Win your wedding photography with Bohemian Weddings // Bohemian Weddings // The Natural Wedding Company

We have a wonderful competition for you to win your wedding photography with our photographer friends Bohemian Weddings. This month – March 2017 – we are celebrating our 10th birthday, and are blown away to be able to offer this truly remarkable gift to one lucky couple.

Having spent a weekend with Michael and Andrea of Bohemian Weddings last spring, I can hand on heart tell you that they are some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

Take a look at their website and the weddings they’ve captured, read about them, and see if you feel a connection. If you feel that connection, you’re getting married in this year (2017) and you haven’t found your soulmate photographers yet, read on for how to enter.

Win your wedding photography with Bohemian Weddings // Bohemian Weddings // The Natural Wedding Company

Win your wedding photography

I shall hand you over to Michael and Andrea to introduce this truly special competition that they are offering to The Natural Wedding Company couples…

We are all about making meaningful connections full of love and life. We love capturing memories through our creativity but we are also suckers for a good story. You can often find us blubbing behind our cameras at a good speech.

The Natural Wedding Company has connected us with so many great couples it would be our pleasure to give something back. As part of The Natural Wedding Company’s 10th Birthday Celebrations we are offering free wedding photography for one lucky couple getting married in 2017.

Win your wedding photography with Bohemian Weddings // Bohemian Weddings // The Natural Wedding Company

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Choosing your wedding dress - wear a wedding dress you can move in // Maureen du Preez // The Natural Wedding Company

Our friend and TNWC recommended photographer Maureen du Preez has a wonderful way with words. She is writing about wedding issues that we think are really important – not just what flowers to choose, or how to do your hair.

When looking for your wedding dress, have you prioritised how easily you can move in it? We’re not talking about just how well you can walk down the aisle, but truly move in it. Can you dance all night in it, be hugged all day, and eat all the good food? Is it a wedding dress you can wander through a forest in or hike across the moors in. Can you even get muddy in it?

If I haven’t already convinced you to think more about this, perhaps Maureen du Preez’s beautifully written words will.

Why You Should Choose A Wedding Dress You Can Move In

Choosing your wedding dress - wear a wedding dress you can move in // Maureen du Preez // The Natural Wedding Company

Dear bride-to-be,

Wear a wedding dress you can move in. You can love in. A gown that makes you feel like a queen who can dance all night until your bones ache, and be held tight by your loved ones all day long.

A dress you can climb hills in, explore forests, to reach that special place you long your love to be captured. Where the magical light spills in, and the trees canopy around.

Choosing your wedding dress - wear a wedding dress you can move in // Maureen du Preez // The Natural Wedding Company

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Dear bride-to-be, why you should consider an unplugged wedding ceremony // Maureen du Preez Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

The wedding industry can be full of information on what you need for you wedding, “must haves”, “can’t do without’s” and all manner of people telling you that your wedding day just won’t be a wedding if you don’t buy this that and what-have-you. Don’t get me wrong, I like to buy nice things as much as anyone else, but I often find myself feeling rather suffocated in this social media world that can make you feel like you just need to have so much stuff.

When I come across articles like this one, written by TNWC photographer Maureen du Preez, it feels like a big gush of fresh air that reminds me of what I want to share, to champion, to encourage when it comes to weddings.

With kind permission I am sharing this beautifully written piece on Why You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony, originally shared on Maureen du Preez’s blog. Included in this article are photographs from beautiful ‘unplugged weddings’.

Why You Should Have An Unplugged Wedding Ceremony

Artistic wedding photography for soulful couples // Maureen du Preez Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

An Open Letter to the Permanently Plugged.

I never really got this modern desire to photograph every single thing happening in front of me, which you may find strange coming from a photographer… I often just get so caught up in the moment that I don’t even think about grabbing my phone/camera from my bag. I prefer to enjoy the moment as it unfolds, without distractions, as it won’t happen again. After attending many weddings over the years I realise I’m in the minority though.

It’s during moments like the ceremony that I’m sometimes astounded at the amount of people all wielding phones, ipads etc, all desperately trying to take the same photo. Some of them stepping out into the aisle, blocking the professional photographer (and more importantly the groom’s!) view of the bride entering. Some of them ruining the pro’s capture by using their DSLR’s pop up flash.. A moment that can not be repeated now lost.

Artistic wedding photography for soulful couples // Maureen du Preez Photography // The Natural Wedding Company

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Natural beautiful wedding photography from Julie Anne Images // The Natural Wedding Company

I came across the most heartfelt post from a wedding photographer to her brides-to-be, which sends such an important message that I think many women need to hear ahead of their wedding day. Written by Julie Anne Images, one of our TNWC Recommended Suppliers, this letter of sorts is entitled “Dear Bride-to-be, please stop hating photos of yourself.”

As I share this, I am acutely aware that I am still one of those women who like to check photos on the camera when my husband has taken them, or cringe and want to untag myself from Facebook photos shared by friends. I am still learning, dear friends, to relinquish this urge, not only for myself but now because I have a daughter of my own. I don’t want her to grow up with these insecurities, and so I think must first be kind to ourselves (easier said than done I know).

