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Well firstly I want to announce that this is my 1,000th blog post!  Whoop whoop!  I can barely believe it, but it seems like a pretty neat achievement.  What could be nicer than my 1,000th blog post being written by one of my lovely TNWC Real Brides?  Today we have Emma back with us and she’s sharing her super sweet engagement photoshoot, along with her feelings on being photographed on her ‘big day’.  

I think it’s fair to say there’s a great number of us brides-to-be who aren’t thrilled about being photographed all day long, I was pretty apprehensive about the whole thing, but my experience was that we picked the right photographer for us (the lovely Mark Tattersall) and we both felt so at ease (plus we were pretty loved up all day!).  

For any of you worried about having your photo taken on your wedding day, I hope reading about Emma’s worries and her experience of having an engagement photoshoot helps you feel that it will all turn out fine…

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Last month I had a wobble; the only real wobble I’ve had in this whole wedding planning process. I started to freak out about having my photograph taken on the big day.  This is probably because I have always been the one behind the camera and despite having taken photographs at lots of weddings, I had never really thought about what I would feel like; really feel like, on my actual wedding day.

I am really good at reassuring the brides I have photographed myself but was worried I wouldn’t be able to reassure myself, so started to worry I would have a mini meltdown about being in front of the lens.  So I picked up the phone to our photographer and booked an engagement shoot…

Rebecca Roundhill Photography


Rebecca Roundhill Photography

I can tell you now that my fear was totally and utterly unjustified.  Not only is our photographer Rebecca Roundhill super talented; I have known her ten years as a friend and fellow photographer.  She is the most amazing person to be around, even with a massive lens in front of her.  She is sparkly, reassuring and best of all brilliant fun.  Within two seconds of her taking photographs I relaxed, as did Chris and we had an absolute ball!

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

I am just sooo excited to share with you the photographs from our engagement shoot.  I cannot recommend doing this more.

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

Here is a link to the blog post Becca did, which made me weep a little happy tear – see I told you she was super lovely!

So if you are worried about having your photograph taken all day, ask your photographer to do an engagement shoot, you will really enjoy it and banish that camera shyness.

Rebecca Roundhill Photography

I must say I really love Emma and Chris’ engagement shoot, they look like they genuinely were able to be themselves in front of the camera and allowed photographer Rebecca Roundhill in to capture their adoration for each other.

Coming up on Thursday we have Nik from our TNWC Real Brides series who is taking about her floral conundrum – a budget of £200 for flowers and a wedding split across two days!  She’s come up with some brilliant solutions so don’t miss it.

Images: (1) Illustration by Izzy Burton; (2-12) Rebecca Roundhill


Nik on 30. April, 2013

aw, these are beautiful! You are certainly both a photogenic pair, so you didn’t need to worry after all! Our photographer, Pete Cranston, does an engagement shoot as standard with his package, and we were dreading it, but it turned out to be really useful in getting rid of the camera shyness. 🙂

P.S. Big ‘whoop’ to the 1000th post!! I hope there are a 1000 more to come 🙂

Emma Lou on 1. May, 2013

Thanks Nik, I honestly look most awful in most photos that are taken, Becca is just a little legend behind the lens, she is so brilliant 🙂

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