Rustic spring wedding table inspiration with apple blossom

Although we are now into April and should be seeing signs of spring, it still seems very much ‘dead’ looking around us, and I’ve even heard that we are about 3 weeks behind in the world of greenery, growth and flowers.  I am dreaming of the days when we are surrounding by vibrant green, lanes of bobbing cow parsley, and all that apple blossom.

Because it seems like we have even longer this year to wait for that time, I’m going to share a little bit of spring wedding table inspiration to remind me of what it will be like…one day in the next couple of months.  Although this isn’t inspiration taken from a wedding or styled bridal shoot, I think this rustic and simply laid table would be lovely for a spring wedding.

Plain white crockery, tiny vases and jugs of apple blossom, and mismatched napkins all in a neutral blue and white scheme – you can get tea towels very similar to these from Ikea – cut in half and hemmed they make great napkins, which is what we did for our wedding.  I also dream of lunches like this out in the garden, perhaps this will be the year for eating outside…

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Cow parsley field

Today’s blog feature is just so pretty and I’m delighted to be able to share this series of photos from photographer Svetlana Batura (who you may recently remember from this gorgeous Lithuanian family farm wedding).  I spied them on her blog and asked if I might share them, as I know there is a good following amongst you who love cow parsley as much as I do.

These images take me back to an imagined childhood and provide some nice inspiration for bridesmaids for a relaxed wedding – long skirts, pretty blouses, flowers in their hair and a bouquet of cow parsley.  Bliss.  Enjoy…

Cow parsley bouquet

Rose flower crown

Bridesmaid cow parsley inspiration

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fragrant spring wedding flowers

I am loving this combination of greens and deep purples when it comes to wedding flowers at the moment.  This bouquet uses Queen Anne’s Lace, which is very similar to cow parsley which we used tonnes of at our wedding and the inclusion of Lilac would made for a very fragrant bouquet or arrangment.

Perfect for a late spring wedding when cow parsley and Lilac is in bloom – ask your wedding florist what time of year these are at their best and available locally, or if they grow them.  If your heart is really set on a particular flower then you should consider getting married at the time of year when it’s naturally in bloom – I really wanted lots of cow parsley, so we choose May for our wedding as the Cotswold lanes are covered in the stuff.

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I’m excited to be back on track with sharing the full details of our wedding day – it is so lovely to hear that people are enjoying hearing the trials and tribulations of how it all came to be.

So with church decked out with frothy cow parsley, slender young hornbeams, country roses and lit only by candlelight, the only thing missing was me.  The bride.  It’s been mentioned before, but I was 20 minutes late to my wedding.

Image: Mark Tattersall

By now, Nick was getting pretty antsy, Alex the best man was playing his role and winding Nick up (do you remember the photo at the bottom of this post?), and every time the church door opened everyone would look up in anticipation.  This I’ve all heard.   First my mom and little brother Freddie entered.

Then the music started.  We (meaning me) had fallen in love with a piece of harp music from Rebecca Joy Sharp called ‘Scattered Lad’.  The first time I heard I knew that this was what I wanted to walk into the church to.  It encompassed the feeling of how I wanted my wedding to be – it felt celebratory, it was twinged with an old fashioned country tune, and just utterly beautiful.

Image: Mark Tattersall

Of course, we’d rehearsed a couple of times at what point I wanted to start walking in, but standing outside the church with my dad as Izzy and the flowergirls filed in, I completely forgot it all.  Emily and Isla the two flowergirls were so sweet, I was just sad not to see them myself, as they walked in scattering dried petals.

Image: Mark Tattersall

Izzy my gorgeous sister disappeared in – I swear I got tunnel vision, I don’t remember seeing anything inside that church.

Image: Mark Tattersall

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For me this cake is quintessentially English country wedding all over.  If I was going to have a tiered wedding cake it would look like this, simple white layers (I love the tiny dots of icing) stuffed with seasonal English flowers.

From my limited knowledge of flowers I can spot Peonies, Cow Parsley, Blue ‘Love in a Mist’, Roses, and Lady’s Mantle.  I also think the addition of those tendrils of Honeysuckle really add an extra prettiness to this already beautifully decorated cake.

This gorgeous wedding cake with its English garden flowers has been decorated by Rachel from Catkin FlowersCatkin Flowers is one of the wonderful businesses on the directory who grows their own flowers for brides looking for seasonal wedding flowers.

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This post is for one of my lovely readers Bonnie, who recently left a comment on how she loves cow parsley as much as I do, and mentioned that she was thinking of having a bouquet of just cow parsley at her wedding.  Well here’s a beautiful example, just for her, and anyone else planning a spring wedding.

Initially I think I would have probably have gone for some colourful ribbons to tie a bouquet of cow parsley together, but I really love that this one just uses cream lace.  Oh how I want to get married all over again – it makes me view vow renewals in a whole different light!

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As voted for by you, I am moving onto the flowers in the church before continuing with our wedding ceremony.  I’m excited to share this, because I just loved how the church looked, it was more than I could have dreamed of and we did it ourselves.

If this is your first visit to the blog you can catch up on all the details so far from our wedding here.

Mark Tattersall Photography

I’ve decided to show you photos of how the church looked and then go back to how we did after.  That way I get to show off all the pretty pictures first.  At the entrance to the church we filled two old metal milk churns with cow parsley and grasses – quite a wind picked up and I love how it looked blowing in the breeze.

Mark Tattersall Photography

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