Rustic shabby chic wedding invitations

Some of my favourite emails are from you lovely readers, sending me pictures of your wedding stationery that has been inspired by my own wedding invitations or save the dates.  Today I get to share with you Hollie’s wedding stationery, which was also inspired by ours, with a few tweaks and her own stamp on it.

Recycled brown card wedding invitations

She combined our two ideas, turning her wedding invitations into a larger version of our sealed save the dates.  I love this idea, I can imagine it would be lovely to receive one of these in the post and to unfold it.

Folded and sealed brown card wedding invitations

Rustic wedding invitations

Hollie also included additional information for her guests on luggage tags, decorated with a piece of lace before glueing the information on top.  I love this combination of brown recycled card, black text and the white lace effect.

Lace and brown card wedding luggage tags

Hollie told me, “They took me forever to make, but definitely worth it with the response I got from them – people said they looked very expensive and must have cost a fortune!”

You can view our original wedding invitation and save the dates, plus some other reader inspired wedding stationery from Eulyn and Lisa.  If you are searching for supplies to make wedding stationery like you’ve seen on the website, check out our DIY section for online shops stocking similar products.

Have you been inspired by our wedding stationery?  I would love to hear from anyone who has been inspired and if you are happy to send through some pictures of your creations that would be fantastic.  Do email me at


Rebecca on 12. May, 2012

I just love the simplicity of these! You have the floral postage stamps too! I have been trying to get hold of these with no luck. Any ideas if they have been discontinued?

CharlieB on 14. May, 2012

Hi Rebecca, I’ve had a search myself for those particular stamps and I fear they might have been discontinued as they no longer appear on the Royal Mail website – what a shame! You could always try calling the Stamps & Collectibles department at Royal Mail and enquiring, just in case – when I spoke to them at the time to order them they were very helpful xXx

CharlieB on 16. May, 2012

Hi Rebecca, an update to your postage query about those pretty botanical stamps – I’ve been told by another reader that you can find them on Ebay if you search for ‘Plant Stamps’ and then look through the listings. I had a quick search myself just now and saw a couple of listings for these stamps, so I hope that helps! xXx

Louise on 20. May, 2012

These are fantastic wedding invitations. They look like they have been professionally designed and made and are really unique.

Phoebe on 21. May, 2012

Hi Charlie,

Your invitations look wonderful. I love the vintage look about them with all the pretty finishing touches.

Just wondered if you could tell me where you found the coloured, straw- like string and the lace doilies you used. I’m thinking of making garlands (instead of bunting) to hang around our reception venue and they would be perfect.

CharlieB on 23. May, 2012

Hi Phoebe, unfortuately these weren’t actually my wedding invitations but one of my readers (that were inspired by ours). With regards to the bits you were after, that string you are after is in fact raffia – you can buy it from a website called Nutscene ( The lace doilies I imagine are just standard paper doilies – I just did a quick search for ‘paper doilies’ on Ebay and loads of options come up. I Hope that’s helpful! It sounds like a lovely idea to use those bits to make garlands 🙂

Dawn on 14. June, 2012

Love these! Have just bought some of the ‘Hairy Manilla’ and tried to print on it but my printer doesn’t like it 🙁

CharlieB on 18. June, 2012

Hi Dawn, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had trouble printing on the Hairy Manilla card, what thickness did you get? Are you able to amend the settings when you go to print to something like ‘card’ rather than ‘paper’ – sometimes this pulls the card in slower. If you want to drop me an email at with what happens when you try to print I can attempt to help you problem solve 🙂 xXx

Kyle on 23. October, 2012

Hello. These invitations look amazing. Just wondering if you knew what the font is on them. I really like it.
Thanks, Kyle.

CharlieB on 23. October, 2012

Hi Kyle, thanks for your message – these invites are inspired by my own wedding save the dates, which you can find details of how I made them here – this also include details of the fonts xXx

lucy on 26. November, 2012

Hi, love this design and the luggage tags are a great idea. How do you get them to not slip out of the side of the invitation when posted? Was just trying to figure it out but can’t! Thanks.

