Pastel iced doughnuts decorated with crystallised edible flowers and mini chocolate eggs? Could these be any more pretty and totally perfect for a spring wedding.

Made by TNWC Recommended Supplier Eat My Flowers, inspired by Martha Stewart, these doughnuts are made using bought doughnuts, a simple icing, and crystallised flowers. I would love to try this out with mini ring doughnuts (if such a thing exists!) – packaged in individual brown craft boxes wouldn’t they make lovely wedding favours? In fact I don’t think they’d make it home!


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Easter Simnel cake with edible crystallised flowers

I must say I hadn’t really heard of Simnel cake until a few years ago, and I certainly haven’t ever tried one.  But I do love traditions, and Simnel cake is often eaten over Easter.  I particularly love the way this one, created by TNWC business Eat My Flowers, is decorated – both the colours (yellow and purple), the little pile of chocolate eggs, and those beautiful crystallised edible spring flowers.

Sarah who runs Eat My Flowers shared her recipe for this Simnel cake and I thought it would be a nice thing to share with you all.  Many of us who life making things, often like making sweet treats, so I thought you wouldn’t mind a recipe.  Even if you don’t fancy making a Simnel cake, you could always take inspiration from the way Eat My Flowers decorated it, and use this on an Easter cake of your choice.

According to Sarah from Eat My Flowers, “the cake is made with 11 balls of marzipan icing on top representing the 11 disciples. (Judas is not included.) Traditionally, sugar violets would also be added.  Simnel cake is very easy to make and because of the extra layer of marzipan is very moist and keeps well.”  Her recipe is from Mary Berry.

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Spring wedding picnic in a field

Sometimes emails land in your inbox that totally inspire you, I had one such email last week from Sarah at Eat My Flowers with her ideas for floral inspired menu.  Immediately I was dreaming up a spring wedding picnic based on her menu ideas and thought that you all might like to be inspired as well.

Why not serve your wedding guests a slightly different take on the English afternoon tea, starting with dainty sandwiches filled with organic free range egg and wild hedgerow leaves.  Almost too pretty to eat!

Free range eggs and wild leaf sandwiches

Sarah suggests “Swap one layer of the free range egg mayonnaise with a selection of wild leaves such as sorrel and hedge mustard, and edible flowers such wild rocket, violas and mustard.  The peppery leaves and flowers make a novel alternative to cress.”

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Yesterday evening I had a wonderful time learning how to decorate cupcakes with And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon.  Whether you are wanting to plan a more alternative and meaningful hen party, or you’re planning on making your own wedding cake from cupcakes, you should consider having a cupcake decorating party.

Our evening looked a bit like this – just at night – I hope to share a photo of my cupcakes when they’re available…

Image: Jonny Draper

There are some wonderful businesses out there offering these services, and tailored specifically for hen parties and weddings.  They can be found all over the country, but some in particular are a bit special, I think, because they are passionate and committed to using high quality ingredients – fair trade, free range, organic, seasonal, local.

So today I’m paying homage to them.  Girls, its time to roll up your sleeves, pop on your apron, and learn a great new skill – and have a good giggle with your girl friends while you’re at it.

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