Unique eco wedding rings with wood, flat steel 5mm with oak diamond dust, purple agate, amethyst, turquoise and sand

Unique wedding rings from Eco Wood Rings

Having partnered with Eco Wood Rings since they started out in 2011, we’ve always loved the way that their custom wedding rings offer a connection to the land and how couples can choose materials and design features that make their rings unique and personal to them.

Adding materials from special places or even treasured possessions is a hugely original way to encapsulate your love story. Eco Wood Rings have worked with a wide range of materials with personal meaning, ranging from a childhood swing to a trophy skateboard, as well as shells, sand, rocks and other materials from significant beaches, mountains and rivers around the world. You can be as wild and wonderful as you like with your ideas.

9ct white gold and oak wedding ring

Here we look at some of the many meaningful features that can be included in an eco wood ring, along with real life customer stories showcasing beautiful (and often highly sentimental) examples. We hope that you will feel inspired to create your own unique and beautiful custom wedding rings which perfectly tell your story.

Eco Wood Rings is a Recommended Supplier of The Natural Wedding Company directory. Find out more about them here.

The Wood – choices for your unique eco wedding rings

Log pile

Whilst Eco Wood Rings have their own extensive stock of woods, sustainably sourced from across the UK and world, many of their custom wedding ring designs are made using customer-supplied woods with meaning.

One wonderful example of this is Ben’s bentwood wedding ring. He decided on a Welsh ash ring (where he’s from) with inlays of willow (their surname is now Willows) and the pièce de résistance – oak, hand sourced by the Eco Wood Rings team, from a tree growing beside the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, where he and Jess first met!

Oak by Pyramid stage at Glastonbury

Find out more and see the finished ring here: A Little More Than Music

The Metal

9ct white gold wedding ring with Welsh Oak and Gold Mountain on Slate

That’s right, wood rings don’t have to be made entirely from wood! Eco Wood Rings also specialise in metal rings with wood inlays, with options including titanium, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, steel and platinum.

The metal element of the ring can either form part of the inlay inside a metal or wood ring – like the heirloom mountain ring example seen here – or the main band of the ring, with the wood element being purely decorative.

Making a wedding ring

For Magnus, it was immediately obvious which wood and metal combination he would be going for. It was a sycamore tree which came dangerously close to ending his life as he knew it and his spine is now fused together with titanium!

Wedding couple with Land Rover
Sycamore wood and titanium ethical wedding ring

Read more here: A Ring to Not Die For

The Inlay Materials – inspiration for your unique eco wedding rings

Unique eco wood wedding ring with inlay of flower petals

As seen above, many of the designs that Eco Wood Rings produce include inlays of woods and/or metals. However, that is just the beginning! You can also include materials such as crushed stones, sand, shells and well, you name it, Eco Wood Rings can incorporate it into your custom wedding ring designs. Inlays can either be centred or off-centre and measure anything from 0.5 to 8mm wide, giving lots of scope for further personalisation.

Brighton pebbles and sand for unique eco wedding ring

For the wooden wedding rings featured in the story below, Emma and Laura added sand from their local beach to symbolize their love of the sea. The rest of the blue was made of up of fragments of a Mermaid Gin bottle that they provided – one of their favourite drinks.

Brighton sand and blue gin bottle glass eco wedding ring

Check out their stunning bentwood wedding rings and gorgeous story here: Brilliant Blues

The Liner

Welsh Oak eco wood wedding ring with Mother of Pearl Opal Diamond Dust and Diamonds

Another lovely design feature which allows you to customise your wooden wedding rings further is to add a liner on the inside of the ring, which can contrast beautifully with the outside of the band. Liners are available in most metals and woods, as well as carbon fibre.

Walnut wood unique eco wedding ring with Carbon liner and a circle of Crushed Emerald and Malachite

For Kim’s simple wedding ring design, she added a titanium liner because her bike is made from the same metal – an almost magical mixture of strength and lightness, perfect for her gravel cycling and bike packing adventures. Forming the core of her ring, it adds extra resilience to the design as well as a dull earthy colour that works perfectly with the rich walnut.

Eco wood wedding ring from Walnut wood and Titanium

See the design and read the story here: Laid Back Love

Inscriptions – personalise your unique eco wedding rings

Unique eco wedding ring of Peachwood with Silver & Moissanite and inspiration reading I LOVE YOU I DO

Including an inscription in your wooden wedding rings is a lovely way to personalise your designs further, and again the options are endless. It could be the date you met, a name, perhaps even the coordinates for a very special place.

9ct White Gold eco wedding ring with inlay of Tone Oak wood and engraving

That’s exactly what Rob decided on when he included the coordinates of the spot where he proposed at Machu Picchu.

Oak eco wedding ring with Three Mountains using Peruvian coins and grey slate green volcanic stone

You can read the story and see the finished design here: A Clifftop Proposal in Peru

Stones in Settings

9ct Yellow Gold eco wedding ring with Whisky Oak & Emerald

You can include a wide range of gemstones in settings in your eco wood ring, whether it be a metal ring with wood inlay, or a bentwood ring. Examples of gemstones they have previously used to create unique wedding rings are diamond, moissanite, emerald, garnet, peridot, ruby, sapphire and topaz to name but a few!

Eco wedding ring of 9ct White Gold with Mohogany & Moissanite

Incorporating a stone is a lovely way to personalise your wedding ring too. For Paul the choice was clear – a black diamond set in a white gold bezel. We hope you’ll agree that the ring is just as stunning as his Thai sunrise proposal location and moment!

Unique eco wood wedding ring of Greyed Maple with Black Diamond

You can judge for yourself here: A Very Special Sunrise

Feeling Inspired?

If you’ve got this far then you’ve seen that you have a unique opportunity to create something truly meaningful when you choose a custom wedding ring from Eco Wood Rings. The possibilities are infinite. Your ring can tell a story, capture a moment in time and be a beautiful reflection of what really matters to you as a couple. 

Eco wood wedding rings of Greyed Maple with Titanium Silver Paua Shell and Pounamu

A handmade wooden wedding ring is a thoughtful choice whilst being both affordable, ethical and sustainable.

Feeling inspired and want to see more? Head on over to view our Bespoke Designs or check out the beautiful Eco Wood Rings Pinterest board and Instagram feed to see what other, like minded folk have created.

Eco wedding ring of wood and metal

Ready To Go?

Designing your unique wedding rings is a simple process, which Eco Wood Rings have explained in this useful custom ring design guide.

The next thing to do is to complete their Ring Enquiry Form. Enjoy the process and please do share your design photos with us!

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