Ice flower bowl

I don’t know about where you are, but it’s flipping freezing here!  With these frosty days in mind, I wanted to share with you these beautiful ice bowl creations made by Anne-Marie at Forage For (she also grows flowers in her Suffolk garden for weddings so do check her out if you’re getting hitched in that part of the country).

Anne-Marie has been making these wonderful frozen ice bowls using her seasonal British flowers to decorate them.  I love this idea and it’s so simple to create (just scroll down for the instructions) and could be made at any time through the year.  Whether you made them for your wedding or for a party, I’m sure they would cause a bit of a stir!

Bowls made from frozen flowers

Can’t you just imagine these as focal points on a dessert table filled with ice cream or a larger version could even keep your drinks cool.   Anne-Marie filled this yellow chrysanthemum ice bowl with lemon sorbet to show you how they can be used.

Ice cream bowl made from ice and flowers

The light comes through these frozen bowls so beautifully that I can imagine them filled with tealights at a frosty outdoor party.  This ice bowl below is filled with daisies, larkspur, cosmos, gypsophila, nigella and scabious all in lovely shades of snow white, yellow and green.

Ice flower bowls with daisies and cosmos

So stunning!

Frozen ice bowls with flowers

So how do you go about making these ice flower bowls?  Anne-Marie has got some simple instructions on how to create these at home:

'How to' ice flower bowls

It’s important to weigh down the small bowl otherwise (Anne-Marie recommends using a can of beans!) you’ll find it bobs up with the water beneath it and you won’t achieve the bowl shape. Finally, carefully place your bowls in the freezer and leave until the water has frozen with the flowers caught inside.  Beautiful!

This is definitely one crafty project that’s on my ‘to do’ list and there are plenty of flower farmers and florists selling British grown, seasonal flowers for you to play with.

Based in Suffolk, Forage For are a seasonal cut flower and edible flower grower.  Anne-Marie also dries her own confetti from the garden. Vintage and handmade items are also available to complement her flowers. Visit or contact


Nik on 12. December, 2012

I love these! They’re so impressive – can’t believe they’re so easy to make! But then I guess a lot of the best ideas have simple origins 🙂 xx

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Arklectic on 19. May, 2016

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Doreen on 28. April, 2017

Sorry, but this method doesn’t work. The flowers will rise to the top when the water is added since here is nothing to keep them down.

Charlie on 2. May, 2017

Hi Doreen, thanks for your feedback. ForageFor who created the feature for us have (as you can see from the photos) made these frozen bowls themselves and had success. From what I can see in the photos using a good amount of flowers helps keep it all down.

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