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We felt it was about time that we put together our own alternative wedding planning guide, one that encourages and empowers you to create a wedding that reflects you as a couple. Many couples that stumble across our eco wedding directory and blog tell us they suddenly feel at home amidst the often crazy world of weddings.

“I felt I had an affinity with your blog that inspired me to be confident in creating a wedding day that was meaningful to us as a couple.”

Here are our top 10 tips to create an alternative wedding planning guide. Take what you want and leave the rest. We’re not here to tell you what to do or how to do it, we just want to empower you to make your own choices and create a wedding that reflects you.

1. Pinterest – The Bane Of A Newly Engaged’s Life?

Don’t get us wrong we really do love Pinterest (<< go see if you don’t believe us), we can get lost on it for hours and it really is a great source of inspiration. HOWEVER, please don’t let all the beautiful styled images freak you out and suddenly make you think you need to have things you hadn’t even considered. Use it as a tool for ideas and leave it at that, don’t get wrapped up in recreating every styled image you see. Unless of course DIY is your bag and you have the time to do it stress-free.

Wedding quote // Pinterest - The Bane Of A Newly Engaged's Life? // The Natural Wedding Company

2. Your Wedding Should Not Be Used As An Excuse To Spend Money You Don’t Have

Your wedding in not an excuse to spend more money than you have or are prepared to spend. Lots of couples will have a budget (in 2016 the average UK wedding cost – in our opinion an eye-watering – £25,000), but just because you set your budget at X amount doesn’t mean you need to find things to spend it all on.

Why not try working the opposite way. Start with no budget and by listing out the big things you’d love. Find out how much they cost, then list out your essentials and find out how much they cost. Add it all up. Finally, work out how much more you can, need or want to spend on your wedding. This might help you to focus on what you really want rather than just spending (or blowing) your budget.

It’s also worth accepting early on that (some of) your dreams will likely be dashed by “lack of money” (whether you are spending £2,500 or £25,000). Instead of feeling disheartened, see what you can dream up when you are forced to be creative and think outside the box, you might just get something even more wonderful.

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Izzy Burton illustration

Well firstly I want to announce that this is my 1,000th blog post!  Whoop whoop!  I can barely believe it, but it seems like a pretty neat achievement.  What could be nicer than my 1,000th blog post being written by one of my lovely TNWC Real Brides?  Today we have Emma back with us and she’s sharing her super sweet engagement photoshoot, along with her feelings on being photographed on her ‘big day’.  

I think it’s fair to say there’s a great number of us brides-to-be who aren’t thrilled about being photographed all day long, I was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing, but my experience was that we picked the right photographer for us (the lovely Mark Tattersall) and we both felt so at ease (plus we were pretty loved up all day!).  

For any of you worried about having your photo taken on your wedding day, I hope reading about Emma’s worries and her experience of having an engagement photoshoot helps you feel that it will all turn out fine…

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Last month I had a wobble; the only real wobble I’ve had in this whole wedding planning process. I started to freak out about having my photograph taken on the big day.  This is probably because I have always been the one behind the camera and despite having taken photographs at lots of weddings, I had never really thought about what I would feel like; really feel like, on my actual wedding day.

I am really good at reassuring the brides I have photographed myself but was worried I wouldn’t be able to reassure myself, so started to worry I would have a mini meltdown about being in front of the lens.  So I picked up the phone to our photographer and booked an engagement shoot…

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Fellow bride-to-be Katy shared this essential advice – with so many weddings full of beautiful details it’s great to be reminded that no one else will know if they don’t come off just right!  Follow Katy on Twitter.

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It’s 10.30pm and we’ve just got back from a full day at my parents.  Most exciting news of the day is that my uncle made a surprise appearance…from Australia!!!  Can’t believe it, thought he wasn’t coming, and there he is at my house with my granny to help us get ready.  Lovely.


  • My granny and mom have cleaned, sewed, and washed up many, many pieces of crockery.
  • My dad and uncle moved furniture, moved rubble, and painted.
  • My little sister has been helping amidst revising for a maths exam (tomorrow) and English exam (on Monday) – she helped me put up bunting, make mini flags, and put a lot of tealights into a lot of lanterns.
  • Mr Rigg has been the packhorse today, moving lots of tables, chairs, glassware and crockery.
  • And me…I have done stuff I just can’t remember what (and this is what leaves me to feel like I’ve not done enough about this time of night).

Loveliest part of the day (apart from my uncle’s surprise visit) was picking cowparsley with my mom as dusk fell, we even saw a deer.

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Thanks for Kelly for this great advice – definitely going to try and remember this one on the ‘big day’.  Kelly is a wedding vocalist and lead singer of Chasing Storms.

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Sound advice from the lovely Lucinda – check out her blog Bakes, Books and My Boys for recipes, books and days out.

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Today was all about having a day together to remind ourselve why it is we’re getting married.  It seems so easy amidst the wedding chaos to forget that we’re just two people who fell in love and decided to committ to spend our lives together.

So today after we picked up my wedding dress (so, so exciting!) and cheese, we spent the day together pootling about the Cotswolds.  We popped into Daylesford Organic and had a nice browse of their lovely products…

We went to The Kingham Plough for lunch and ate lovely seasonal, English dishes…

Then we had a wander around Lower Slaughter before picking up some freshly made mozzarella from Simon Weaver

Somehow tonight we must find the energy to keep going with our long list of tasks to complete before Saturday.

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