Sorbet coloured bridesmaid dresses and flowers from Ellie Gillard Photography

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and that the sun shone for you, at least a bit.  What better way to start the week than with an exclusive offer for all you lovely TNWC readers!  

One of recent additions to the directory, Ellie Gillard Photography, was keen to introduce herself to you – I was delighted because not only does Ellie take gorgeous photographs, but like all our businesses she does her bit to run her business in an eco-friendly way.  

So if you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer then get to know Ellie Gillard Photography a bit more, and enjoy looking at some beautiful pictures from weddings she’s captured.  Plus, at the bottom you’ll find an exclusive 15% off last minute availability offer if you book before the end of May 2013!  Over to Ellie…

Wax orange blossom tiara by Ellie Gillard Photography

Hi, I’m Ellie.  I’m the photographer, owner and general dogsbody at Ellie Gillard Photography.  I love to photograph couples who want to break for the norm, I always think a picture says a thousand words but what you might not know is that I’m also eco-friendly, both in my life and in the way I run my business.  So I make four key promises.

Woodland wedding ceremony by Ellie Gillard Photography

Firstly, I’ll need to travel to your wedding so I’ll use buses, trains, my feet or my blue bicycle to get to your wedding, and if it’s in an inaccessible or difficult to reach location I’ll either get as far as I can by the above and arrive by taxi or travel in a very fuel efficient Kia which has very low emissions.

Wedding details by Ellie Gillard Photography

Secondly, I’ll offer you recycled (and recycleable) packaging and my USBs are carbon neutral, or if you want to be super green there’s a digital, download only option.

Ellie Gillard Photography

Thirdly, I offer eco friendly albums made by Folio.  Made in the UK in Yorkshire, they are carbon neutral and even offer eco-friendly leather from a tannery that sends nothing to landfill.  There’s also beautiful cotton covers if you prefer an album with no animal products.

Wedding photography by Ellie Gillard Photography

Fourthly, I believe in supporting the post office, and keeping them alive for local people, so I endeavour to support them instead of using privatised courier companies (although better yet, we could meet for a coffee and I can hand you your beautiful photos, that’s always the best way!)

I hope that’s got your attention, now I’d like to offer all The Natural Wedding Company readers a last minute availability offer of 15% off their wedding photography if you book before the end of May 2013.

Bride and groom on sofa by Ellie Gillard Photography

To claim the offer

To claim your exclusive 15% off wedding photography from Ellie Gillard Photography just mention ‘The Natural Wedding Company’ when you enquire!

Terms and Conditions

1. This offer expired at midnight on 31st May 2013.
2. Booked is defined by returned contract and deposit.
3. 15% off is valid for 2013 weddings on free dates only.
4. 15% off is valid on Option One Collection only and not off the cost of any album.
5. Mention ‘The Natural Wedding Company’ when you enquire.


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