I came across this stunning silk bunting made from vintage sarees on one of the businesses listed on the directoryGanesha is a fair trade shop that sells gorgeous gifts, accessories and bits for your house – but this bunting really stood out.

I’m beginning to feel like I’m a bit bunting-ed out, the stuff is all over the wedding world, you feel like you won’t ever see an original piece of bunting and that it’s only ever floral or Cath Kidston-inspired.  Then you stumble across bunting like this, which is not only made from vintage silk, but it’s also recycling an unloved product, and on top of this each string is unique.

Lovely at a wedding, but also perfect for a hanging in your bedroom.  Yey for interesting and different bunting!

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I’ve decided to split the ‘do it yourself’ for our wedding stationery into four parts as there seemed too much to share in just one post, and I didn’t want you all nodding off.  So without further ado, here’s Part 1.

First off, you should know I did all of this in Microsoft Word.  Perhaps insane, as Word is not meant for graphic design, but it’s what I have.  I don’t have any fancy software packages, so I had to do the best that I could with what I had.  Yes, it undoubtedly caused headaches and extra time faffing about, but I got where I wanted in the end and I’m proud of my effort.

The Invitation


For me, our invitation needed to reflect what our wedding was going to be about.  I wanted people to get excited (hopefully!) and have a sense of what kind of wedding they were going to. 

I went through various different ideas, including sewing mini bunting onto each card, which I decided might kill me off and wasn’t a true reflection of our wedding day.  Here are the some of the ideas I was inspired by…

From left to right starting at the top: found Once Wed; Perch Papiers; Junkaholique; Ruffled; unknown; found Snippet & Ink; unknown; Heather Ross; Ruffled; found Twig & Thistle

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Coming tomorrow…

And don’t forget to check out our handmade ‘save the date’ cards and details of how we made them if you haven’t seen them yet.

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Here goes with the first of my ‘do it yourself’ guides from our wedding – lots of detail, I know, but this is for anyone wishing to recreate elements themselves.

*Please note that my ‘how to’ guide is for individual, private use, and not to be used for distribution or resale. Many thanks.*

Would love to know what you think and if there’s anything else you want details of.

Our ‘save the dates’ were envelope-less and quite tiny.  I saw this fantastic idea and thought it was brilliant (some people are so talented!) – so I set about making my own version.

We used 100% recycled brown card from a wonderful website called eco-craft (we bought almost all our paper and card for wedding projects from here) – I love that this brown card is called ‘Hairy Manilla’ – very un-weddingy!

I created the design on Microsoft Word – fitting three ‘save the dates’ to one piece of landscape A4 (I’ll include full details of fonts used at the bottom of the post for anyone interested).

I wanted something simple and quite rustic looking, so we just went for text and a tiny image, similar to the cow parsley that lines the hedges in May at the time of our wedding.

It took a bit of fiddling about and printing off copies to get the text in the right place for where we wanted the folds.  The card is scored in two places, making three parts, and then sealed at the back (hence no need for an envelope).

After printing the ‘save the dates’, I used my trusty guillotine (couldn’t have got through many a moment without it – essential kit for anyone planning on making paper items for their wedding) to slice them into three.  Next I faintly drew on pencil lines for where the folds would be, then used the blade on my scissors to gently score a fold.

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Deep breath… I have been really nervous about sharing our wedding details, but I’m finally ready to take the plunge.  Up first are our handmade ‘save the dates’.  They are quite tiny, printed onto 100% recycled brown card and don’t need an envelope.

These shots were taken by our wonderful photographer Mark Tattersall and show the ‘save the dates’ open and sealed up.

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This pretty floral bracelet is made from reclaimed biscuit tins – who would have guessed that such a beautiful item could come from such humble beginnings!  It’s made by the talented Kate Hamilton-Hunter Studio who is featured on the directory.  I think it would be lovely for either a bride or bridesmaid looking for jewellery that’s a bit different.

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I am currently on the hunt for pretty shoes to wear on my wedding day.  With a vintage style wedding dress that is quite delicate, I need shoes that complement it nicely, and ideally meet my ethical and/or eco wishes.

So when I was reading my e-newsletter from Daisy Green and saw an article on shoes made with recycled vintage textiles and leathers.  Intrigued I followed the link to the TRAIDremade website and discovered the below two shoes that I’ve fallen in love with…

Wouldn’t they make gorgeous wedding shoes?

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