CharlieB on 27. November, 2012

Hi Lucy, I’ve just emailed Hollie to find out for you, so please check back soon and hopefully I will have an answer for you 🙂

CharlieB on 28. November, 2012

Hi Lucy – I heard back from Hollie who’s invites these were, and she said “When I tied the invites with the raffia I made sure that it went across the middle of the join therefore not giving enough room for the luggage tags to slip out.” Hope that helps 🙂

lucy on 2. December, 2012

Thanks both!

Kate on 3. December, 2012

Love this look, can you point me in the right direction to having these made? we dont really want to be making these ourselves?

CharlieB on 5. December, 2012

Hi Kate, thanks for your message and email about these invitations – unfortunately they were made by one of my readers (and inspired by my own handmade wedding stationery) so there isn’t a company who makes them, but I’ll be in touch by email with some suggestions for you. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

Miriam on 26. January, 2013

Hey these are so lovely just in the middle of putting some of my own together. Just wondered where a few of the bits were from. The brown kraft paper? Also the lace doilies, I have bought so much lace and none of it looks as great as these! Is the lace on the tags paper or fabric? Also I love the heart sealers that close the invitation where are they from?

Thank you!


CharlieB on 26. January, 2013

Hi Miriam, hopefully I can help with your queries. If you are UK based you can get brown kraft paper from, and The lace that Hollie used was fabric not paper. The heart seals that you like were copied from my save the dates – you can see my ‘how to’ blog post on those here which tell you how I made them and what from. Hope that helps xXx

lindsey on 28. January, 2013

I was wondering what the size of the packaging tags were.I keep finding different sizes online but since I can’t hold them in my hand I dont know which size to order. Also if I’m from the US can I order the hairy manilla paper that was used from that same website?

CharlieB on 28. January, 2013

Hi Lindsey, I’m not sure what size the luggage tags were, but I would recommend taking the measurements you find online and maybe drawing them out onto a piece of paper to get an idea of their size – then you’ll be able to see what size would best fit the information you want to include. With regards to ordering the paper/card from the UK website, they might ship it to the US but I would recommend looking for it in the US as it will probably be quite a high delivery cost – Etsy usually has quite a few shops who sell the brown card xXx

Emma on 11. March, 2013

I have made these ivite ut i cannot workout how to fold them 🙁

Taryn on 23. March, 2013

What size paper should I used for the invitations? All the free online invitation templates I have found are only 5×7 and that doesn’t seem big enough to fold!

CharlieB on 24. March, 2013

Hi Taryn, I think these invitations were done on A4 sized paper then folded depending on where she put her different bits of text. You should be able to make them any size and shouldn’t need a template – just space your text out where you want it into 3 sections and then leave gap for when you fold it xXx

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Jessica on 20. December, 2013

Hi- does anyone know if you can actually post envelopes wrapped with string like in the photo above? I was under the impression that bits of string, etc could get caught in the royal mail letter sorters. Has anyone sent cards and letters without any problems?

CharlieB on 20. December, 2013

Hi Jessica, these were based on my homemade save the dates and I sent them wrapped with the raffia tied round them. I did send a test one through the post to see if it reached us ok, which it did, but this was over 2 years ago when I sent mine out so it might well have changed since then. I would always recommend taking one to your local post office to get it weighed to ensure you get the appropriate stamp and also to send a test one to yourself to ensure it gets to you xXx

Carlywarly on 14. January, 2014

Determined to make these as there delightful… Struggling with the lace though any ideas?
Many many thanks x

CharlieB on 16. January, 2014

Hi Carlywarly – lovely to hear you’re making something similar, in what way are you struggling with the lace? Trying to find something similar? Attaching it to the card? Many thanks, Charlie xXx

Carlywarly on 17. January, 2014

Thanks for your reply…. Sourcing the lace … Is it lace or crochet style??


Thank you 🙂

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