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One of my lovely readers, Eulyn, got in touch to share her wedding invitations with me after being inspired by the wedding stationery we made for our wedding.  I can’t tell you how lovely it is to get emails and pictures like this, knowing that something you did inspired someone else – and a photo of another couples hard work.

handmade recycled brown card wedding invitations

If you’ve been inspired by the ‘save the dates’ or stationery that we created for our wedding, do send me an email – I’d love to hear from you and attach a couple of pictures so I can see (and maybe even share on the blog) what you’ve created – it would make my day.  It can get very lonely blogging away, sharing ideas and inspiration, so hearing that you were inspired by something you found here really makes me happy.

Get in touch with my by emailing


Emily on 27. January, 2012

THese look so great!! I love how light and natural they look.

CharlieB on 28. January, 2012

Aren’t they lovely, it’s so nice to see other couples take our idea and make it their own 🙂

Claire on 5. April, 2012

Can you let me know where the string is from?

CharlieB on 5. April, 2012

Hi Claire, I’ll try and locate Eulyn’s email address and ask her where she found it x

Amy on 29. June, 2012

We love the style of these invites, and really would like something very similar! Please could you point us in the right direction, regarding the materials?

CharlieB on 30. June, 2012

Hi Amy, so pleased you’ve been inspired – do check out the blog post on my original wedding stationery (that inspired this version from one of my readers): you will find details of the materials at the bottom. I will also email you parts 2-4 which are currently unavailable online so you get all the details. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

JCP on 4. July, 2012

CharlieB, could you please also send parts 2-4 by me to email please.

We are getting married next year and your ideas tie in so well with the theme of our wedding. They are outstanding!

CharlieB on 6. July, 2012

Hi JCP I will get an email over to you right away, it’s great to hear you’ve been inspired! x

Claire Armson-Smith on 7. August, 2012

Hello Charlie, can you email me parts 2 – 4 as well please! Xxx

CharlieB on 7. August, 2012

Hi Claire, of course I can, will email details over xXx

Katrina on 17. August, 2012

Hi Charlie, I love that tree (and the boy loves it too, can you believe?!!). Would you mind asking how she found that image of the tree? Thank you very much xx

CharlieB on 18. August, 2012

Hi Katrina, I’ve sent Eulyn a message and will be in touch if I hear back about the image of the tree. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

Hannah on 24. August, 2012

Hi, if I could have a copy of the instructions parts 2-4 that would be great, thanks!

CharlieB on 26. August, 2012

Hi Hannah, thanks for your message and of course you may – I’ll be in touch by email xXx

JenniferS on 22. September, 2012

I love your designs and have never thought about making my own invites and save the dates until now Thank you!! Will you please email the parts 2-4 to me too please? Xx

CharlieB on 24. September, 2012

Hi JenniferS, I’m delighted that you’ve been inspired to make your own invites and save the dates 🙂 I’ll email over you the full ‘how to’ guide xXx

Amy on 10. October, 2012

Charlie, I absolutely love these invites…I’m keen to make my own as well. Please can you also email me the full ‘how to’ guide!?!? Thanks Amy

CharlieB on 13. October, 2012

Hi Amy, of course I can I’m so pleased you like them 🙂 I’ll email you the full ‘how to’ guides shortly xXx

Victoria S on 14. October, 2012

Charlie, I also love these invites and would e very grateful if you could e mail me the how to guide as well, Many thanks! Victoria

CharlieB on 15. October, 2012

Hi Victoria, of course I can I’ll be in touch by email xXx

Jodi on 27. October, 2012

Hi, these invites are lovely just what I am trying to create. Could you please send me the full how to? Many thanks,

CharlieB on 28. October, 2012

Hi Jodi, thanks for your message and so pleased you like them, I’ll be in touch by email xXx

Jessica on 1. November, 2012

I love these invitations! this is just what I am looking to do for our wedding. could you please email me the complete details? thank you!

CharlieB on 1. November, 2012

Hi Jessica, lovely to hear you like my wedding stationery and want to do something similar for your own wedding. I’ll be in touch by email about the other ‘how to’ parts xXx

Charlotte on 1. November, 2012

Please could you e-mail me the full details as well, I really love all the hand made invitations on the blog and want to have a go at creating my own.

