DIY guide to creating painted clothes peg name cards for your homemade wedding from A Alicia Handmade


Peg place card with vintage fabric napkin

Today’s guest blog post is another fab DIY guide, this time from the lovely Anna who is the designer behind A Alicia Handmade.  She has put together this ‘how to’ guide for making peg name cards, and also has lots of advice on how to give them your own style!

Without further ado, it’s over to Anna…

Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a designer-maker and author of craft/interiors how-to book Make it Your Own. The idea behind the book was to encourage anyone trying the projects to explore and develop their own design style, to literally make the projects their own, and I think this principle couldn’t be more important in planning your wedding.

Whatever kind of day you’re planning – from a big do with loads of guests to a tiny ceremony followed by chips and champagne in a lovely old pub (mine was the latter option!) – it’s such a beautiful opportunity to explore who the two of you are.

Make It Your Own

So although this ‘how to’ comes with instructions, as all good ‘how to’s’ must, it definitely doesn’t come with rules! There are so many options for this simple project (a re-imagining of one of the projects from my book  – the painted name pegs are really just a jumping-off point.

Paper decorations and wooden peg name card

DIY Painted Clothes Peg Name Cards

Materials and equipment:

  • Wooden clothes pegs (one for each guest)
  • Acrylic paint in a pale colour (or this is a good use for those leftover emulsion match-pots I always seem to end up with!)
  • Narrow masking tape (available at craft and DIY shops or online)
  • Small paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Fine-liner or thin felt-tip pen
  • Scissors

Your choice of:

  • Fresh herb sprigs (rosemary and lavender would be perfect)
  • Leaves/foliage (if you live somewhere green you could forage for these!)
  • Small flowers
  • Thin card (or thick paper!) in several colours


DIY peg name card materials

How To:

1) Start by masking the sides of your pegs – stick masking tape all the way around the edges of your peg, lining the tape up with the top edge to give a neat mask around the face of your peg. Press the masking tape down firmly to make sure paint can’t get underneath!

2) Paint the face of your peg (you only need to paint one face of the peg for this project). Allow to dry, then add a second coat.

3) Once the second coat is dry remove the tape.

4) If the painted surface is a little rough once dry give it a bit of a sand with your sandpaper (so it is smoother to write on). Don’t worry if you sand through the paint here and there, this just adds to the handmade look!)

5) Once your paint is dry you’re ready to write your names on! If you go wrong just paint over and start again!

Styling Inspiration:

I’ve styled two different examples of how you could use these, to show just how different they can look.

In the first example the pegs each clutch a little sprig of fresh herbs, foliage or small flowers (I’ve used eucalyptus cut from my balcony garden!) – just make sure you use something that won’t wilt too quickly!  I also styled this one with a simple napkin made from vintage Japanese fabric (see top picture) – perfect for a laid-back, natural and elegant table.

Peg place setting with eucalyptus

The second example uses thin coloured card cut into flower and leaf shapes, with what initially looks like just a little cut-out heart nestling in the flowers – on closer inspection the heart unfolds into a beautiful keepsake doily for your guests to remember the day by.

Paper heart and flowers with clothes peg name card

The heart doily is made simply by cutting a circle of thin card, folding it in half, then in quarters, then once more, cutting a heart shape along the top edge, a point at the bottom and little half-hearts into the sides – just like making paper snowflakes at school! These would be great for a quirky, crafty, colourful wedding.

Paper heart doily

I could go on with more and more ideas for things your little painted pegs could clutch – old photos, fabric, vintage lace, sprigs of berries, autumn leaves, winter snowflakes – but I’ll get a hold of myself and leave it up to you!

What a wonderfully simple but neat project for bringing a handmade touch to your wedding – many thanks to Anna for sharing this DIY project with us.

A Alicia Handmade is a recommended supplier of The Natural Wedding Company.  Based in London, A Alicia Handmade produces exquisite handmade wedding/civil partnership accessories based on exploiting the textural and sculptural possibilities of ethically produced and vintage fabrics. They also host unique, memorable and fun hen party workshops using eco-ethical materials and vintage elements. 

Visit and for more details or contact Anna at


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