Allotment inspired wedding table decorations

I always enjoy coming across wedding ideas that seem fresh and a bit different, and whilst I’ve seen vegetable and farmers market inspired table decorations before, I particularly loved the colours use for this shoot.

There is a great mixture of vases, colours and textures used for these wedding table decorations, and that’s why I really wanted to share these ideas with you.  The combination of the amber coloured glasses, the eclectic tiny vases of herbs and blackberries, and even the basket of eggs all together create a very beautiful table.

I especially love the single garden rose amongst the herbs and vegetables…

Farmers market inspired wedding tables

The coloured glass – both the amber coloured glasses and the green glass bottle provide additional colour, and although I think items like this are still difficult to hire in large enough numbers for a wedding, you could always collect a few from carboots and charity shops and use them for your table decorations instead.

Rustic farm style wedding reception tables

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Pretty mismatched vase wedding centrepieces

Whilst round tables are still a common choice for wedding meals, I must say I’m a fan of the longer trestle table layout.  In a funny sort of way, I find them more sociable, despite the fact that a circular table where everyone is facing each other would suggest they are more suited to conversation.

What I find with round tables, is there are often so large and the noise from chatter in the wedding reception space of such a level that I can never hear anyone except the two people I’m sat next to. This is one of the main reasons why I’m a fan of long trestle tables.  If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate this kind of table arrangement, and perhaps on a budget, this idea for using a collection of mismatched smaller vases filled with just a few sprigs of flowers and herbs is a lovely idea.

If you can collect or hire a good selection of pretty vases and containers, then filling them with a few select blooms or foliage means that you don’t have to spend a fortune on floral table centrepieces.

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Spring blossom

Sometimes I get the urge to do a whole blog post dedicated to one particular flower.  Usually I’ve seen something that inspires me and off I head into the internet in search of inspiration on that particularly bloom.  I’ve previously done ‘an ode to violets’ and ‘an ode to old-fashioned roses’ and just last week ‘an ode to snake’s head fritillary’ and was pleasantly surprised by the ideas I found.

Today I want to share a seasonal ode to springtime blossom.  The few fruit trees that I have in my garden (cherry, apple, and crab apple) have made my garden frothy pink and white these past few weeks, and the air has been swirling with their petals.  I am completely in-love with this time of year – as you will see later today when I share the anniversary gift I had commissioned.

Apple blossom

So when it comes to weddings, how can you use blossom?  Firstly, this is a truly seasonal spring wedding bloom, I can’t imagine you can find it out of season and if you can it will be astronomically expensive, and besides, who wants blossom in October?  Here are some of the ideas that I came across to inspire you to incorporate blossom into your spring wedding.

Grouped vases

If you have certain areas of your wedding venue that you want to decorate with florals, why not collect a variety of large clear glass vases and jars and fill them with apple blossom cuttings.  The variety of jars and glasses adds a certain quirkiness to the look whilst remaining elegant with the uniformity of clear glass and soft apple blossom.

Mismatched vases of apple blossom

Apple blossom wedding decorations


Finding blossom in bouquets was more of a challenge, but I did find a couple of beauties that showed how you could incorporate branches of blossom into your spring wedding bouquet.

This pretty trailing bouquet features pink blossom and what I think are sweetpeas.  Along with some striking leaves and a big bow, this is my favourite of the blossom bouquets I came across.

Trailing blossom and sweetpea bouquet

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Bridal bouquet of spring hellebores and snake's head fritillary

Here at The Natural Wedding Company I love to promote seasonality, and to encourage and inspire couples to choose to plan their weddings fitting in with the season whether that be flowers, food, or decorations.  Choosing seasonal blooms for your wedding flowers is one way to reduce the environmental impact of your big day (rather than imported flowers), as well as reflecting the beautiful and varied times of year.

Recently on my Facebook feed I’ve been seeing one particular spring flower popping up in bouquets from various TNWC flower businesses – the snake’s head fritillary.  This very dainty bell like bloom is a native English flower that makes it appearance during the spring months.

