Edible spring primrose lollipop wedding favours

I’ve been meaning to share this idea with you for a while, but what could be more perfect than sharing them now – well, apparently it’s supposed to be the start of spring although the snow across the UK suggests otherwise.

These homemade lollipops each hold a pretty edible spring flower, such as these beautiful primroses, and would make lovely wedding favours for an Easter or spring wedding. These ones were made by our lovely TNWC businesses Forage For.

The tiny violas or violets are just the right size to be kept whole in a lollipop, whereas the larger pansies can have an individual petal carefully removed and used instead. You can find a recipe for the edible flower lollipops at Sprinkle Bakes – I particularly love that you don’t need to buy special lollipop moulds, but can in fact use powdered sugar to create your mould! If you’d rather not add another item to your already lengthy ‘to make’ wedding list, then I’d recommend checking out Eat My Flowers who make them with their homegrown edible flowers – you’ll find them in their shop.

You can grow edible flowers yourself (make sure you don’t spray them with any chemicals as you’re going to be eating them!) but there are also a number of businesses growing and selling edible flowers.

On The Natural Wedding Company directory we have the following businesses who you can order edible flowers from: Eat My Flowers, Forage For, Freedom Flowers, Greens of Devon, Maddocks Farm Organics, The Country Garden Company, and The Flower Mill Cornwall.

Images: (1) Forage For


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[…] read about these edible flower lollipops on the website for The Natural Wedding Company, and the recipe can be found on Sprinkle Bakes. I think I will be roping my mum and big sis into […]

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