Your help needed – where do I start with blogging about our wedding?


1. Crafty DIY paper items
2. Collecting cow parsley
3. Sign painting
4. Jam jar lantern making

So I’m completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of trying to share photos and details of our wedding.  I just don’t know where to start and decided the best option would be to ask where you think I should start.

Today we have finally seen the ‘official’ photographs taken by Mark Tattersall, which will obviously follow shortly (and are incredible!), but there were so many DIY projects, handmade elements, collecting of gorgeous treasures in the lead up to our wedding that I want to share those too.

I’ve included a selection of images here as examples (saving all my favourite bits for later).

5. Building an ice cream cone holder
6. Collecting old bits and pieces
7. Tiny flag making
8. Freshly washed vintage crockery

Please help get me started on telling our ‘wedding story’ by letting me know where I should begin!  Do I start at the beginning and share details of the ‘save the date’ cards and invitations we made, and follow through from there?  Or do I just jump in somewhere and go for a haphazard ‘whatever-takes-my-fancy’ approach?

Advice welcomed via the comments box below, email (, on my Facebook page, or send me a Tweet.


bonnie on 16. June, 2011

Wow, where to start?! It all looks fabulous! I would start at the beginning! In answer to your earlier question we are getting married in Norfolk, where we live. We’re having a church wedding followed by a ‘garden party’ reception in our country garden. I’m having so much fun planning everything and it will be a real all hands on deck affair with us, friends and family all making & cooking things! Any advise on marquees though at this time would be gratefully received, it’s the one thing we can’t make ourselves!

CharlieB on 17. June, 2011

I’ve just finished drafting my first wedding post – starting at the beginning with save the date cards – coming shortly! Your wedding sounds so lovely (probably love it so much because it sounds similar to how we did things), and I think you will look back and see how special and memorable it was because you had it in your garden, and because family and friends were involved in making it happen. Will have a think about marquees for you – the tents we picked made all the difference to the feel of our wedding, so my advice is to choose wisely. Will email you with any suggestions!

The Hungry Crafter on 17. June, 2011

I think when it comes time to blog mine, I’ll do a large, primarily pictoral overview post of the wedding that shows all the components together; then I’ll follow up with subsequent individual posts on each DIY component. But that’s just what will work for me!

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