I am currently on the hunt for pretty shoes to wear on my wedding day.  With a vintage style wedding dress that is quite delicate, I need shoes that complement it nicely, and ideally meet my ethical and/or eco wishes.

So when I was reading my e-newsletter from Daisy Green and saw an article on shoes made with recycled vintage textiles and leathers.  Intrigued I followed the link to the TRAIDremade website and discovered the below two shoes that I’ve fallen in love with…

Wouldn’t they make gorgeous wedding shoes?

And they are reasonably priced so great for budget savvy brides.  I have emailed them to my sister and mom to see what they think.  I’ll keep you posted!

Has anyone else found lovely ethical or eco wedding shoes?


jessy nguyen on 3. October, 2010

your shoes ‘re pretty. I can see you love these shoes so much. i have some recycled sandals here, which is made from recycled materials . if you want, you can take a look at it. And don’t forget to tell me what you think about it

jessy nguyen on 3. October, 2010

cindy on 7. February, 2014

Where do I get these shoes please I need a pair

CharlieB on 9. February, 2014

Hi Cindy, the link to where I found them is in the blog post, although it was quite some years ago now so they may not still be available xXx

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