Wedding day appearance anxieties

I must say, the one day where I really felt free of any of those feelings was my own wedding day. Both my husband and I do not like being the centre of attention and I was filled with horror at the idea of having cameras pointed at us all day. But when it came to the day itself, I didn’t think about it one bit, I let the pure happiness of the day wash over me and I never once thought about how my hair looked or whether someone was capturing ‘bad’ pictures of me. I hope if you too have anxieties about being photographed on your wedding day, that you can feel as free as I did.

With kind permission we are sharing Julie Anne’s message with you all. Over to Julie…

Natural beautiful wedding photography from Julie Anne Images // The Natural Wedding Company

Dear Bride-to-be, please stop hating pictures of yourself

…I’m the same, and I think I’ve worked it out. So often, we don’t enjoy looking at photos of ourselves because we’re used to getting ready in front of a mirror. Here’s the science bit: Our faces aren’t symmetrical and when we see them flipped as a mirror-image in a photograph, it takes us by surprise. Not to mention the fact that we each have either a left or right dominant eye for vision – add this into the mix with an asymmetrical face seen the other-way-round from the view we’re used to in the mirror, and it’s no wonder we often take a dislike to our appearance in a photograph.

And so we find ways to curate what we look like. We take selfies slightly from above so our eyes look bigger and our chins disappear – and how any mirror selfies do you see, posted publicly because as a reflected image those are the features, the view, the wielder of the phone-camera is used to? We’re not familiar with the full-length or side-on perspective. We criticise the aspects of our looks that in themselves are the very family resemblances that the gene pool passed on from those we love (I have my dad’s earlobes, my mum’s freckles and build, and I never got my teeth fixed…).

Natural beautiful wedding photography from Julie Anne Images // The Natural Wedding Company

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Contemporary boho bride with braided hair // Taylor Wolf Photography

I am excited to announce that the lovely Gemma of Betti Confetti Photography is offering four of our couples the opportunity to save nearly £500 on wedding photography. When she proposed this exclusive offer to me I was delighted that I’d be able to share it as I know that opportunities like this are rare, but pretty special if you can take advantage of them.

Relaxed and natural wedding photography // Taylor Wolf Photography

Natural wedding photography // Taylor Wolf Photography

Black and white wedding photography // Taylor Wolf Photography

Save nearly £500

In celebration of 2016 being a Leap Year, Gemma of Betti Confetti Photography is offering 29% off her complete wedding photography package, which amounts to a saving of £464. But the offer is only available to the first four couples who book mentioning this Leap Year offer (and it expires on 4th April 2016) – so if you love Gemma’s photography don’t hang around, drop her an email at and start chatting.

Natural and romantic wedding photography // Taylor Wolf Photography

Hanging lanterns // Taylor Wolf Photography

Beautiful natural wedding photography // Taylor Wolf Photography

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His and Hers wooden wedding ring boxes

Today we have a guest blog post from Michael and Andrea of Bohemian Weddings, one of our recommended wedding photographers, who have tips and advice on what to ask your wedding photographer to make sure you get the perfect photographer and feel for your wedding day. 

Over to Michael and Andrea from Bohemian Weddings

It may sound obvious but one of the most important things to us as wedding photographers is our relationship with our couples. The reason for this is simple, if we have a good relationship the couple are relaxed, we are relaxed and this really really shows in every photograph we take.

If you have just started your search for your perfect wedding photographer this is an exciting time as there are so many talented people out there who are amazing to work with. But it is important to note that the wedding industry like any other does also have its undesirables and unlike big corporate companies there is no law to enforce vetting of small self-employed photographers…it’s down to you folks!

To help you make the right choice we are going to guide you through what to expect based on questions we receive from our couples.

Bluebell wood engagement shoot from Bohemian Weddings

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Sorbet coloured bridesmaid dresses and flowers from Ellie Gillard Photography

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend and that the sun shone for you, at least a bit.  What better way to start the week than with an exclusive offer for all you lovely TNWC readers!  

One of recent additions to the directory, Ellie Gillard Photography, was keen to introduce herself to you – I was delighted because not only does Ellie take gorgeous photographs, but like all our businesses she does her bit to run her business in an eco-friendly way.  

So if you’re on the hunt for a wedding photographer then get to know Ellie Gillard Photography a bit more, and enjoy looking at some beautiful pictures from weddings she’s captured.  Plus, at the bottom you’ll find an exclusive 15% off last minute availability offer if you book before the end of May 2013!  Over to Ellie…

Wax orange blossom tiara by Ellie Gillard Photography

Hi, I’m Ellie.  I’m the photographer, owner and general dogsbody at Ellie Gillard Photography.  I love to photograph couples who want to break for the norm, I always think a picture says a thousand words but what you might not know is that I’m also eco-friendly, both in my life and in the way I run my business.  So I make four key promises.

Woodland wedding ceremony by Ellie Gillard Photography

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