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Our lovely TNWC Real Brides are really planning some most beautiful things for their weddings, and today Myfanwy is no exception as she tells you about the stunning wedding favours they are making (wish I was a guest at this wedding!).  

This week we just have the one TNWC Real Bride post but will be back next week to hear from Caroline who is into the final countdown to her wedding which is a week on Saturday!  I can’t wait to hear what’s her and her Mr-to-be Gareth are up to in their last week.

Over to Myfawny to tell us about these gorgeous wedding favours her and Tom have been making…

Handmade mini ceramic jug wedding favours

Within a few days of being engaged we’d decided on our favours, Tom tells it differently, he says I told him about the favours… I’m sure he volunteered!

Tom is a potter and has been for nearly 10 years now, his style is very unique and exceptionally fine pottery for hand thrown work.  His normal range is exquisite kitchen ware.  When we opened our tea shop Tom decided to make a range of new jugs that we could use and sell in the shop, serving milk to customers in them.

These have proven extremely popular, I personally use them as mini vases for flowers.  Everyone enjoys these jugs so much and Tom told me they were relatively easy make so we’ve decided these will be our favours!

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vintage jelly mould tealights by Tom Gloster

I told you I had some beautiful finds and inspiration to share with you – just think I’ve been keeping these things to myself all this time!  Aren’t I terrible?  When I spotted these stunning handmade jelly mould tealights it was love at first sight and I will be most definitely treating myself to a couple in the near future.

They are handmade in clay by potter Tom Gloster in his workshop garden shed in Wales, where he also runs a charming looking coffee and craft shop called Pethau Melys with textile designer Myfanwy Griffiths.  When I saw them I instantly got in touch with Tom to find out more about these endearing little tealights.

Pethau Melys

Tom told me how the jelly mould tealights came about.  “I like to find things that have one use and change the use by making them out of clay.  The jelly molds are a line of work that have been inspired from vintage metal jelly moulds, which I found when helping my mum.  

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