Rustic plantable save the dates complete with wedding date clay plant tag

Plantable save the dates

We have had such a great start to the week – the website was relaunched (I will blog about this in more detail soon I promise) and we kicked off our new blog feature series called Wreaths Throughout The Seasons – we’ll be filing all the posts under that link over the coming months.

Back in the early days of writing this blog I used to share a lot of snippets of inspiration that I found whilst browsing beautiful weddings on many of the US wedding blogs. It seemed to really hit a note with my readers, perhaps because I cherry-picked ideas and saved them hours of trawling the internet in search of inspiration.

So today is one of those posts, a great idea that I spotted and instantly loved. I can just imagine some of you, my readers, being inspired by this idea and wanting to create something similar for your wedding. Not only are these save the dates above plantable (after reading of course) but they also come with a sweet clay plant market inscribed with your wedding date (or perhaps you could do your initials).

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Hanging teacup lanterns // The Natural Wedding Company

Hanging teacup lanterns instead of jam jar lanterns

There are so many ideas out there now which have been done over and over – jam jar lanterns and bunting spring to mind – but who says that means you still can’t use them if you love them? I’ve never been one to follow trends much, preferring to just go with what I love, so naturally that’s what I’d always encourage you to do to when it comes to planning your wedding.

I do, however, love it when I see a twist on a popular idea, as it just goes to show there’s still room for you to put your own stamp on an already common idea. That’s why I wanted to share these hanging teacup lanterns – at least that’s what I’m calling them! We hung jam jar lanterns around the edge of our wedding tents, and whilst it takes a fair amount of time to wire up jam jars and I imagine these teacups too, if you haven’t got a huge expanse to decorate then I think they’d be wonderful.

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Izzy Burton illustration

Opening up the blog to other real brides-to-be has been one of the best decisions I’ve made.  I hope you are enjoying and benefiting from the experiences, ideas and handmade projects they have been sharing here.  I’m so pleased with the outcome of this new feature that I will be looking for new TNWC Real Brides to start blogging in the autumn – if you’re interested stay tuned as I’ll be posting details on the blog shortly.

We are joined today we have the lovely Nik who is planning a relaxed coastal farm wedding at her home in Wales.  She’s sharing details of the fab hot chocolate wedding favours they’ve been making for their guests, and also some more personal thoughts on how she’s found planning a wedding alone a challenge.  

I hope you enjoy it – over to Nik…

Arranging Favours and Thank You’s – Our Last Big Job!

With six weeks to go until the wedding, we’ve been turning our efforts to the tasks on our ‘to do’ list that are able to be done in advance.  There seems to be so many things that have to wait until the week/night before the wedding, and it kind of felt as though we’d hit a bit of a ‘lull’ in the preparations, until I remembered that we hadn’t really started on one of the most important tasks – favours and gifts for our guests!  Whoops.

Heart-Warming Hot Chocolate Favours

Hand illustrated 'let love grow' wedding mug favours

From the word go, we wanted our favours to be something practical that would be used on the day of the wedding and that could be used again and again afterwards.

After much deliberation, I had a bit of a lightbulb moment and we decided that we would make hot chocolate stirring spoons for each of our guests, complete with a DIY hand-illustrated mug to commemorate the day (inspired by the work of illustrator OhNoRachio!, whose work I covet and purchase often!).

Hand illustrated 'let love grow' wedding mug favours

To add a little nod to the country we now call home, we arranged for Folksy seller Rescue & Revive to handstamp vintage teaspoons with the words ‘Llwy Garu’ –Welsh for lovespoon! Lovespoons are an old Welsh tradition, although they are typically carved out of wood.

Handstamped vintage 'lovespoon' teaspoon wedding favours

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Izzy Burton illustration

So we had a little break last week from our TNWC Real Brides series – the first of our real brides, Caroline, got married on May 18th in a beautiful farm wedding (you can see a gorgeous picture of Caroline and Gareth on their wedding day here on Facebook) and I can’t wait to hear all about it.

Today we have Emma back with us, and she only has 8 weeks to go until her big day in Cornwall.  These weddings are all coming so quickly!  She has a couple of gorgeous craft projects to share with you all today – a pretty decorated bottles for table flowers, a homemade blackboard seating plan, and the sweetest aisle liners I’ve seen.

Over to Emma to tell you what they’ve been up to…

All The Small Things (seem to bring the biggest headache)

Up until a week ago I was feeling calm, organised and under control with the planning going swimmingly.  Then suddenly with less than 8 weeks to go (EXCITED!) I started to get a bit worrisome.  All the big things have been well and truly ticked off the list but the little things seem like they have started breed!

Old glass bottles decorated with ribbons

I suspect this happens to every bride and the point at which where ‘bridezilla’ may start to rear her ugly head, I can feel it bubbling beneath the surface now… I think the main problem is worrying that we will forget something!  Like having enough tables for the caterer to put food on, sorting out music for the ceremony and how we are going to play it outside in the amphitheatre.

I have been worrying about things that we had slightly overlooked; like what we can feed our vegan guests when we are having a hog roast and cream tea (slight fail).  The only oven on site is an outdoor pizza oven…hmmm, still to be solved.

Antique glass bottle vases

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Herb wedding favours in flowerpots

Maybe this sounds a bit stupid, but when I saw this picture it reminded me the importance of telling your guests when something is meant to be taken home as a gift.  Many wedding favours are quite obviously there to be taken home – most often than not you find one in your place at dinner with your place card tied onto it.  But more and more of you are getting really creative with wedding favours, and I sometimes wonder whether guests know if they are supposed to take them or not.

I love the idea of these flowerpots planted up with herbs as a wedding favour, especially when they are incorporated into the table decorations (it also saves on money by doubling up table decorations as wedding favours), but will your guests know they’re allowed to take apart the table decoration?

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Rustic plant markers made from bamboo canape forks

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last New Wives Club post, mainly because as I’ve said before I’m really picky about the ideas I share on this feature, and consequently I find it a challenge to find something blogworthy each Sunday.

I came across this fab idea for using bamboo canapé forks/sticks as plant markers.  By coincidence, I have rather a lot of these exact bamboo canapé forks as I bought a bulk amount for a dinner party my mum had a couple of years ago.  They seem endless, and now I know what to use them for!

Plants labels from

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Glassine envelopes of birdseed confetti

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone!  I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far and are enjoying the extra day off from work and that the sun is shining for you.

You may have read my previous post on this apple farm wedding (if you haven’t, you must go have a look), well there was another idea from that wedding that I really wanted to share.  The couple chose birdseed as their confetti and packaged them up in these dainty little glassine envelopes with a pretty label.

I love the idea of birdseed confetti because like flower petal confetti it either bio-degrades or in the case of birdseed gets eaten up by the local bird population.  With some churches and venues reluctant to have confetti because of the misinterpreted ‘mess’ it will cause (and I completely understand why you wouldn’t want that old kind of plastic confetti blowing about) choosing an option like birdseed of dried flower petals is a great alternative.

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