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Hanging teacup lanterns instead of jam jar lanterns

There are so many ideas out there now which have been done over and over – jam jar lanterns and bunting spring to mind – but who says that means you still can’t use them if you love them? I’ve never been one to follow trends much, preferring to just go with what I love, so naturally that’s what I’d always encourage you to do to when it comes to planning your wedding.

I do, however, love it when I see a twist on a popular idea, as it just goes to show there’s still room for you to put your own stamp on an already common idea. That’s why I wanted to share these hanging teacup lanterns – at least that’s what I’m calling them! We hung jam jar lanterns around the edge of our wedding tents, and whilst it takes a fair amount of time to wire up jam jars and I imagine these teacups too, if you haven’t got a huge expanse to decorate then I think they’d be wonderful.

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Lantern lit outdoor autumn wedding ceremony

Whilst I can’t promise that an outdoor wedding ceremony is a possibility weather-wise in the UK, I still think this could inspire you for an indoor autumn wedding.  I always dreamed of getting married outside, surrounded by nature, but even in May (and for a number of other reasons) we decided not to – instead, I tried to bring the outside in.  We decorated our church with bundles of cow parsley and even a few small trees.

For an autumn wedding, (depending on what you’re wedding venue will allow) just like above, you could line the aisle with tree trunks topped with flickering candles in glass lanterns, and scatter dried leaves around the bases.  For a natural look on a budget, keep your decorations simple and unfussy – just choose a few pieces.

All this week I’m celebrating autumn weddings with lots of ideas and inspiration – so check out all the ideas in my natural autumn wedding special.

Image: Beth Helmstetter via Style Me Pretty

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Starry tealight holder

Whether at home or your wedding, I think lighting plays an important role in creating atmosphere. I love low, soft, romantic lighting – flickering candles, warm glowing lamps, or a crackling fire.  This project from Wild Olive for creating a starry candle wrap is simple to recreate and would be fun for either your home or wedding – I can just imagine a cluster of these casting a pretty glow.

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DIY personalised jam jar lanterns

There are a lot of clever people in the world, they take something makes me think “gosh, how did they do that?!” and shows me that it’s really rather simple.  These DIY personalised jam jar lanterns or vases are one of those things.  I’m sure you must have experienced that moment when you’ve found a great font that you want to use on something, but don’t know how to because you can’t print onto said item, such as a jam jar.

Personalised jam jar lanterns

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Timeless Australian wedding

I must admit that I rarely come across weddings that I find myself sitting there, scrolling back and forth between all the images.  This wedding is one of those rare ones.  There seem to be some beautiful and timeless weddings coming from Australia at the moment that are so down-to-earth, natural and effortless in the way they have come together.

The photos are taken by Tim Coulson, who also captured this Australian farm wedding I shared with you, and they have a magical quality to them.  Do enjoy some of my favourite details…

A gorgeous bridal bouquet of dried wildflowers…

Dried wildflower bridal bouquet

Rustic and natural handmade wedding programmes…

Rustic and natural wedding programmes

Timeless wedding

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Crochet lace jam jar hangers

I’m sure at some point someone will declare jam jars and their many uses at weddings “so last year” in fact, they probably already have.  At any rate, I don’t care – there is something wonderfully simple and pleasing about a jam jar filled with flowers from your garden, or flickering as a lantern in the evening with a tealight – whether it’s at your wedding or in your home.  Especially knowing that in a previous life it contained jam, honey, chutney or some other condiment.

Natural crochet lantern holders

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Tiny jam jar lanterns

It’s images like this one that make me want an excuse to get married all over again.  For me there is something really magical about candlelight, I love lanterns lit around my house and it was something we tried to incorporate into our wedding in different ways – like lining the church aisle with tealight filled jam jars, and on our dinner tables.

I love this idea of having a display of tiny jam jar lanterns (take a look here for a ‘how to’ guide on how we made ours), one for each guest hung with a tag with their name on it.  To help them find their table, you could either write the table number or name on the label, or like in the image above onto the jar itself.

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