TNWC Real Brides: Em's sharing details of the floral theme that's emerging for her summer wedding at Norton Priory

Firstly a huge apologies from me as I am so behind on this year’s Real Brides posts. The lovely Em, Fern and Vicky have been diligently sending me their posts and I haven’t been posting regularly – so apologies both to them and to my readers who have been following along. 

Over to Em…

Floral theme for summer wedding

In terms of planning, on my first blog post I thought time was going quickly; now it is positively racing past. After deciding on a venue which was dear to our hearts at Norton Priory Gardens, and sending out the ‘save the dates’ in midwinter tones, I guess I began to sit back a bit as life carried on around the wedding organisation.

The twist in our tale has been that within months of sending out the ‘save the dates’ to close friends and family, I have landed a new job and we have sold our house – effectively meaning that we are literally upping sticks to make a new life together this year. Within a couple of months, we are hoping to move, get married and start new roles; so 2015 is becoming a big year for us all!

With that in mind, I am so glad that we made key decisions early on about a relaxed quite bohemian vintage feel to the wedding and had arranged the venue and location for the ceremony early on, as this has made it much easier to style what we wanted without becoming distracted by magazines, bridal fairs and the plethora of wedding related paraphernalia!

Norton Priory Gardens

Walled garden wedding venue

As we are based at Norton Priory in the walled gardens, we were both keen to have a floral theme to the wedding that brought ‘the outside in’, and this has precluded having any real colour scheme running throughout the whole day.

There will be a palette which nods to the wedding vibe, and deciding this linked to a vintage fun look has enabled us to tone everything else around key features for our day. While we made the ‘save the dates’ ourselves, with big – and fun! – life changes afoot, we had to think practically about our choices while retaining some creative control and quirkiness.

I didn’t want to sacrifice the individuality which was important to us, and we have trawled through lots of examples of designs to find images and styles which we feel suit our personalities.

I have to say books have been invaluable – I particularly like these three which I bought second hand and therefore saved a packet, plus it’s nice to think someone is passing them on after their own wedding/crafty projects! All of these books have given me ideas about print and colour which have informed my choices for the wedding.

Book inspiration for wedding

Books – Cath Kidston’s ‘in print’, Emma Arendoski’s ‘The Handcrafted Wedding’ and Lucy Morris’ ‘The Complete Vintage Wedding Guide’ all sourced from Amazon second hand.

Bright butterfly and floral wedding invitations

The invites we are particularly happy with, and these have been sourced from Not On the High Street, from a seller called Skinny Malink in Edinburgh who has a range of beautiful designs. The colours on the day invite really ‘pop’ and reminded me of Andy Warhol designs, which seemed perfect for the beginning of summer when the gardens will be a riot of colour.

Butterfly and flower wedding invitations

Eco-friendly website wedding invitations

The evening invites have arrived very recently, and we have ordered these in the second colour way and same design to echo the floral theme. We decided rather than send out a lot of paper – quite time consuming and not very ecologically friendly in our view! – we used Getting Married to set up a site of information, so that the invites could speak for themselves and the key information could be accessed with online RSVPs and links to accommodation.

Wedding website

We have found the site easy to use and fun to set up, and also with a password to the site, it keeps it private to close friends and family. To make this more personal, I hand wrote a postcard for each invitation on to a Pantone postcard as in the photo above, which looked great inside the envelope and added a burst of colour with the printed envelope liner too.

Vintage rose floral fabric

Vintage floral palette

The palette we are going for has moved from here to a vintage set of tones and big roses/hydrangeas, which are providing the key accents for several other aspects of the wedding planning. I went to Abakhan in Mostyn on a fabric sourcing mission a few weeks back with two of my bridesmaids, and we picked up some beautiful fabric off cuts which we will be making into bunting – sometime when I am not packing up the house! – to decorate the area where we are getting married.

Vintage hydrangea floral fabric

I was so excited about this, as it really felt that the wedding was coming together and seeing the colours here has sparked my imagination linked to our flowers on the day!

Wedding cake by Amy Swann Cakes

Amy Swann wedding cake

Lastly, I have sent this image (above) recently to Amy Swann who is designing our cake – I am lucky enough to have her as a friend and she has started thinking about linking this to our design for the cake. I love her designs and I am astounded at her creativity and skill!

Signing off for now – better get packing!

Images: (1 – 7) Brides own pictures; (8) Amy Swann Cakes


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