Following on from my previous floral ‘odes’ (‘an ode to violets’ and ‘an ode to old-fashioned roses’) today I’m going to showcase the snake’s head fritillary.  From bouquets and buttonholes to table centrepieces, I’m going to show you how you can incorporate it into your spring wedding.

Snake's head fritillary
Image: The Garden Gate Flower Company

I’m delighted to have put together this feature on the snake’s head fritillary with the help of some of my talented TNWC flower businesses.  As I know many of you are planning your wedding and searching for a florist who grows their own or sources local British blooms, I’ve included their details and where they are based in the country as all of them provide stunning flowers for weddings.

Bouquets and Posies

When it comes to wedding flowers what better place to start than with bouquets.  Every bride needs a bouquet and I have a beautiful selection here to showcase all featuring the dainty snake’s head fritillary.

First up this seasonal spring bouquet from Susanne at The Blue Carrot based down in Cornwall. Along with the snake’s head fritillary, Susanne used the following homegrown flowers: parrot, double and single tulips from her tunnel; hellebores; narcissi, ranunculus; and feverfew.  She also added a few sprays of jasmine, which she bought as a plant from B&Q and used the cuttings.

Pastel spring bouquet with tulips and snake's head fritillary by
Flowers: The Blue Carrot

Here’s a close up of this beautiful bouquet – I particularly love how Susanne combines colour, with the sweet shop pastels set off by the addition of those deep, velvety purple hellebores.

Seasonal spring bouquet of tulips and snake's head fritillary by
Flowers: The Blue Carrot

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Crab apple blossom and spring flower bouquet

Usually I take the day off from a blog post on Saturday, but whilst sitting here working I came across this beautiful piece of inspiration that I couldn’t help but share with you.

Spring wedding table arrangement with crab apple blossom

I particularly love the month of May and all the flowers that bloom in our gardens and hedgerows. I especially love fruit tree blossom, and with my little apple tree just starting to blossom this week, and my crab apple tree not far behind, this heavenly shoot reminded me of all those reasons I love May so much.

Spring wedding crab apple blossom and rose bouquet

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Pink and green floral wreath

It snowed here last night – not very much, but still a sprinkling!  Despite that, this morning I wanted to share a little glimpse of spring with this pretty pink and green floral wreath from Fletcher and Foley.  When I spotted it I was instantly dreaming up all kinds of wedding uses for it.

It would make a gorgeous table decoration, just as it is, sitting on a table with a pale church candle at its centre.  Hung from a door it would be a beautiful way to welcome your guests to your wedding ceremony or reception venue.  And a slimmer version would make a glorious flower crown for a bride or bridesmaid don’t you think?

I got in touch with Joanne from Fletcher and Foley to find out what the different flowers and foliage are that she used to create this beauty.  Joanne told me, “the flowers in it are pink and white striped tulips, cerise ranunculus, ‘Amnesia’ roses, pink anemones, hyacinth pips, astrantia, waxflower buds with ming fern foliage and grape vine twine.”

If you love the current trend for flower crowns and floral hair wreaths, then do check out my flower crown Pinterest board where you’ll find a huge collection of my favourites.

Image: Fletcher and Foley

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Heirloom metal dishes with nuts

I hope you all don’t think I’ve gone mad suggesting nuts as an alternative wedding centrepiece. After all, I love to look at what the season has to offer and how you can be imaginative to use those things to create a natural wedding.  I like the above idea as autumn wedding centrepieces for a number of reasons:

One, it reminds me of cosy celebrations at my granny’s house, with family silverware filled with an assortment of nuts.  Two, I love the combination of colours, it feels like it reflects the season so well.  And three, I guess people could snack on them if you provided a nut cracker!

All this week I’m celebrating autumn weddings with lots of ideas and inspiration – so check out all the ideas in my natural autumn wedding special.

Image: Better Homes & Gardens

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