Recently I have seen so many beautiful ideas for buttonholes that I have been inspired to design my own for this month’s *creative project*.  Sometime soon I will pull all the images together and showcase them on the blog as they are well worth sharing.

I have created my buttonholes for a cosy Christmas wedding, choosing some of the vibrant red berries that there are in the hedgerows at the moment combined with dark glossy greens.


On Sunday I could be found stuck in hedgerows on the country lanes of Surrey searching for a selection of berries that I could use in this month’s project – with Mr Rigg sat in the car reading the newspaper wondering what on earth I was up to.


Anyway, I opted for a sprig of plump, glossy hawthorn berries and one of blood red rosehips.  I have paired the rosehips with a small branch of bay leaves found in my garden (and many of yours I’m sure) and the hawthorn berries with some variegated ivy.


Using some floral tape (I must confess I only had sellotape in the house but I wouldn’t recommend it for a wedding as I don’t think it would hold!) simply bind your chosen selection of berries and leaves together into a small posy.


Next, choose a complimentary ribbon or twine – I chose a moss green and a Christmassy tartan – and wind this round the tape a couple of times.  Secure the ribbon at the back of the buttonhole and you’re finished!


emma macpherson on 3. November, 2010

Is there any way to preserve the berries so I can use them at Christmas in my decorations?
In the past when I have picked them they have shrivelled up and I am not sure they will last on the bush until Christmas.

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