I recently came across a fabulous Etsy seller called Fairyfolk, which inspired me to showcase a few unusual but frankly cool felt buttonholes.  Now I’m the first to admit I’m a complete sucker for fresh, seasonal flowers, but these are enough to persuade me otherwise…

Woodland Boutonniere

These fun and elegant woodland inspired buttonholes are handmade by Etsy seller Fairyfolk.  I love how simple this idea is, but how stunning the result is – just three different coloured tiny ‘wool blooms’ and a pretty earthy brown ribbon.

Kite Buttonholes

Image: Ben Blood

These kite buttonholes were made by the bride and groom from felt, and I reckon for a crafty bride they wouldn’t be difficult to recreate.  A little bit of stitching down the middle, and a kite tail made from a strand of wool.  What a totally unique idea!

Hooray Pennant Brooch

Although listed as a brooch, I reckon these funky mini flags would double up as great buttonholes.  Made by another Etsy seller called Chet and Dot, they have a tiny pin at the back to fasten them on and I just love the tiny ‘hooray’ stitched onto the flag.  Again, another one that could be made by a craft bride or a friend nifty with a needle.

Is anyone going for a different or quirky buttonhole?  Are you making them yourselves?  Do get in contact or leave a comment as I would love to get some more ideas on alternatives to traditional floral buttonholes.


The Magic Onions on 18. August, 2011

Thank you for such a lovely feature… I’m totally honored 🙂
Blessings and magic to you,
Donni (Fairyfolk)

Stephanie on 19. October, 2015

youve inspired me. These are the buttonholes im creating.
My balls keep falling from the stems though, how did you hold yours in place??

CharlieB on 22. October, 2015

Hi Stephanie, unfortunately I didn’t make these they were just a selection of buttonholes I’d found online. Have you tried a bit of glue or something like that to secure them?

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