A May wedding bouquet of apple blossom, cow parsley and other exquisite English wildflowers and spring flowers // Common Farm Flowers // The Natural Wedding Company

May wedding bouquet of apple blossom and cow parsley

If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you’ll know by now that I’m an absolute sucker for a May wedding. In fact, just the month of May in general. I love it for so many reasons – it’s my birthday month, it’s the month we got married, it’s the month of bluebells, cow parsley, hawthorn blossom, and so much more. So I am always excited when this month arrives to see what creations my fabulous flower farmer and florist friends create for May weddings.

This bridal bouquet from Common Farm Flowers caught my attention immediately at the mention of May bouquet with apple blossom – really, what could be lovelier?

A May wedding bouquet of apple blossom, cow parsley and other exquisite English wildflowers and spring flowers // Common Farm Flowers // The Natural Wedding Company

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Spring blossom

Sometimes I get the urge to do a whole blog post dedicated to one particular flower.  Usually I’ve seen something that inspires me and off I head into the internet in search of inspiration on that particularly bloom.  I’ve previously done ‘an ode to violets’ and ‘an ode to old-fashioned roses’ and just last week ‘an ode to snake’s head fritillary’ and was pleasantly surprised by the ideas I found.

Today I want to share a seasonal ode to springtime blossom.  The few fruit trees that I have in my garden (cherry, apple, and crab apple) have made my garden frothy pink and white these past few weeks, and the air has been swirling with their petals.  I am completely in-love with this time of year – as you will see later today when I share the anniversary gift I had commissioned.

Apple blossom

So when it comes to weddings, how can you use blossom?  Firstly, this is a truly seasonal spring wedding bloom, I can’t imagine you can find it out of season and if you can it will be astronomically expensive, and besides, who wants blossom in October?  Here are some of the ideas that I came across to inspire you to incorporate blossom into your spring wedding.

Grouped vases

If you have certain areas of your wedding venue that you want to decorate with florals, why not collect a variety of large clear glass vases and jars and fill them with apple blossom cuttings.  The variety of jars and glasses adds a certain quirkiness to the look whilst remaining elegant with the uniformity of clear glass and soft apple blossom.

Mismatched vases of apple blossom

Apple blossom wedding decorations


Finding blossom in bouquets was more of a challenge, but I did find a couple of beauties that showed how you could incorporate branches of blossom into your spring wedding bouquet.

This pretty trailing bouquet features pink blossom and what I think are sweetpeas.  Along with some striking leaves and a big bow, this is my favourite of the blossom bouquets I came across.

Trailing blossom and sweetpea bouquet

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Rustic spring wedding table inspiration with apple blossom

Although we are now into April and should be seeing signs of spring, it still seems very much ‘dead’ looking around us, and I’ve even heard that we are about 3 weeks behind in the world of greenery, growth and flowers.  I am dreaming of the days when we are surrounding by vibrant green, lanes of bobbing cow parsley, and all that apple blossom.

Because it seems like we have even longer this year to wait for that time, I’m going to share a little bit of spring wedding table inspiration to remind me of what it will be like…one day in the next couple of months.  Although this isn’t inspiration taken from a wedding or styled bridal shoot, I think this rustic and simply laid table would be lovely for a spring wedding.

Plain white crockery, tiny vases and jugs of apple blossom, and mismatched napkins all in a neutral blue and white scheme – you can get tea towels very similar to these from Ikea – cut in half and hemmed they make great napkins, which is what we did for our wedding.  I also dream of lunches like this out in the garden, perhaps this will be the year for eating outside…

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Pink strawberry cake with apple blossom

Please someone, you have to create a wedding cake inspired by this one!  I keep thinking I come across my ‘favourite’ of something, and then along comes another that blows you away even more – this pink strawberry cake topped with delicate apple blossoms is one of them.

There are lots of ways you can take inspiration from this gorgeous cake – that gorgeous shade of pink, the rustic twine tied in a ribbon, or the beautiful decoration of apple blossom.  Apple blossom is edible, so if you are able to pick it last minute then placing it on fresh would certainly be an option, alternatively you could use crystallised apple blossom (available from some of these businesses).

Strawberry cake with edible apple blossom

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A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went on a lovely flower arranging workshop hosted by Jo and Rachel of Green & Gorgeous Flowers.

Not only was it great to meet Jo and Rachel, but we also learnt some fab tips on how to arrange garden grown flowers – perfect as in a week’s time we’ll be doing all the flowers for my wedding.

Green & Gorgeous Flowers is based on a dairy farm in a truly beautiful part of Oxfordshire.  They have a barn where the workshop was held, a smaller studio filled to the brim with vintage crockery, and about 2 and a half acres of flowers.

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