Starry tealight holder

Whether at home or your wedding, I think lighting plays an important role in creating atmosphere. I love low, soft, romantic lighting – flickering candles, warm glowing lamps, or a crackling fire.  This project from Wild Olive for creating a starry candle wrap is simple to recreate and would be fun for either your home or wedding – I can just imagine a cluster of these casting a pretty glow.

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Crochet lace jam jar hangers

I’m sure at some point someone will declare jam jars and their many uses at weddings “so last year” in fact, they probably already have.  At any rate, I don’t care – there is something wonderfully simple and pleasing about a jam jar filled with flowers from your garden, or flickering as a lantern in the evening with a tealight – whether it’s at your wedding or in your home.  Especially knowing that in a previous life it contained jam, honey, chutney or some other condiment.

Natural crochet lantern holders

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It has been so lovely to have our wedding featured on Love My Dress, but I know that some of my readers would like to see more detail, and there’s so many lovely photos it seems a shame not to share more of them.

Our wedding ceremony was due to start at 4.30pm, but we’d invited our guests to have afternoon tea in the garden from 3pm.  This meant we had all morning to get ready, which for a wedding at home was all about everyone pitching in to help set up.  So with less than an hour before people were due to start arriving this is what we were doing…

The tents were already up, but we had to get all the tables laid up. This is our lovely friend Kate, who along with her husband Tim set out all the crockery and place settings (among a long list of other things!)…

We hung lots of the jam jar lanterns we’d made from the tents, tying them on with twine…

Here’s Tim setting out more lanterns around the garden and hanging them from trees…

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1. Crafty DIY paper items
2. Collecting cow parsley
3. Sign painting
4. Jam jar lantern making

So I’m completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of trying to share photos and details of our wedding.  I just don’t know where to start and decided the best option would be to ask where you think I should start.

Today we have finally seen the ‘official’ photographs taken by Mark Tattersall, which will obviously follow shortly (and are incredible!), but there were so many DIY projects, handmade elements, collecting of gorgeous treasures in the lead up to our wedding that I want to share those too.

I’ve included a selection of images here as examples (saving all my favourite bits for later).

5. Building an ice cream cone holder
6. Collecting old bits and pieces
7. Tiny flag making
8. Freshly washed vintage crockery

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We have spent the last few weekends making jam jar lanterns for our wedding.  I have had friends and colleagues at work saving all their jars for us, Mr Rigg has been busy soaking off all the labels and together we have been attaching wire to make handles.

They are so simple to make, just time consuming!  Especially attaching the wire.  They’re not particularly beautiful, the wire is a bit twisted, but I love the handmade look of them, all that glass and silver wire, and the fantastic shapes and sizes of the jars.

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