell!  So as a collaboration I’m going to free hand machine embroider each name onto a woollen heart that will then be pegged to each mini jug.  I’ve painted pegs with spots too!

Myfawny sewing felt wedding place names

Painting wooden pegs

Hopefully if we have enough time when setting up I’m going to make a small bunch of flowers for each mini jugs, if not then the paper flowers that I made previously on the blog will be placed in each.

Mini milk jug wedding favours with felt heat place name

Only 5 months to go!

Aren’t these the prettiest wedding favours, and so meaningful that both Tom and Myfanwy have had a hand in making each one for their guests.  

If you love the look of Tom’s mini ceramic jugs or Myfanwy’s textile skills, do check out their online shop Pethau Melys where you can buy those things and more.  I treated myself to some of Tom’s ceramic jelly mould tealight holders for Christmas and I love them!

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2–9) Brides own pictures


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