With two days to go…I haven’t got time to blog!


It’s 10.30pm and we’ve just got back from a full day at my parents.  Most exciting news of the day is that my uncle made a surprise appearance…from Australia!!!  Can’t believe it, thought he wasn’t coming, and there he is at my house with my granny to help us get ready.  Lovely.


  • My granny and mom have cleaned, sewed, and washed up many, many pieces of crockery.
  • My dad and uncle moved furniture, moved rubble, and painted.
  • My little sister has been helping amidst revising for a maths exam (tomorrow) and English exam (on Monday) – she helped me put up bunting, make mini flags, and put a lot of tealights into a lot of lanterns.
  • Mr Rigg has been the packhorse today, moving lots of tables, chairs, glassware and crockery.
  • And me…I have done stuff I just can’t remember what (and this is what leaves me to feel like I’ve not done enough about this time of night).

Loveliest part of the day (apart from my uncle’s surprise visit) was picking cowparsley with my mom as dusk fell, we even saw a deer.


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