CharlieB on 1. November, 2012

Hi Charlotte, thanks for your message and of course I can send you the full details – it’s lovely to know you’ve been inspired and want to make your own xXx

Claire Armson-Smith on 15. November, 2012

Hi, lovely invites! Can you tell me if they are A5 or A6? Claire

CharlieB on 16. November, 2012

Hi Claire, I believe these are A5 🙂

Claire Armson-Smith on 21. November, 2012


Teresa on 17. December, 2012

Could you please email me parts 2-4 as well? our invitations are exactly the type of look I’m going for! So awesome!

CharlieB on 18. December, 2012

Hi Teresa, lovely to hear from you and that you like our invitations 🙂 I’ll be in touch by email about my other ‘how to’ guides xXx

rachel on 3. January, 2013

hi there – I LOVE this! Am in the middle of massive wedding stationery confusion and I’d love to find out how to make something similar: we have yet to find a design out there that is perfect for us, so maybe making our own is the answer! thank you! x

CharlieB on 3. January, 2013

Hi Rachel, so pleased you love my handmade wedding stationery – you can find the first part of my ‘how to’ guide on how I made it here The other parts of my guide aren’t currently online but if you’re interested to read them please just email me x

SarahB on 16. January, 2013

These invites are so beautiful and individual, I love the quirky artwork!
I’m halfway through making something similar for our wedding,and would be very very grateful if you could e-mail me parts 2 – 4. If we can acheive something half as lovely as these and the original designs we will be very happy.

CharlieB on 17. January, 2013

Hi SarahB, it’s lovely to hear you’re making something similar for your own wedding invitations. I will email you the other ‘how to’ parts for how I made our invitations xXx

LorraineP on 6. February, 2013

Wow these invitations are so lovely. The creative memory banks were running dangerously low but now I’m feeling inspired again! I particularly love the tree design on Eulyn’s invitations and the font on the RSVP tags. I have been looking all over for a similar font without any joy so far. Is there any chance at all that you might be able to help? Thanks so much, and so glad I stumbled across your page. Well done you on your amazing invitations!

CharlieB on 7. February, 2013

Hi LorraineP thanks for your lovely comment and delighted to hear you’ve been inspired. I don’t think the writing on the luggage tags is a font, I think they are handwritten, which doesn’t help you much. Have you had a look on websites like for a handwriting style font you like? They have a great selection and they are available to download for free. Best wishes, Charlie xXx

SarahP on 11. February, 2013

Hi Charlie – love love love your invites, they’re so unique. I’ve been looking all over for help with making my own. Please can you email me parts 2-4 so I can have a go? Thanks!

CharlieB on 12. February, 2013

Hi SarahP thanks for your message about my invites, of course I’ll email you the additional ‘how to’ guides xXx

Leah on 25. June, 2014

Hi,could you e-mail me parts 2 – 4 too please. I love the tree and am intrigued if these were illustrations or clip arts? Thanks

CharlieB on 8. July, 2014

Hi Leah, I’ll email about my stationery how to, but with regards to the tree, I believe it was a hand-drawn illustration by Eulyn the bride 🙂

Debbie on 26. March, 2015

Hi Charlie, I would so appreciate any information you have from the gal who made these lovely invitations 🙂 a friend of mine is getting married and really likes this design. I will hopefully be helping her to create these invitations…thanks so much for sharing!!

CharlieB on 31. March, 2015

Hi Debbie, unfortunately all the information I have is in this blog post – have you checked out my original blog post on my wedding stationery (which inspired this design?) as there is lots more info on how I made them

KaitlinZ on 15. July, 2015

Hello! How did you get the tree that is on the invitation above for Mark and Euylne? I love it and would love to use it on my invitations.
Please let me know

CharlieB on 26. July, 2015

Hi KaitlinZ, Eulyn actually drew the tree herself and scanned it in to use on her invitations. Sorry I can’t help more! Charlie x

Marcia on 17. January, 2016

Hi, I’ve just found your blog & absolutely loving it. Would you possibly send me the other parts to how you made your invites? I’m not very creative but if successful I’ll send you photos

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